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CowboySnake Airdrop https://t.me/CowboySnakeAirdrop_bot?start=1493211504

2021.12.03 00:40 pisceaph CowboySnake Airdrop https://t.me/CowboySnakeAirdrop_bot?start=1493211504

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2021.12.03 00:40 EdMarCarSe Cringe alt history forum

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2021.12.03 00:40 Damannn213 [f] Fuck me....

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2021.12.03 00:40 NewsElfForEnterprise Oregon university student government wants critical race theory graduation 'requirement'

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2021.12.03 00:40 WannabeWonk [@HCS] Announcing the Big Team Battle Bonanza II featuring Halo Infinite! Catch the rematch between Walshy and Goldenboy live at the HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021!

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2021.12.03 00:40 Slc117 drawing apps or programs

thinking of making some mini crewmate death comics and wanted to ask: what are the best drawing apps/programs to use?
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2021.12.03 00:40 Starbornnfts CEO “Bubble” on Twitter

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2021.12.03 00:40 South-Law-6211 What do you think about Think before you sleep channel ?

I have found out his channel today, and i find he s a massive problem with women, i think it could be clinical be so obsessive, and more if only focus in negative things in this case if we talk about women.
i ve seen also his followers saying things like the people who not agree with him is because they dont undertand the reality or things like that, or things like hes not mysogynist he just talk how the women are, the women nature, you know what i mean.
What do you think about that guy ? i surprised because there are much people following him and even there are "women" who say that he s right, i dont know what to think.
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2021.12.03 00:40 PromotionSouth7529 Desi

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2021.12.03 00:40 Gab301 Catedral Metropolitana de México 🌶️ | Historia

Historia de la Catedral Metropolitana en México
La Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de la Santísima Virgen María a los cielos es la sede de la diócesis católica de México. Está situada en lo más alto del anterior recinto sagrado náhuatl, cerca del administrador de la ciudad de Templo, en el lado de la Plaza de la Constitución en el centro de la capital de México.
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2021.12.03 00:40 TainTeDxSouL Anyone get anything higher for co-op?

Anyone get anything higher for co-op? Thanks to vapes, I got to 700k! (I am whale)
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2021.12.03 00:40 heatherlynn302 Sudden fear of wind

We've had our Great Pyr for almost 2 years. She's the sweetest but lately (the past few weeks) she's developed a sudden fear of wind and refuses to sleep at night unless I get up, go into a separate room, close the door and turn on the tv. She is inconsolable unless I get up with her and go to the other room. The only difference in the rooms is one has soundproof insulation a d our bedroom does not. I have tried a thundershirt, and it helped for a few days. I had it on her day and night, and then also tried only having it on her at night. I was given the suggestion of trying benadryl, I tried it and that did nothing. She will go to sleep if it's not windy, but the second she hears the wind she whimpers, whines and barks until one of us gets up with her and goes into the other room. I love her dearly, and will absolutely not give her up, but my patience is starting to become very thin from not getting to sleep in my bed. So with that being said, does anyone have other suggestions?
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2021.12.03 00:40 ImaginaryFriend123 Hi guys, Is this a bird of paradise? Someone mentioned a banana plant ? Help lol

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2021.12.03 00:40 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - I feel like MATIC doesn’t get enough love on this subreddit.

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2021.12.03 00:40 Jynx91 Went out of my comfort zone 😬

Bought 305 LRC @ 2.52. Lol this is a lot of money for me a week before payday but I feel it’s definitely worth it long term! Bag is definitely growing 🦍💎
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2021.12.03 00:40 thefriendlydark M4F- Long Term Romance/SoL

Hello Everyone
I have had a long and very shitty week so far. So I'm hoping to find 1 or 2 partners who might help me lift my spirits with some roleplay!
Right now I'm open to light and dark themes that are Romance Focused. Given that NSFW themes and content will be present ( smutt ) I would prefer to find someone 25+ years of age however I will not roleplay with any one younger than 18 Thank you for your understanding.
My ideal partner is someone who is detailed, descriptive and creative. I love story tellers who can embellish and bring the story to life along with me. I enjoy building the world and the characters, talking about story arcs for them and planning out how things will work! I typically write 2 to 3 paragraph replies in 3rd person only. I'm not a super stickler about perfect grammer or spelling as long as I can read and understand I'm good. I'm not ok with lazy writing so no one or two liners please. I do have a few ideas I enjoy that I'd be happy to share as well or we can create something new!
Lastly I do work full time so I can always reply however I am very active. And would like my partner to be too. If I can't RP I'm always up for ooc chat as well!! I do also only rp via discord
Well if you got this far thank you for reading!! And if your interested please send me a dm or chat with a bit about your self and I'll get back to you ASAP. And please make your first message count. I don't reply to messages that are 3 or 4 words long :)
Hope to hear from you!!
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2021.12.03 00:40 fdoydkhxkhdigs Thighs 😔

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2021.12.03 00:40 peopleperson9 So history repeating itself?

I read that Germany is going to be implementing a lockdown for non vaxxed individuals. Does this mean their officers will be asking "do you have your papers?" Again? Hmmm. So many questions if so.
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2021.12.03 00:40 ghostguy2 I'm so sad and confused.

I've been working with a girl for almost a year now and for the moment I saw her I felt deep infatuation. She is one of the prettiest girls I´ve seen, but she had a boyfriend. We always played, hugged all the time and, to my understanding, had a little sexual chemestry. Since the beginning I let it clear I liked her and when the moment came I started hitting hard on her. She broke up with said boyfriend a month ago, which made my hopes go up. She said she liked me as a friend but I never gave much attention to it cause of the touchy way she acted towards me.
I've been playing myself all this time since she always told me openly about her sexual past and the guys she was currently crushing on. I never listened to it and always made plans, dates and she always had a reason not to go. In the day I write this I invited two other coworkers to my house to hang around and chat in the hopes she would come around. She did! It was basically my last shot.
I knew she is seing other guy not seriously as my other friend had told me and also knew she had made out with him two or three times. Idiot me still brushed that off thinking she was on a spree after the relationship or something and that she would settle with me once she knew me better.
So I set the house in order, bought some food, canceled some plans and was excited to finally have a ''date'' with her.... fool me. Moments later, there she comes in that same guy's car, with a grin on her face and, as the car stops, she comes out barefoot with a slightly messy hair. She picks her shoes in the back of the car and gives me a hug. She was having sex with that same guy moments before that.
She asked to take a shower and carried the rest of the night as if nothing had happened and I played along with it trying not to see too much into it and trying to activate a friendly mode of some sort. We sang, ate and talked, but as the night is over I felt awful, a prick, a fool, a loser, a lesser being. I know it's not her fault and I know she owes me nothing, but the feeling is horrible. I keep repeating the scene of her taking the shoes in the back of the car and that image disgusts me. I don't know what to do, I can't feel anything for other people and I can't distance myself form her since as I see her every day.
I'm confused, what to do?
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2021.12.03 00:40 boardkey-striker Wizard's Vengeance

Hi all,
This was inspired by the linked prompt
Feedback is always encouraged.
Dear Alia,
I must admit, I did not expect my sweet elderly neighbor to be replaced by your golem. However, the deviation from her normal preference for vegetarianism gave away your plot when the stench of fish emanated from her direction. That said, having her hide rotting fish in my ceiling tiles was devious. This is no surprise, the ugliness in your face is only matched by the deviousness in your heart. I hope that you felt it when I fed her to the local cats. They loved the fish flesh as I’m sure it reminded them of your stench.
Worry not, hatred for you never left my heart. Hopefully by now you have found my surprise. It's a simple spell but effective. While it is less than you deserve, it still brings a measure of joy to my heart.
Eat shit and glitter,
PS. Please return my original neighbor as I’m sure she tires of your company.
Marius Al’zubicon, finished some final touches on the short note meant for Alia Al’zubicon, his bitch of a sister and second greatest mage of the ten kingdoms. Taking time to shit into a small pocket dimension, he loaded the trap that would shoot the poop out when she opened the letter and a second which would blast glitter everywhere.
Smiling at his handiwork, he wove several deceptions over it and set the traps before loading it into an envelope. Writing her name and address in a facsimile of official font, he set the letter aside for when he had time to give it to the post.
“Now let’s see what’s left for tonight,” Marius grumbled to himself. Several orders had been delivered for minor spells and potions. Most were ready to send off from stock solutions and Marius scheduled those he had to do in person. “Damn, I need to make more readyhard potions for the damn elves. It's a wonder they didn’t go extinct with how often they need it.” Marius chuckled at his own joke and gathered the ingredients.
The potion was simple but time consuming and Marius daydreamed about what new hell he could put his sister through. Their mutual disdain was often the one bright spot of his day.
Several alarms started ringing, indicating an approaching visitor. He peeked out the window and saw a number of elven soldiers. “Huh, must be someone important who needed that potion.” He said to no one in particular. Continuing his stirring of the viscous, white liquid he waved the door unlocked and pulled it open as the soldiers approached.
Confused by the open but empty doorway, the soldiers cautiously entered. “Wipe your feet,” Marius called out. He looked over the soldiers which entered, noting they were fully armed and armored. Additionally, he could sense more outside.
“Potions are over there,” Marious said, gesturing at the prepared bottles.
“We aren’t here for potions,” the leader said. “You’re under arrest for murder.”
The four soldiers flanked the wizard. Their weapons were sheathed still but their countenance was intimidation enough. “You’ll be coming with us to face trial before the Sun King.”
“I’ve murdered no one,” said Marius. “No one since I fought for the Sun King so many years ago. Whom do you accuse me of murdering? I have the right to know.” The wizard did not move but it was clear he was no longer at ease.
The captain cleared his throat and withdrew a scroll. “Right, I’m supposed to read this to you. I, Captain Keebler, am empowered to take you, The Wizard Marius, into custody to face trial over the murder of the Sorceress Alia. You will face the Sun King’s justice for your crimes against the kingdom.” The Captain tossed him the scroll and ordered his men, “Search the house for clues.”
Marius sat, a stunned look on his face. “Alia, murdered. No.”
“Sir, look at this,” A young soldier handed the captain the letter Marius had sealed earlier.
The captain turned over the letter in his hands and read the name. “I wouldn’t open that if I were you.” Marius said threateningly. “It's not meant for your eyes.”
Marius stood as the captain glanced over and opened the envelope. A smile danced across Marius’ face and he readied just before bedlam ensued.
“FUUUUUCK YOOOUUU!” boomed a massive voice as feces and glittered blasted through the room. A grating siren blasted in the small room as Marius launched the cauldron over the unfortunate men. Grabbing his staff, he barreled into the other room and into a closet. The soldiers followed but found only an empty closet.
Marius was in a far different space, stepping from a and when space and time were malleable back into the solid world. The closet was stuffed with expensive dresses though a few sets of peasant garb were carefully hung in a corner. “Alia, what happened?”
He prepared a spell quickly and sent it ahead as he steeled himself. Entering the next room a painful sight filled his eyes and he knelt in sorrow. Around him, several people were nearly frozen though still moving at a glacial pace. In the center of the room, Alia laid, her auburn hair wild behind a grimace frozen on her face. Rising out of her back was a knife.
Marius stood and could see developing expressions of recognition on their faces as he strode over to her corpse. “Sister, what happened?” He muttered then looked at the knife closer. Tears of recognition filled his eyes. Etched into the knife were the words For my brother Marius, I’m so proud of you.
Sorrow turned to rage as Marius grabbed the knife and stood. Some of the frozen people had started to run at him but they were much too slow. Marius strode back into the closet, grabbed the staff over the door and opened the portal. His last thoughts as he stepped though were, Those damned elves will pay for what they did.
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2021.12.03 00:40 No_Personality_1369 "The Batman" Yearbook Page

Got assigned the "Movies of 2022" section in my high school's yearbook this year, so I finagled my way into dedicating an entire page to the best film of the year. It isn't finished yet, as the final space will be a photo of me and my friends at the premiere in our city, but still, what better way to represent the most important school memories of the year than to fill a whole page with the Caped Crusader?
Hope you guys like it, because I certainly do.
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2021.12.03 00:40 bhaktirajai100 Toph doing metal bending. The master of metal bending.

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2021.12.03 00:40 Worried-Ad1707 Is working someone to the point of a heatstroke illegal?

I’m 18 and I I worked at a grocery store from December 2020 - June/July of 2021 (Christmas vacation - post graduation) They put me on cart duty for the majority of my shifts, they gave me ridiculously short shifts so that was never a issue until one day when I was given a 7 hour shift. That day it was 90 degrees outside and smoke was cocking over from Canada due to a big fire, really bad air quality. The floor manager that night put me out to do carts about 20 minutes into my shift, it was hot but I assumed I’d be out for an hour tops due to the weather situation Going on. I kept going in whenever I got hot to either take a breather or get water but my manager would yell at me if I did either so i had to go back out. My only time to breathe was a 15 minute break in the upper floor that has no air conditioning. My break ended and I tried to do some bagging but my manager told me to go do the carts. Over all I was outside in a smoky heat wave for 6 hours, to the point that I violently threw in the parking lot. When I told the manger she told me that it’s “my fault for not drinking water” even tho regardless of water intake being out in that weather for that long would make you sick. Plus the staff water bin was empty the whole day (she only filled it like 30 minutes before I threw up without telling me). My uncle picked me up before my shift ended and I fainted in the car, I had a heat stroke. Is this illegal? It feels illegal to force me outside for 6 hours in that weather with only 15 minutes inside. I feel like this is a human rights violation, is it?
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2021.12.03 00:40 plainviewbowling Magneto Hopkins

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2021.12.03 00:40 buzzlytear Square one Insurance for condo

Does anyone has experience with Square One for condo insurance? Is condo insurance coverage standard or there’s room for customization? What’s the standard coverage for a condo looks like? Please suggest first time condo buyer here. TIA
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