Wooden bead and flower beaded earrings!

2022.01.19 22:42 Previous-Let750 Wooden bead and flower beaded earrings!

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2022.01.19 22:41 LilyMcAllister $1.00 OFF COUPON on any Oikos product

$1.00 OFF COUPON on any Oikos product https://www.oikos.ca/en/coupons/
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2022.01.19 22:41 wutthehekk Some happier news

Seems to be a lot of disheartening news for many ldr lately and it might be getting some of you down. I just wanted to share some exciting stuff in my relationship to maybe lift your spirits and not make you feel so hopeless. My boyfriend (22M) and I (26F) have a visit in 3 days! I unfortunately lost my wallet last week and originally planned to fly out there, but couldn’t get my ID replaced before the flight. I have to make the 9 hr drive there. He surprised me by getting me a bunch of snack and drinks that I like for the long trip, as well as a new wallet. It’s got a sloth on it which is my favorite animal and a little chain to connect it to my bag, so I’m not as likely to lose it. He originally offered to meet me half way, but it’s cheaper if I just drive there and it won’t kill me. I’m excited to spend my birthday with him and also excited to see his hometown. He was in the military before, so I always saw him near the base or he came to me if it was possible. We are also planning a vacation together since we want to go somewhere new to both of us. We both are set of something to do with a beautiful scenery and nature stuff. We haven’t picked where yet, but we both started saving up money. We are going to open a bank account together, so we can both add to it for trips. Anyways, I hope you guys continue to grow and flourish in your relationship and not just survive the distance. Lots of love!!
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2022.01.19 22:41 yourmumsurdaddio Apocalypse/murder house crossover. S8E6

Okay so this might be a stupid question but how do Madison and Behold visit murder house during apocalypse if the world has “ended”. They buy the house from a real estate agent but hasn’t the country gone down? I’m very confused
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2022.01.19 22:41 2Fundy Impasto acrylic on 8x10 canvas. “Fundy After the Storm”

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2022.01.19 22:41 alukard81x Delivered!! Love it!!

Just one problem: my right tail light and reverse lights are out. How expensive will this be to fix?
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2022.01.19 22:41 cardsash ⚫️.⚫️

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2022.01.19 22:41 GalacticENTpire Physco -- Basement Walls [Psychedelic Rock] (2022)

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2022.01.19 22:41 Ok_Base_9709 #jamuary2022 the 19th Kitchen JaM #mpc #beats

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2022.01.19 22:41 dammit_mcnulty Two week's notice is for the convenience of your company, it is a social custom, and it is not required*

*maybe you have a contract that outlines this , etc. But in the US, you probably dont.
You can just walk away. Likewise, your employer can fire you for nearly any reason, with no notice given.
All this stuff about two weeks' notice is like an urban legend. You can just ghost the motherfuckers and shut off your phone.
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2022.01.19 22:41 Mundane_Rule_7162 You know the rules and so do I

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2022.01.19 22:41 TheNefarious_Narwhal So Reddit AITA?

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2022.01.19 22:41 lespleiades Seulgi

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2022.01.19 22:41 ashbashsmashcrash Drinking Coffee: Study Finds Both Beneficial and Harmful Short-Term Health Effects

Drinking Coffee: Study Finds Both Beneficial and Harmful Short-Term Health Effects https://thebiohacker.com/drinking-coffee-study-finds-both-beneficial-and-harmful-short-term-health-effects/
Key Points:
  • A randomized trial to study caffeinated coffee consumption among 100 volunteers for two weeks found both potentially beneficial and harmful short-term health consequences of drinking coffee.
  • When participants were randomly assigned to drink coffee, they were more physically active, yet they also had an increased number of abnormal heartbeats and slept less compared to when they were randomly assigned to avoid all caffeine.
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2022.01.19 22:41 NewsElfForEnterprise Cramer says the oil industry has a 'whole new attitude,' which helps make the sector investable

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2022.01.19 22:41 kmilz-senpai Let your Genshin mains draw themselves challenge

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2022.01.19 22:41 CeoOfSherwinWilliams When they ask my assistant to apply for a manager spot and my full timer to apply for an assistant spot in the same week.

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2022.01.19 22:41 TangerineSuccessful9 Significance of the child in a dream?

Im asking here since people are more experienced into buddhism,taoism in its principals
Please hear me out. I really want to know if what I. Experienced and what it means.I dont have anywhere else to ask it and I hope more realised people could help explain this.
Had a really visual dream which I had no reason to get since my habits have been the same for 2 years(not in a good place at all) Had some psychedelc visuals which I was playing on myself thru a mask(persona of wanting to look cool,although not the full focus)
Sp met this kid in a playground where a game was being played(it had its own rules and stuff)and he tells me a really funny story about this guy and I laugh quite a bit
Its genuinely funny and what I learnt from that dream was I can be funny in real life,since the dream was my creation.im a person who thinks im not that so at times.
So today morning I went for a walk after waking up. I have the same routine but I met a kid I know at my place and we had fun talking about stuff. And another kid showed up and we all were just talking and it made me happy.
So the thing is I dreamed about a kid and an actual kid showed up in real life.granted the timings when I woke were different from what I normally do but mentally I was going thru the same routine.
I feel this has significance since I had no reason to have the dream that I did and what happened irl never happened the 2 years ive been here.
Does the kid in my dream signify my funny side if I let it out,or is there anything more to it?
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2022.01.19 22:41 Jeremytylr I just lost 100% of my completion after defeating radiance.

I just defeated radiance on a new save file, and for some reason, I went from 102% to 2%
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2022.01.19 22:41 TissueWizardIV HFEA Is Great For Poor People, But I Can Never Recommend It. A Lament

For a lot of people, money is pretty tight. I see people or couples who are caught in dead-end low-paying jobs just trying to survive for the next month. They may not have the energy, time, or otherwise ability to improve their financial situation. The months where they can invest $100 are the good months. I live in a large US city and with minimum wage and housing costs where they are, a 1 bedroom apartment costs about half of the monthly income of a person working 40 hours per week at minimum wage, before tax. For single parents, I literally don't know what they do. The numbers just don't add up.
Using this inflation calculator, $100 today would be equivalent to about $35 40 years ago in 1982. 40 years is the investment horizon for a person starting at age 25 and retiring at age 65. Let's say they started with $500 and were able to invested $35 dollars per month(around $100 in todays money), even if they took the full risk of a 100% US market portfolio or even a 100% US small cap value portfolio, they would have absolutely no chance of being able to retire on time. Even if they tripled their monthly contributions, they would end with only $1.16 million. That may sound like a lot to some, but that would only yield a 4% withdrawal rate of $46,000 per year. That's not much to retire on.
HFEA would help these people immensely. Because of HFEA's incredible growth, it is a gamechanger for someone who can only invest $100 a month. If we assume that the future returns will look like the past(which may be a sizable assumption), HFEA would give them a real chance at being able to retire on time or even early. With same initial $500 and $35 monthly contribution but starting in 1987, they would have almost $5 million today (ignoring fees, expenses, taxes, etc.) That's huge! They could start late, invest less, miss some months, or even retire early with that growth.
But I can never recommend it. For most of the people I see who have problem, investing is the last thing on their minds. They've got too little time and too little money to buy more time to spend reading about investing. To recommend HFEA to a novice who doesn't even know about the Bogleheads investing philosophy would be, in two words, completely negligent. I'd have to put them through a whole course first. It could benefit them so much, but without the proper knowledge it would destroy their finances instead.
It's just a shame that the people who would benefit the most from hfea are the least likely to be able to actually get those benefits.

tldr: Rich people don't need hfea. Poor people do, but they likely don't have the knowledge nor time to learn about hfea to invest safely.
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2022.01.19 22:41 9-Cortes Isso me lembra muito a atual crise sanitária.

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2022.01.19 22:41 Rossarithm Anyone plan to do this for their whole career?

I recently met with a financial advisor to discuss my retirement plans specifically in the context of education. I have to consider pension, investment accounts, etc. but all in all I have a reasonable retirement age of 62. I’m currently 26 and I love this work, despite it being the most difficult of times recently. I’m a few classes away from finishing my M. Ed so that I have those doors open, as well. Is anyone able to picture staying in education for the long haul?
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2022.01.19 22:41 stockinvest-us SA: Signal Alert - PivotPoint bottom identified

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2022.01.19 22:41 VHSandDVDarebothGOOD I left a comment on the “Safe and Sound” music video pretty much saying I liked early 2010’s pop. This was the first response. Copy of text by “-Antiheld-“

What is to come will be far worse than anything you ever saw in Egypt in the enforcement of 'You will free my people' and the extermination will begin far before Peru, and no one has passage back to hell.... This is not an apocolypse, this an extermination. I suppose if you believe no matter what happens, you'll be safe and sound as a cherub in Avicci.... LIKE HELL! COWARDS! We'll see how brave you are all in spirit, very soon. 'Rude awakening' 'Faith in our Christian God, THE FATHER, Son, Michael, Jesus Christ, Me, and THE HOLY GHOST..... NO HOSTAGES..... LUST THROUGH AVICCI ARE NO DIFFERENT..... They die twice in vain, you're hostages..... exterminate..... Heaven's nuclear weapons.... gigaton the hell.... not rebel, not federation dominance.... Heaven's nuclear arsenal..... launch in hell...... angel angle dday....... obliterate the Germans, and send none back into circulation..... Google was built by his father from the ground up, and behind close doors is nothing but a ** castle with endless behind close doors bullshit, as Google is the image of Christian Grey..... look in the mirror you ***ing brat..... You're on My property, Earth, you twat.......
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2022.01.19 22:41 SmokingPotnotHot Most overrated footballer ever?

I hope this is allowed - sorry admins if not, I’m only a casual (pun intended). Anyway, my friend asked me this exact question and it left me clueless, so I need some input. The closest I can think of is Davor Suker, who’s legacy rides on his servitude for his country, as his club career was relatively unimpressive in comparison. Any thoughts would be appreciated
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