අම්මෝ 🤣

2022.01.19 23:35 jhon_weak_come අම්මෝ 🤣

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2022.01.19 23:35 SweetYam_2 How to contact support

I just unstaked my vvs-cro LP. Even though the green confirmation message popped up and my LP in farm was gone, none of the cro and vvs was deposited to my defi wallet. I refreshed and refreshed and nothing. The 1 cro fee however was removed from my defi wallet. I looked all over the vvs.finance app and could not locate a support chat, email or anything.
How do I reach them to recover my missing funds? Many thanks.
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2022.01.19 23:35 GreenNapster 105-Oz French's Classic Yellow Mustard Bulk Container $4.27 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on orders over $25 [Deal Price: $4.27]

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2022.01.19 23:35 RedHeadedKoi 𝑀𝓎 𝒮𝓊𝓃.

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2022.01.19 23:35 austinh1999 Stuck on saving world 1.18.1

So I just finished outwardly exploring and heading back to my base when I went to place my boat and it wouldn't place. I threw the boat out of my inventory and it disappeared. I then placed my crafting table to make a new boat, the crafting table placed but then I couldn't open it. I then tried to exit the game and am now stuck on saving world. I don't want to force close it because I dont want to lose all that progress. Any ideas?
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2022.01.19 23:35 TunesMedia HIFO: The Tax Loophole That Could Be Helping Bitcoin Investors This Tax Season

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2022.01.19 23:35 The_Beef_Boss What is the purpose of some labs/tutorials being unnecessarily in-person?

I understand that some labs/tutorials will provide a better learning experience when done in-person. For example, my chemistry labs offer a great learning experience when conducted in-person and it is a huge step above online. It is also great how these labs are very well organized and there is optimal social distancing.
But what about a course like ENGINEER 2PX3? Why do they have us do these tutorials in-person? We could literally be doing this group work at home and it would not lessen the learning experience. Not to mention the non-existent social distancing... The lack of organization in this course (as well as other courses) will inevitably lead to an outbreak on campus.
I am all for in-person learning, but once an outbreak happens (at the fault of course coordinators who have never heard of social distancing), I fear that all labs/tutorials will be moved online. This is unfair to the courses that are actually organized and put a legitimate effort to separate students at an acceptable distance.
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2022.01.19 23:35 Jelly-dogs Car spotted at crime scenes leads police to Nashville robbery suspect

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2022.01.19 23:35 HoarfrostArts [! ZOMBIE GORE WARNING ON 3RD IMAGE !] Second batch of art requests. Will not be taking more requests

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2022.01.19 23:35 summicron55 Rose Gold Card Arrived

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2022.01.19 23:35 49cadillac iFunny

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2022.01.19 23:35 The_Enderclops my mom is opposed to me transitioning medically, help

hi, i’m chloe (15 mtf) and my mom is just, like the title says, opposed to me transitioning medically. she continues using arguments such as “you’re too young,” “you still need to see a therapist,” “that’s a big step,” “stuff like puberty blockers have very bad long term effects,” etc. how do i get her to like… not?
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2022.01.19 23:35 LazyStove Realizing they’re a different person can be comforting

Her (18f) and I (19m) broke up about 2 months ago. It was a short relationship but passionate and hurt all the same. I’ve been struggling with wanting to contact her and wishing we were together again.
And then, I saw caught sight of her at a food place just now, and she had partially blue hair. Oddly specific detail, but it had an impact on me. I remembered before the breakup seeing her slowly change into a different person, and now I’ve realized she is a different person. She’s changed.
This is usually seen as a negative and can fuel someone’s continued hurt, but right now it’s actually comforting. The fact that she’s a different person now makes me feel better about not being with her. The person I fell in love with is gone, and that’s okay. I probably wouldn’t like being with the new her, anyway. My point is the fact that they changed can be a positive thing. They’re not the “them” you loved anymore, so there’s no reason to be sad about not being with them. That fact can help the healing process with a positive mindset.
Maybe this did something for someone reading, maybe it didn’t. But I can say I know I’m close to finishing up the bit of healing I have left.
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2022.01.19 23:35 Lopsided-Affect2182 Book of M not historical Bednar

A couple months ago I read that Nelson and Bednar gave talks in which they stated the Book of Mormon isn’t a historical text. In one report I saw that Bednar’s comments were published somewhere and then a day or so later the publication removed some of his comments from the original report. Does anyone have references for this and could furnish me both reports so I can show someone how his comments were altered?
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2022.01.19 23:35 DedRok Maglight Incandescent Color

I want to make a black kr1 or dm11 with an incandescent color.
What LED and color should I do?
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2022.01.19 23:35 OkSquirrel5005 Fashion or style reddit?

I’m looking for a reddit that can help me work on my wardrobe. I’d like to get advise on how to dress better...
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2022.01.19 23:35 Otherwise-Walrus699 SOCIALOGUE crypto & inobative project

NFT #CRYPTO #SOCIALOGUE A solid group is a key to a fruitful business! This task is actually the construction that joins a splendid and inventive thought with a solid and innovative group
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2022.01.19 23:35 theclubhardenvisits Kyrie Irving finishes tonight with 30/3/7 on 13-23 (56%FG) shooting


Kyrie Irving: 30 points 13/23 from the field (56%fg) 2-8 from 3 2-2 from the freethrow line Game high +13
some crazy iso's tonight, had the ball on a string. few missed shots late but he's put up back to back great games
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2022.01.19 23:35 Sythrir [Round 105861] coordinates of this photosphere?

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2022.01.19 23:35 TunesMedia Some SHIB Starts Going Back into Circulation, Here’s Why

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2022.01.19 23:35 NoobMorph1 I Covered Master Rank Rose's FB+VT Setup With EX DP!

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2022.01.19 23:34 TunesMedia In Pilote Stage, Digital Yuan Has 261M Active Users

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2022.01.19 23:34 nethersquid New Hawks players?

Anyone know the name of the Hawks players in the black and white shirts? One is number 18, I can't catch the others. Either way outstanding young talent to win them the game!
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2022.01.19 23:34 ouijisteve Post-surgery drunkenness, plus some new boots!

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2022.01.19 23:34 yesbabethankyou Sou babaca por terminar meu relacionamento de 3 anos com uma amiga que me manipulou, e devolver de um jeito seco?

well, começando com o básico, eu e X ( a menina ) somos amigos bem próximos nós éramos totalmente abertos um para outro ( ou achava isso ). Mas após ela ter criado um criado um fake ter manipulado tanto com questões pesadas envolvendo ela ( como se matar,etc...) que literalmente me matavam de desespero eu não conseguia aproveitar fazer rolês com meus amigos por conta disso. ( Explicação rápida, ela disse que era amiga desse fake, e quando ela falava por essa conta, ela dizia que a X não respondia, não atendia. Eu também ligava e não tinha resposta ) E então eu comecei a repensar em algumas coisas, e percebi que 90% das coisas que ela me falava era tudo mentira. Então, eu arquivei o contato dela para não ver notificação e ver o contato dela no feed. E agora, andei pensando em deixar para ela uma última mensagem para ela com uma música, que demonstra tudo o que eu penso e depois a bloquear e nunca mais olhar na cara dela. Em outras palavras manda-la a merda de uma maneira mais impactante. Vou ser babaca por isso?
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