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2022.01.19 23:01 thetekoholic NDAX Referral || Canada, get $10 CAD when you trade $100. Buy Doge or ADA from a canadian exchange 💰

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2022.01.19 23:01 roastbeeftacohat I'm looking for the highest fat content chocolate icecream recipe you got.

I can only do the two bowl method, so very prone to ice crystals, the more fat the fewer ice crystals.
so anyone got something that fits the bill?
high protein also works, so frozen custard too.
looking for extreme here.
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2022.01.19 23:01 PoptimisticShoegazer Just getting warmed up

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2022.01.19 23:01 Xx_Xueli Genesect raid 2710 5227 8031 and 629656929180

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2022.01.19 23:01 ellieamavika Sweaters with raglan or other sleeves?

Has anyone made a sweater that doesn’t have drop shoulder sleeves/isn’t oversized?
I’m pretty petite so any sweater that’s oversized, even when sized down looks very funny on me. I’ve done short rows for socks, but I’ve never seen anyone loom knit them into a sweater.
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2022.01.19 23:01 ADWAFANDW I want to get ambient battle sounds like gunfire and incoming rounds passing nearby in the vacuum of space, is a "personal Doppler" to confusing?

Obviously in space nobody can hear you scream, so to give my fights more urgency and ambience I came up with the idea of each soldier having a personal passive Doppler radar. It gives an audible warning when shots pass close by or falling mortar rounds. The system also shows approximate trajectories in the HUD. When they're in the fighting vehicles the sound of the main gun firing will be transmitted through the hull so everyone on board can hear when that's firing, but also the same effect happens through the suit when a soldier fires their weapon. So through a combination of "hot mics" and sound being transferred through the suit, nearby soldiers on the same radio net can hear when others are shooting.
Is this going to be too confusing to the story? Are people still going be wondering why they can hear shots in a vacuum?
I'm worried that it'll be so confusing or take so much time to explain that I might as well just leave the details out. The story is very hard sci-fi, but I feel like this might be a little "too hard".
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2022.01.19 23:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: narin,hassas

narin,hassas translates to delicate
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2022.01.19 23:01 GREG_boy42 Hey I need to read this new evidence

Get a life ya gaggle fucks, earth is round fucking tards
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2022.01.19 23:01 TheSynthezoid Who is LN DeGeneres?

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2022.01.19 23:01 MrBl0bfish04 Watch out for the parry

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2022.01.19 23:01 frank_the_tank_9 BBIG. Going down. Sell now, but lower. Make that money

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2022.01.19 23:01 zehelancer Uyyyy que rico 🐫

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2022.01.19 23:01 spadetite22 I just realized something. I spend $90 a week to play all drawing of pb & mm with hopes to at least match 5 powered up (1:12M odds) i should instead be buying 90$ in $30 scratchers with way better odds & higher(sufficient)jackpot amounts. Should I do the scratchers instead? Support either argument…

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2022.01.19 23:01 guitwiz Got my poster framed!

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2022.01.19 23:01 stablegenius4realz Don’t go in there, you’ll get lost!

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2022.01.19 23:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: ömtålig

ömtålig translates to delicate
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2022.01.19 23:01 uhhhhhjeff Does it count if it’s just the camera getting demolished?

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2022.01.19 23:01 johnsolomon What's an oddly specific thing you only find attractive because of your past crushes?

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2022.01.19 23:01 resilience00 What do you think about the behaviour of the Indian police officers in Crime Stories ( Netflix)? Thx

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2022.01.19 23:01 bleachisverytasty Solidão

Eu sempre fui meio sozinha, poucos relacionamentos na infancia e adolecencia, só que recentemente me tornei totalmente solitaria. Eu tentei me conectar a pessoas antes e o resultado sempre foi negativo, as pessoas sempre decepcionam.
Eu fico todos os dias sozinha passando o tempo com meus hobbies que são estudar, assistir series e filmes, jogar e ler livros. Na maioria do tempo a solidão não é um problema tão grande, só que de vez em quando ela vem incomodando ou até mesmo machucando.
Já considerei tentar novamente fazer amigos só que a quantidade de sentimentos negativos de ter que lidar com pessoas nem se compara a pouca dor que a solidão causa.
Não sou isolada como um monje ou algo do tipo, vivo a vida normal e interajo com pessoas, eu só realmente não tenho nada intimo e nem mesmo colegas.
Eu sempre quis ter um amigo de verdade mesmo nunca tendo experenciado algo do tipo, só que isso já não parece mais possível.
O que eu sou suposta a fazer?
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2022.01.19 23:01 matt_Duque De que manera puedo superar un bajón emocional ?

Hace unos días me di cuenta que mi novia me estaba poniendo cachos y claramente le termine, cuando fui a terminar todo ella y su mamá me hicieron sentir el malo, de forma en que me decían que no la amaba y que eran excusas. Al otro día de terminarle me llamo diciéndome que se intentó suicidar y que me pensaba denunciar ( esto fue ayer ) y hoy sube una historia con todas sus amigas poniendo que ya está soltera, aparte de esto mis amigos de vida se han comenzado apartar y me siento muy solo. Saben de que manera puedo superar este momento de mi vida? que recomendaciones me dan?
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2022.01.19 23:01 autotldr How an Undercover Cop Having Sex With Activists Killed a Climate Movement

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 97%. (I'm a bot)

In 2003, Kennedy had been sent undercover by an elite unit in London's Metropolitan Police Service to gather intelligence on activists like Wilson.
Until the day he was "Outed" by a small group of sleuthing activists, Kennedy was a trusted leader in a movement that was desperately trying to wake up Britain and the world to the impending horrors of the climate emergency.
The ruling stated that the UK's largest police force had adopted a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy toward Kennedy having sex while undercover, "Or more probably a lack of interest in protecting women." It said activists such as Wilson never should have been targeted for their political beliefs.
By 2009, Kennedy was using that trust to work with a small group of climate activists on a top-secret mission.
They didn't know faking a downward mental spiral and abruptly disappearing were standard training for undercover officers ending their deployment-although in Kennedy's case, some of the anguish may have been genuine, Jack and other activists later speculated.
Danny Chivers, second from right, was one of six defendants whose charges were dropped in Nottingham Crown Court in 2011, following revelations about Kennedy infiltrating the climate movement.
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2022.01.19 23:01 Substantial-Aide-848 What level you want to go to at any cot in the backrooms?

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2022.01.19 23:01 jobsinanywhere RHOSLC’s Jenny Nguyen apologizes in the backlash of the 2020 post

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2022.01.19 23:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: delicado

delicado translates to delicate
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