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2022.01.18 07:44 ilikeurcutG3857 relatable

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2022.01.18 07:44 xixiloveslife What wood or other materials are strongest/best for delicate earings? Any suggestions?

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2022.01.18 07:44 MR_CeSS_dOor Playing Guess Who with Djokovic

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2022.01.18 07:44 AlexVostox Royal Malaysian Police Mitsubishi Pajero. 2019 Tour of Peninsular, Cameron Highlands Stage, (18 October 2019)

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2022.01.18 07:44 Fli_Do What was your last funny dream?

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2022.01.18 07:44 God_Grid_999 Do you agree??

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2022.01.18 07:44 svanapps Blossom Capital closes $432M fund for Series A deals in Europe – TechCrunch

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2022.01.18 07:44 DarkCharizard81 Deadest time of the sub

Americans are asleep and europeans are at school (not me tho)
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2022.01.18 07:44 Cutest-personality Damn life kinda being a bitch

It’s just been a lot harder to get through the days recently, ever since my school went online again I’ve just been lonely as hell. I know basically everyone is going through the same thing, and that my situation could be a lot worse. I just am tired, tired of life throwing nothing but curveball after curveball at me. Sorry for the rant but I appreciate whoever read the entire post. Anyway I hope you have a lovely night and or good day, peace.
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2022.01.18 07:44 Wide-Letterhead533 Rate or Trib my friend?

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2022.01.18 07:44 mrmoccaccino Sounds good, tastes even better

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2022.01.18 07:44 stinkerwren 👑 Shiba Fuji💎 | 10% $SHIB rewards 💰 | Stealth launched at 10k market cap and already on it's way to MOON | Experienced Team 🔥 | Anti Whale 🐳 | $ShibaFuji

Are you tired of rugpulls, scams, and honeypots? Today we present you to $ShibaFuji!

Contract - 0x612c920A581Ab0771869e8747ed97449a46FdAaB
Telegram: https://t.me/Shiba_Fuji

What is ShibaFuji?

ShibaFuji Just Launched and is a $SHIB reward token that treats you with 10% distribution per transaction and gives you SHIBA-tokens directly into your wallet! Also it adds to the liquidity with 3% to ensure static growth of the project.
The token will have tons of upcoming marketing and giveaways so your investment will increase! The yield generating mechanism will help provide enough liquidity to buy bigger amounts in the future and also increases the token value and helps us build the project further.

Tokenomics: 10,000,000,000 Total supply

5% max wallet to ensure no whales
Tax 0% for buy 18% for sell:
10% in SHIBA reward
3% to locked liquidity pool
5% to marketing and buyback
Slippage is ~18.5% (18% + 0,5% Pancake)

Links and Social Media:

💰Contract - 0x612c920A581Ab0771869e8747ed97449a46FdAaB
💰Telegram: https://t.me/Shiba_Fuji
💰Liquidity Lock: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/14648?chain=BSC
💰PancakeSwap V2: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x612c920A581Ab0771869e8747ed97449a46FdAaB
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2022.01.18 07:44 EveningBit8025 Selling Gen 0 Heroes

Anyone interested in buying Gen 0 DFK heroes if interested can dm me I can private sell also. Thank you
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2022.01.18 07:44 Refuse-Certain Looking for wired Closed Back Headphone suggestions for music / online class / gaming

Budget - $100 or 1.5 million rupiah (I'm in Indonesia), probably up to 10% more
Source/Amp - PC
How the gear will be used - For home listening. I usually spend a lot of time on my PC so maybe around 8-12 hours of use per day? (not consecutive of course, don't worry!) I'll mostly be using them to listen to music while doing my assignments, for listening to online class, or gaming. I'll probably be using them in my dorm after I move so I wouldn't want to disturb my dormmate with open back ones. I don't mind if they don't have a mic since I can get an external one but if they do have a mic then I prefer detachable one. I'd prefer if they're durable / made to last too so I don't have to keep replacing them.
Preferred tonal balance - Are you a bass-head, focused on accurate acoustic timbre, looking for sparkly treble, or do you want a tonally balanced pair of headphones?
Not sure, I'm quite new to this. Maybe tonally balanced pair?
Preferred music genre(s) - Pop / Indie music.
Past gear experience - Razer Kraken X. Left side extender above the ear pads cracked after half a year of daily use but I patched it up and just yesterday the right side cracked so I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for replacement.

I've looked into some posts before this and here is what I have in my list:

I've looked into AKG K361 and K371 but it's way too expensive over here! Costs more than double of ATH M30X somehow.
I would appreciate your suggestions / advice! Thank you!
P.S. English is not my first language
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2022.01.18 07:44 w0lfcat XSS in 500 Internal Server Error HTTP Response?

When a site return 500 Internal Server Error with the whole headers in it including User-Agent
HTTP Response

HEADERS ======= ... User-Agent: Mozilla  ... 
Does this consider as a valid XSS finding? Burp Suite Pro says this is certain, however I did not get any popup though with this payload on web browser. All I get is bunch of error message with complete HTTP HEADERS at the bottow of the browser.
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2022.01.18 07:44 plugindeals Juicer effect plugin 29€ intro offer until January 31st


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2022.01.18 07:44 CCYFREE Which is the best NFT platform ? VOTE !

View Poll
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2022.01.18 07:44 mythirdnick UK ICU usage

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2022.01.18 07:44 Mkster900 ah yes Gemini Venus

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2022.01.18 07:44 Comprehensive_Bug_34 Spark Winter Reading Program Giveaway

Spark Winter Reading Program Giveaway is giving to chance to Win An Appearance From Nicolas Ferreri
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2022.01.18 07:44 ZEROCOOLBRO [BDSP] 5IV Timid Vulpix in loveball Giveaway

Hi all,
taking a break from riding the bike and hatching eggs, seems like i am destined to keep peddling!!
please take away my vulpix as boxes are filling.
all are 5iv and timid in nature, in a loveball
room: 1478 8963 i’ll be halfway to the middle dressed as a gentleman, with trade open.
will be here for about 30-40mins
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2022.01.18 07:44 DomnuRadu pegasus - I’m open for commissions - PM for custom designs

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2022.01.18 07:44 InfraredStigmata Florida couple left homeless after house they leased wasn't allowed to be rented out due to HOA/motherfuckers

The couple moved into a North Fort Myers neighborhood and learned shortly after that they couldn't live there due to a Property Owners Association rule.
By: WFTX Staff
Posted at 3:03 PM, Jan 10, 2022
and last updated 3:03 PM, Jan 10, 2022
NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. — A Florida couple was renting what they thought was the perfect home, and as they moved in, they learned a rule didn't allow them to stay. Now, they are left homeless.
“It was the perfect house for us. So we like the house, the neighborhood in the location in the price range. The price was perfect too," Annette Kriete said.
Recent Stories from ktvh.com
A perfect home, she said. That is an ideal distance from their family. The five-month search for a home for herself and her partner, Michael Simon, was over. The couple was relieved.
“It was a lot of stressful months trying to find the house that market is up right now," Kriete said.
The couple moved into the home in North Fort Myers on New Year's Eve.
“Everything was going to be really nice. I thought, and then we got the bad news," Simon said.
That same day the couple was told they couldn't stay because of a Property Owners Association rule. The president of the POA told them there was a rule that doesn't allow homeowners to rent their property.
“He said, well, that's not allowed. That's going to be a problem," Kriete said.
The couple was in-shock after forking out thousands of dollars for their rental.
“From what they're saying is they don't want to have to pressure us into leaving, but we have to just because of the rules," Simon said.
Finding another place to rent in a short time frame, they said, is nearly impossible.
“I've been in tears. I've had migraine headaches, which I don't usually get unless I'm under stress, and I'm getting them every day right now," Kriete said.
She now spends hours outside of work and frantically searching for another home on her weekends, but she said time is ticking.
“They have offered our money back, but they're asking us to hurry and leave," she said.
For now, they live with only the essentials. They live out of boxes and bags.
Kriete said they had explored other options, but most were too costly.
“You know, find Airbnb, which is going to cost us out of our pocket. We came up with a lot of money to move into this house," she said.
The pair wants time to find another place and load up their things again and move to another home.
Fox 4 spoke with the president of the Terrapin Woods POA. He said, "the rules are the rules." He said the rules state that renting in the neighborhood isn't allowed.
Lauryn Moss at WFTX first reported this story.
Copyright 2022 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. (Well I did, sorry. So sue me, better get in line btw)
Florida couple left homeless after house they leased wasn't allowed to be rented out
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2022.01.18 07:44 Stu_Griffin Grace Boor has two big strong points

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2022.01.18 07:44 NewRefreshYou NewRefreshYou - Heavy Rain At Night At The White House | Beat Insomnia Heavy Rain Dark Screen

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