I really need some help on solo Kell Echo. I am at the edge of my patience.

2021.12.03 02:06 ProfessorLankto I really need some help on solo Kell Echo. I am at the edge of my patience.

I’m doing just solo not flawless right now. Everything before the kell echo is easy, i have no idea how people think the phalanx echo is harder. I have been trying to do the kell echo for 3 fucking hours and I’m ready to snap my keyboard in half.
I’m running devour, trinity ghoul, fractethyst and falling guillotine. I’ve used the sword and sleeper for dps but I can’t figure out which one is better. Clearing the rooms is relatively manageable but for some reason the dps room is where I have the most trouble.
I stay side by side or ahead of the boss and kill the snipers, I just end up getting teleported backwards through cover and even if I dodge the whole thing at the worst possible times. I got to the last phase and got teleported off of the platform and had to watch as I slowly glided down
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2021.12.03 02:06 teutonic_order33 [no spoilers] Does anyone think the hype for this show is getting a little out of hand?

I love the show a lot, but for reals, I think the hype is getting a little out of control at this point. I’ve seen reviews that rate Arcane an 8 or 7/10 getting massively dislike bombed because they didn’t give it a 10, people saying things like “it’s better than breaking bad and game of thrones,” etc. The fan base is approaching avatar and fma levels of toxic right now.
I personally think it’s one of the best cartoons I’ve seen and sets a standard that most western animation needs to follow from now on, but let’s be honest, Arcane ain’t even over yet. For what we know, season two could turn out to be absolute garbage and a complete trainwreck. I think it’s a little too early to assume it’s better than everything out there.
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2021.12.03 02:06 Matlabguru How to Learn Javascript

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2021.12.03 02:06 EndersGame_Reviewer Playing cards with a dragon back design - first appeared in 1876

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2021.12.03 02:06 StarTekia_Novus How long is it until the next neuropsych testing is available through the CWC?

They're booked for this semester, how long do you think it'll be booked?
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2021.12.03 02:06 Skum1988 How to fix a faulty shoulder button?

Hello guys I bought the retro bit Sega Saturn pad and after a few months of use the right shoulder button doesn't work anymore. Can I fix this myself? Do you know any tutorials that would allow me to fix it ?
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2021.12.03 02:06 therealswigstein Bennett And Secretary Of State Blinken Have A ‘Difficult’ Conversation

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2021.12.03 02:06 weird_economic_forum Payday, Daryl Duke, USA 1973

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2021.12.03 02:06 heartearnedcash Boost 4 Boost

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/JxSVfCC5Flb. I'll get you right back
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2021.12.03 02:06 AstriumViator Synagis

Those whose babies had the synagis shot, what can you tell me to expect? Was it exactly everything the pharmacist described? Is it normal to have the shot done every month until RSV season is over?
Im not against vaccines whatsoever, I just want to be prepared for anything and everything lol. The hospital said theyll send an epipen with the synagis to my house in case of an anaphylactic reaction.
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2021.12.03 02:06 Zartog1022 This art by Fernanda Suarez

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2021.12.03 02:06 Depope3070 Do I partake. Yes. Yes I do. HOGE!

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2021.12.03 02:06 therealswigstein ‘Chutzpah:” Bennett Slammed From All Sides For Family’s Trip Abroad

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2021.12.03 02:06 KAP_64 Brush Tapering Issue

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2021.12.03 02:06 Jamo_12 Mac app for displaying system info on the desktop

About 12 years ago, I remember having an application on my MacBook Pro that would let me display system information (Free disk space, CPU usage, fan speed etc.) as part of my desktop and it was highly customizable (you could choose how often the info updated, where on the screen to put it etc.)
I have not owned a computer for close to 10 years and I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of the application was and I cannot find it.
In my failed google searches, the closest thing I could find to at least explain the idea of what it was was a Windows app called bgInfo.
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2021.12.03 02:06 therealswigstein The Agudah Convention Session You DIDN’T Hear About Yet

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2021.12.03 02:06 TheSauseBoss11 Just been in an accident, buying a new cam.

Hi dashcam reddit. As the title suggests, I was in an accident today, in which there was a hit and run. Obviously I'm pissed and frustrated at myself for not catching the guys license plate in time, so I'm deciding between two dashcams for myself, and I have zero experience with this sort of thing. My two options are the VIOFO 1119 that this subreddit recommends, and the Garmin mini 2. the Garmin is only listed since I can get it for free, but the higher cost makes me believe that there may or may not be added benefit to it. Any help is very much appreciated, drive safe everyone.
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2021.12.03 02:06 NeatDogie Regarding the recent orders from Amazon and Flipkart

Whatever you guys are ordering from Amazon or Flipkart please try not to post here on Reddit or anywhere else. Because once the news spreads ultimately the seller will get into trouble.
It will also attract unwanted media attention towards Bhang golis which at the moment no law enforcement cares about.
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2021.12.03 02:06 moment90 Women that watch porn, what kind of ads are you getting?

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2021.12.03 02:06 Wussy_Boy My smol madam

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2021.12.03 02:06 ramenddd IS major, choosing b/w Management or Technical Track

I’m considering tech track bc MGMT requires 2 accounting classes and I hate math. But I’m currently working in Digital Marketing so MIS would be relevant, and I’m not into doing actual technical stuff.
I don’t know how a degree would apply irl. Like could I get a manager position easier w MIS, assuming technical ones are more entry level IT support type? Idk.
Any context or advice is welcome
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2021.12.03 02:06 Electrical-Sleep153 Are the servers down?

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2021.12.03 02:06 leaf0829 Help a total beginner out

I am trying to run a supervised learning model rn. I have the positive examples of the genes I want to input. But I also need to get negative examples from a biological network I have and input those too. How do I get these negative examples from the edge list of the network? In the end, I want to basically create a tsv file with both the negative and positive examples and input to the SL model.
Idk where to even start on this. So someone please give me any advice/suggestions. If you need me to clarify anything, feel free to DM me or just ask in the comments. Either works.
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2021.12.03 02:06 HyenaApprehensive770 Join the 4 INVITE = 1TB NUDE FILES Discord Server!

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2021.12.03 02:06 -NouvA- He forgot to title this song….

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