Create and send webhooks in discord.js v12?

Send your invitee email reminders and follow-ups- ... View metrics and reporting-Teams. Create collective event types--Create round robin event types---Manage events across your team--Manage groups and permissions for your team-- ... Get custom integrations with webhooks--Connect to Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom web ... You can use webhooks to cause an action in another service in response to a push event in the repository. Webhooks are POST requests sent to a URL you define in Docker Hub. Configure webhooks through the “Webhooks” tab on your Docker Hub repository: Create Webhooks. To create a webhook, visit the webhooks tab for your repository. Then: Incoming Webhooks are a simple way to post messages from apps into Slack. Creating an Incoming Webhook gives you a unique URL to which you send a JSON payload with the message text and some options. You can use all the usual formatting and layout blocks with Incoming Webhooks to make the messages stand out.. If you're looking for the Help Center article on using webhooks with Workflow Builder ... MailSlurp is used by thousands of developers and QA testers in a wide range of frameworks and languages. Create real inboxes of demand, send and receive emails and attachments in code and tests. View one of the many sample projects to get started. If Incoming Webhooks are enabled for a team in any channel, it exposes the HTTPS endpoint, which accepts correctly formatted JSON and inserts the messages into that channel. For example, you can create an Incoming Webhook in your DevOps channel, configure your build, and simultaneously deploy and monitor services to send alerts. Office 365 ... See create an Outgoing Webhook. Convert the hash to a string using UTF-8 encoding. Compare the string value of the generated hash with the value provided in the HTTP request. Create a method to send a success or failure response. Responses from your Outgoing Webhooks appear in the same reply chain as the original message. Under Sandbox, click Accounts, and then click Create Account. Choose the type of account and country that you want to test, and click Create. PayPal generates an account for you with test values for bank account, credit card, and balance. To edit account features, after the account has been created click on the edit button for that account. When a person sends a message to a business on Messenger and as long as this Page uses an app to partially or fully automate conversations, the following will happen. The Facebook server sends webhooks to the URL of the business server, where the messaging app is hosted. Using the Send API, the app can respond to the person on Messenger.

2021.12.04 20:40 Puttin_shit_2020 Create and send webhooks in discord.js v12?

So I am currently working on a bot that will send webhooks whenever someone is kicked or banned. It is sort of a logging systems and using webhooks for it makes it easier. I have seen YouTube tutorials which do describe the steps, however they make it guild limited. I want someone to be able to run a command in a channel, a webhook is created in that channel and each time an event is triggered, the webhook sends a notification. I have seen guides on how to make webhooks with discord.js but they don't show how to actually send anything using those. I will provide a more detailed explanation if needed. Also I am using v12 since I mostly lack experience in v13.
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2021.12.04 20:40 541lefty Rate my bed!

Really happy with how well the binder clips have helped to keep all of my bedding together when there is no mattress to tuck blankets under. I have queen size sheets that I 'taco' myself inside of. Any tips to keep blankets together even more?
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2021.12.04 20:40 nothosonomia Me Mow, the prettiest kitty.

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2021.12.04 20:40 malaliu Diesel shortage storage recommendations.

Hi preppers. I'm so ready for so many things... but suddenly it seems australia will have a diesel shortage any second now. Not ready for that! Before I run out and buy jerry cans willy nilly, any recommendations on best type of storage? Considerations for temperature? (Subtropical climate - garage like a sauna). Any advice would be much appreciated!
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2021.12.04 20:40 peaceismynature Maybe I want to date again but how do I recognize someone worthy of my time. How do I find someone who I want to pursue more with?

Who is anyone anyways. Maybe they act a certain way in a certain circumstance but as soon and you become a couple your circumstance changes. I guess you never really know someone until you’re in it with them?
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2021.12.04 20:40 Warrior-Of-Words Writing meme: 'i want to be a writer'

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2021.12.04 20:40 monsterm90 Should i keep my money or go to N64 RGB mod? both pictures are captured from S-Video connection

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2021.12.04 20:40 Duck-Spare EPC 9 Tucked muzzle device?

Anybody tried a tucked a strike opressor in an aero rail? I’m 99% the diameters won’t work. Any recommendations for a tucked muzzle devise?
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2021.12.04 20:40 TheOriginalPoop Its not just independent practice...

As an emergency medicine physician, when I see NP/PA commenting in this sub that "they don't want independent practice, that's a crazy idea being promoted by the business wing of our specialty! We like the supervision and understand we need it!", they miss the point. This misses our perspective, which is that we don't want your liability. We don't want the poor clinical decisions that you made under our "supervision" to affect our patients and to be laid at our feet. You don't know what you don't know, Dunning-Kruger, etc etc. At least in emergency medicine, residents are having trouble finding jobs in cities. Sure there are certain locations and hospitals looking for grads, but its a tight market, and one filled with non-physicians seeing patients.
I think people should be honest with the ACGME about non-physicians affecting our volume and experience as residents and I think that we should not be complicit in training non-physicians who are going to compete to see patients in the same overcrowded job markets when there are patients in rural America without access to care, and when there are fully boarded physicians unable to find jobs with more training and experience. Patients pay a ridiculous amount for healthcare, and they deserve to see a physician, at least in emergency medicine, where they are undifferentiated and where there are plenty of physicians to go around. If access to healthcare is truly the limiting factor, you can make a different argument. And just in case a layperson wanders in off the street and attempts to explain to us how wait times in the ED is an issue of lack of access to healthcare; you don't understand what the bottle neck is. Its not a lack of physicians in the ED.
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2021.12.04 20:40 zakdar75 Anyone happen to have a heaven’s light?

+3 skills and 2 os and decent ED.
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2021.12.04 20:40 throwaway172920287 How to tell my T about aborted suicide attempt. Should I even tell her?

Tw: suicide
This past week I I got about halfway through a suicide attempt, got scared and stopped. I made sure I was fine physically, but feel like I should talk about this with my therapist. I’m just not sure how.
I’m not really asking for advice on how to talk to her about it to avoid being hospitalized. She’s very anti-hospitalization and views it as a last resort, especially after a bad experience I had in an inpatient setting.
I’ve been seeing my therapist for over two years and I very much trust her I guess I just still have trouble bringing things up in therapy and always feel I need a very clear reason for bringing up the topics that I do. I don’t want to tell her that I did this just to tell her. I’m fine, I lived. Maybe I’m just shaken up because I did this and don’t have anybody else to talk to.
I’m not really sure what my question is anymore. Has anybody gone through something similar. Or are there any therapists here whose clients have disclosed something like this to you? It’s hard to know how to move forward right now, I just feel crappy.
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2021.12.04 20:40 Dogecoin_Mememaster Let's go!

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2021.12.04 20:40 getshrekt192 fitting

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2021.12.04 20:40 JustSewSew_ Upgrades and accessories

I'm looking for recommendations. My husband already backed a couple of Kickstarters for his Christmas, but I wanted to get a couple of little things to put under the tree. I was thinking maybe some upgrades, storage components and organizers, maybe the wooden tree for Everdell? I'm not really sure. I believe he has all the upgrades for Root and Scythe (and the expansions) but his other favorite games are Everdell, Vast, Gaia Project, Terraforming Mars, and Pandemic (we're about to start on Legacy 1). What have y'all gotten recently that you loved? * He was just showing me a Watch It Played video and they had a storage container for Everdell that he mentioned would be nice. It was a clear plastic box, and the lid was hollow so that both halves can be used to hold components while you play. It looked like the ones that come with Scythe. If anyone knows where I could find something like that it'd be awesome!
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2021.12.04 20:40 serial4u Elkizi Episode 6 (English Subtitles) - serial4u

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2021.12.04 20:40 VegetarianBuddy Modified Medieval Minecraft Forge server!

Heyhey! Me and some friends are starting Medieval Minecraft in about a week, but we've added many mods and removed a few we thought were a bit broken.
Mainly we added many magic mods such as Mana & Artifice, Astral Sorcery, Vampirism and more! We've also added Tetra as a medieval-ish tech mod lol. And we added some biomes and other cool stuff 😂
Please be 18+, or at least mature. The server's in Canada East but we have people from Europe, South America etc and everyone connects fine.
If interested lemme know, thanks!
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2021.12.04 20:40 Homicder Taunts are p2w!

I was messing around with the rocket jockey taunt and some medic ubered me, i went towards a sentry nest and took No kb at all. probably not game breaking lol.
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2021.12.04 20:40 SkyHookia So much pumpkins this year. We gave to all our relatives and still have a lot.

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2021.12.04 20:40 3minus1is2 New toy! MoYu RS3M 2021. My first actual speed cube. Excited to see how fast I can get. It’s been 10 years since I’ve solved a cube. So I’m looking forward to learning it all again.

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2021.12.04 20:40 JustWantToVentHere Will i be poisoning myself if i eat this?

I’m new here so if this is not the right to post this please tell me.
I am trying to make some vegetable shortening since it is barely available where i live, and found a recipe where you blend coconut oil and sunflower oil and then cool it down quickly. So i tried it, but as soon as i turned the stick blender on, it started making a screeching noice and the whole oil mixture turned orange. Most likely scenario is that it was somehow rusty inside the blender and came out, but i tried it in clear water after and it did not turn orange. Does anyone know about a reaction of these two oils being mixed? Or should i just not risk eating rust and throw it out?
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2021.12.04 20:40 smirpt Cursed_invention

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2021.12.04 20:40 LactomedaM33 My new storage room

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2021.12.04 20:40 whorenessy any dietary suggestions on how to slim my sweet boy big chungus down? i want him to be little chungus.

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2021.12.04 20:40 CanManKan Beat DMC3!

I really enjoyed the game, but I have to say the juxtaposition of Arkham's bullshit and Vergil 3's difficulty left a bad taste in my mouth, I hate seeing something great stumble at the finish line. Felt a lot of weapons were badass but ultimately impractical in-game. Those are probably my biggest gripes. I've beat 1-3 now on my way to 4 soon
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