Any tips on transitioning this team from W12 to W13? Its really inconsistent

2021.12.04 20:35 Nerd445 Any tips on transitioning this team from W12 to W13? Its really inconsistent

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2021.12.04 20:35 svanapps r/BitcoinBeginners - Loading all coinbase accounts with 1k card purchase limit and higher

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Firstly, I'd like to clarify that I haven't seen the movie so I won't give any spoilers and I would appreciate if you guys do the same. No spoilers please. Back to topic, I have never liked Ansel Elgort, even before the rape accusations I always found him annoying but this post is not about me hating on him, I could actually write a ten page essay with all the reasons why I dislike him but again that's not my goal here. About West Side Story, when I heard Ansel Elgort was chosen to play Tony I was very disappointed, you see, Tony is like that dreamrole of mine that I know I'll never play because of obvious reasons, I am Hispanic and the whole point of West Side Story is a Polish white boy and a Hispanic girl fall in love, so yes, even if I could vocally slay Tony's songs I am more of a Bernardo. But again you musical theater kids know how protective we are with dream roles, we want them to be performed perfectly and even with me doubting Ansel's quality from way before the movie came out all I wanted was to be wrong and surprised by an outstanding performance. I have pointed out that I haven't watched the film but I already listened to the soundtrack and my thoughts on Ansel's Tony are not actually the best. I'll try to be as neutral as possible and not give a biased opinion, I do like his tone, Tony is traditionally a tenor role so hearing a legit baritone on it it's something fresh and different, I enjoyed that, he's got a consistent vibrato and a good control of his voice, he knows where to belt and where to mix or go straight to head voice, actually he sounds good technically but his performance is so plastic and dull it made me lose interest. You can't feel anything by his singing, it's completely emotionless and come on it's a love story you have to sound as if you were in love and he sounds like literally NOTHING. Said that, I am not even excited to watch the movie anymore cause the lead didn't do it for me... All I can think is they actually wanted to have Ansel Elgort as Tony they didn't even give anyone else the chance... But well that's what Hollywood does all the time. So what are your thoughts on this guys? Good? Bad? Excellent? Worth watching?
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2021.12.04 20:35 flamingavocados How to make pour over?

Was never trained on it but it’d be nice to know since a few do order it
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2021.12.04 20:35 Weekly-Marzipan-4033 My new diplos 😍😍

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2021.12.04 20:35 thrwy5165 Is there any price stats by city/area?

Is there any stat that one can look at to get a basic but quick understanding of the sold price in a given location?
Trying to get an understanding of how much one should budget for a house.
Example: Something like 2021 Average sold price per sqft price in Surrey excluding high rise
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2021.12.04 20:35 Ianfear6116 Have sword need shield exclusives

If anyone is interested in helping fill eachothers Dex, pm me. Need all exclusives and I think I've got every exclusive to trade in return.
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2021.12.04 20:35 HuachiBot 3,900,293 Casos Confirmados | 295,155 Defunciones - 04/12/2021

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2021.12.04 20:35 honoraryweasley Just in time for my birthday!

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2021.12.04 20:35 volcomman New addition to the fam

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2021.12.04 20:35 Gallantpride Are there any legitimate ethical or moral reasons to be against dog breeding?

Maybe this is too into the realm of animal rights for this sub, but I'm trying to figure this out.
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2021.12.04 20:35 k0ld_br3akfazt William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops
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2021.12.04 20:35 Lobster_Live Yale engineering supplement

Does Yale still have an engineering supplemental essay?
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2021.12.04 20:35 NotTheCrumb Chad

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2021.12.04 20:35 DioDrama Shipping container apartments. Los Angeles, CA

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2021.12.04 20:35 ShortlivedCollator Natalie Barr is a willowy wonder

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2021.12.04 20:35 City_of_Paris 240km/h avg. in imo the best area of the map

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2021.12.04 20:35 FunkyFreshJeff Time to give the covenant back their tree

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2021.12.04 20:35 MimsyIsGianna There is a difference

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2021.12.04 20:35 squidnybeans waterfall, me, acrylic on canvas, 2021

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2021.12.04 20:35 Limp_Stand2991 what i order vs what i got

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2021.12.04 20:35 Aoian Shouko Says: (#331)

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2021.12.04 20:35 Blcbby need help with golden_apple texture not working

basically ive replaced the golden_apple texture in my texture pack and it decides "hm lets give Blcbby an unnecessarily extreme amount of stress and not work whatsoever at all and just use the default texture even though the file is named right and is in the right place haha" (1.8.9)
(the images were taken within a minute of each other)
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2021.12.04 20:35 Panazara He's not very convincing

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2021.12.04 20:35 axelloid95 Which heroes are you most excited about in Battles 2?

I personally can't wait to see Ezili and Sauda in btdb2
Ezili's ABR capabilities would make her really fun to play with: Heartstopper would be great against regrow rushes, Totem would be really good against rushes in general if you're not using villages, and Hex would just be really cool in general (might want to move ZOMG hex to a higher level though)
As for Sauda, I feel like her being so good against the eco rushes would open up a lot of possibilities for setups (don't need to use tack, boat or reactor just to deal with eco rushes for example)
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