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2022.01.18 07:27 pinN9_11 Any news about EGC? Media? Or from the Devs?

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2022.01.18 07:27 music_elf_iceland I am a social media addict with over 12 hour screentime daily AMA

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2022.01.18 07:27 dudeneedshelp123 Nutrition and supplements

Just wondering if anyone knows what vitamins, minerals, supplements and foods are proven to help repair alcohol damage and detox organs etc.. also what is good for mental state when going through detox.. ive heard vit B1.. what do people take/eat/use
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2022.01.18 07:27 Vapidmusings Focus - "Sylvia"

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2022.01.18 07:27 lord_babatunde cursed sex

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2022.01.18 07:27 Husky_strijder Best 2nd or 3rd drops similar to SLANDER - gravity

So my all time fav song is gravity by slander but i can't find any similar songs to the 2nd drop maybe you guys know a hidden gem?
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2022.01.18 07:27 NewsElfForEnterprise Scott Bader Standardises with Infor for Global Cloud Upgrade

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2022.01.18 07:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Why a Stranded Barge Has Become a Popular Vancouver Photo Spot | NY Times

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2022.01.18 07:27 Imworriedsickhelp I am 100% for antinatalism but something has always blown my mind.

You whoever is reading this. From the primordial ooze of the first spark of life and all of the evolution, all the trillions of animals and sperm and everything in between that didn't make it but you did. From the inception of life just the chance of you being born just in general has less of a chance of happening than there are grains of sand on a beach and that's just that your parents, that egg and that sperm would meet and give birth to you. But then you multiply that by the chance that your mother and your father would have ever been born and keep going back all the way back to the very beginning of life itself, it's kinda crazy when you think about it. I think humans need to stop reproducing because clearly as a species we cannot seem to get on the same page and stop destroying each other, ecosystems, animal species and the earth itself. Human greed has managed to blind seemingly logical people into doing incredibly illogical things. Humanity will unfortunately not be stopped by us all making a conscious choice to not reproduce anymore. Unfortunately the reality is, the rich will most likely destroy the earth and make it completely uninhabitable then flee to some base on mars or the moon or just live in some giant space ship that is like a yacht and they will then probably colonize somewhere else and do it all over again. Eventually the filthy rich will find a way to make money off the moderately rich and then before you know it the population will boom on some terraformed version of mars and then they'll destroy that planet too. The biggest problem with humanity is that we are so susceptible to believing lies and preferring instant gratification. That combination has been and always will be our downfall. You can only pull so many heads out of the sand and unfortunately even once someone's head has been pulled out of the sand they can just as easily put it right back in. Just some late night food for thought. Thanks for doing what you guys do.
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2022.01.18 07:27 smani786 How do I recover from this type of narcissistic abuse? Please help

I was in a relationship with a girl about 6 years ago, we were only together for around 4 months and things were going well until I found out she was engaged. One of my friends found out and when I confronted her she denied it but I found out it was true after seeing him on her social so I deleted her off everything even though she tried messaging me just before her wedding. She eventually ended up getting divorced a year in to her marriage, that was around 4 years ago. Around last year we got back in touch and we got back together as she seemed to have changed a lot, but a while in to the relationship she revealed that she did have quite a few boyfriends before then and that she had slept with someone.
I was understanding and things seemed to be going fine after and we even planned for marriage, but then I noticed how much of a rush she was in to get married and how she said she always misses me. But lately we have argued a lot and she has really wound me up to the point where I didn't want to speak to her, she knew I wanted my space but to get my attention she ended up blocking me off everything. When I asked why she blocked me she said she didn't want me to have access to her if I can't commit to her, even though she has a lot of random guys on there! She eventually unblocked me.
My own family wasn't happy about my relationship as my mother wasn't keen on her but I eventually persuaded her to accept (I realise now how stupid I was). A few months later, I noticed her being open again about other guys but instead of saying anything I stayed quiet. Because there was a guy that she used to talk to that got in touch with her, he was actually a married man so I don't know why he was reaching out to her but what bothered me the most was that she would complain about him getting in touch but she never blocked him to stop him from getting in touch with her, it felt as though she liked the attention.
When she asked why I was quiet, she insisted that I can talk to her about anything so I told her that I wasn't happy with how open she is with other guys, she then went on to say how she didn't want to be with someone that is insecure as her ex husband was the same. I was quite annoyed at this point as she has said herself in the past that she is insecure too and she always had mood swings and emotional issues due to her endometriosis which I was always understanding of, it hurt that she couldn't be understanding of my mental health. So then she went on to complain about me not committing to her, at this point I had enough of it and said that if she wants to end it she should do it now so she went ahead and blocked me off social media.
She didn't block my number but now I have blocked hers so she can't get in touch with me. I told my mother that we had broken up so she shouldn't get in touch with her mother to sort wedding arrangements, at that point my mom informed me that she rang her mom a couple of weeks ago but she said that she was busy and and that she would ring back later which she never did. I was tempted to unblock her and have a go at her for saying that I was the reason things weren't progressing. But I though forget it, I no longer want anything to do with her anymore.
It's been over 2 months since we broke up, she did message me on Christmas day asking if I want to be friends and I said no as I don't feel like that's a good idea, she just replied with a simple 'no worries that's fine'. I know I deserve better but I feel like this break up has traumatised me even though I'm glad it's over.
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2022.01.18 07:27 Nithrael Omen 25L 3070/5700G - gutting for parts?

Obviously, the prebuild is crap. The CPU cooler is crap, so I already know that at a bare minimum I need to buy a new one.
If I were to buy another case, motherboard etc, what parts are useable from Omen? GPU, CPU and RAM.
The PSU is 750W Platinum non-modular, so.. no?
The M2 looks like a bare chip with a heatsink on it.
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2022.01.18 07:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Why Christine Ebersole’s Home Is Furnished With Broadway Castoffs | NY Times

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2022.01.18 07:27 MANINBLACK1111 New NFTs 2022

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2022.01.18 07:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - How Pat Riley Quit on the Knicks | NY Times

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2022.01.18 07:27 feedimo Australian Open 2022 day two: Broady v Kyrgios, Murray wins opener – live!

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2022.01.18 07:27 janineprib5 Should I reach out in this situation? (F31, M30)

TL;DR: Should I reach out to the guy who told me he doesnt want more from our distance situationship, but he'll finally be in the same city? I'm worried it will look desperate and after already revealing feelings, but I feel like it would feel nicer to see a face after everything. I never even got to see him.

I had a casual distance thing end. I was in lockdown (Melbourne) for SO much of it, it was nice to have when I really didnt have much else. He was in Perth, with freedom. It started when we were gonna see each other in a month, pandemic’s made it so I’ve not been able to see him the whole time. He was supposed to come a few times but covid stopped it.
A few months in, he said wasn’t over his ex. He reminded me again recently he didnt want more (after an unexpected conversation) and it ended. He was saying he did want to see me, but I started pouring out my feelings cause I thought something was building (I believed him the first year, the second year it got intense with him emotionally connecting more). He was going on and on how we were helping and supporting each other thru and that he cared about me. We’ve both been going through a horrible time with pandemic, we both work in the music industry.
I went NC, it’s been 2 weeks and I was going to do it indefinitely. But now this.
With omicron going crazy, he got stuck in Sydney after doing a show. I thought he was going to stay there until Perth borders open early Feb, cause it’s where the rest of his band is. But I just saw a mutual friend post on her fb story going “bye miss you already” to him getting on a motorbike.
I literally NEVER watch fb stories, wtf. This girl I dont even have on instagram, so I never would have seen it there. I just know he must be coming to my city to see his best mate etc. Where else would he be going? He always wanted to come back, but couldn’t due to covid.
I deactivated my insta so I wouldn’t keep rereading the last msgs. I have no idea if he might have thought about telling me. I mean prob not after this :((( He has other ways to contact, but that was the main way we spoke, he’d prob take it as me not wanting to hear from him.
Fucking horrible timing. I would have got to see him if things didnt end 2 weeks ago, if I just didnt ask those questions yet. It was a conversation I always wanted to have face to face, not over text. Now it’s actually happening that he’s here. I’d been wanting for over 1.5 years for this. What the hell.
I might reactivate in a day or two, then leave it a week. Its gonna kill me if I have to be the one to reach out. 2-3 weeks is too soon to even end NC in general.

BUT what if he’s leaving it to me? - Last thing I said (the next day) was that the friendship did mean a lot to me, and I dont want to lose that, cause he was going on about friends so much. Then I said “But I obviously need a break.” What if he’s gonna respect I said that?
It just feels weird to go through all that together and not see each other. Is it pathetic to be the one to say that? To say we could meet and just talk, for that sake?
I also never wanted to hang around like a doe eyed idiot, cause I'm the one who has feelings. I think it will have to be just once. I realised, even tho I said that, we can’t actually be friends after that. But just once.
I dont know what to say, I dont want to look like a stalker (even tho I didnt go out of my way to see that). Maybe just start by acknowledging that he WAS such a good support for me. I didnt tell him back how I really did feel supported (didnt want to compliment him while he was reminding me he doesnt want more).
Then see if he tells me he’s here?
I dont know what to do. I wish I didnt see that.
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2022.01.18 07:27 luisartzstuff My art entry for u/10Eb01 art contest ! (Click for full pic-)

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2022.01.18 07:27 deiseaur Expectorant naturel: 15 options pour soulager la toux - greenMe Africa

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2022.01.18 07:27 Hardc0c Anyone to chat about incest and fantasies and share pics of irls DM

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2022.01.18 07:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Can Anyone Satisfy Amazon’s Craving for Electric Vans? | NY Times

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