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2021.10.27 04:10 Jung_Eunji ❗❗❗THREE SLOTS FOR SCHOLAR❗❗❗

Be one of the luckiest people today ~ !
Discord is must
Apply here ~ !
No dm needed.
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2021.10.27 04:10 NutmegOnEverything Chicken fried steak ramen

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2021.10.27 04:10 JohanYeet Getting an 'Abandon Penalty' for getting disconnected.

I get very little time to play, so getting disconnected from a ranked game put me in 10 minute penalty lock! Tough
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2021.10.27 04:10 georgewiliams2 Beautiful Glasswinged-Butterfly

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2021.10.27 04:10 SeshWyzrd Shins going crazy today let’s eat another 0 !

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2021.10.27 04:10 OldCarWorshipper Most of the people who complain about sex on TV and in movies are the ones nobody wants to have sex with anyway.

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2021.10.27 04:10 EBLS The Birthday Hippo

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2021.10.27 04:10 sludgebrownie Anyone else not sleeping tonight lmao?

Usually sleep around 2am. Since scores come out 6am my time, there’s no point to even trying to sleep when years of efforts and my last shot at my ultimate dream is decided shortly
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2021.10.27 04:10 sergenubretgoat 24 [M4A] does boob size matter

My gfs small and says it suck but i say its not, whats your take?
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2021.10.27 04:10 sadbitchdecade Why do guys always seem to come back after ghosting you?

Maybe girls do this too idk but I only go on dates with guys and sometimes this will be going pretty well and then they’ll ghost me out of nowhere and then come back a few months later. What even is the point? Obviously I’m not gonna agree to see them again.
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2021.10.27 04:10 kaiuscrvun FOUND JACK COUNCIL SECRET DISCORD!!!

FOUND JACK COUNCIL SECRET DISCORD!!! From this screenshot I took of Jack's latest stream, you could see they actually have a JACKS COUNCIL DISCORD!! We can now see the members and some of their plans in this image...
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2021.10.27 04:10 Sando75 Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of the Joker was far superior to Heath Ledger's version.

Just to clarify, I'm an Aussie and think Heath Ledger was a brilliant actor. He did a great job of the Joker character and was just an overall natural on film in anything he did.
But Joaquin's acting was just next level. His weight loss for the film, the "Joker" laugh he developed and the dark, real world mental health story line made the 2019 film "The Joker" a much better take on the Joker character for me.
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2021.10.27 04:10 miss-cauliflower 17F, friendship and convos?

hello hello, i’m 17F as stated above and i’m currently sipping on some nasty beer to get tipsy out of boredom. being straight-up honest i haven’t really been speaking to anyone but my partner for the past 15 months (absolutely no regrets) but i’d like to acquire a few outside friendships!! (preferably F also) send thru a message or comment if u r interested
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2021.10.27 04:10 rocketmce Day #8 of posting pics of me with Anime girls until I get a girlfriend.

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2021.10.27 04:10 barry713 Weird object rotating in a video.

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2021.10.27 04:10 southasian69 3 months old ga2100ske7a with rust. I've barely worn it since the purchase and never took it near water how's this even possible?

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2021.10.27 04:10 zaraknightt Hey 🥰

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2021.10.27 04:10 Feinar My painted buccaneer from board game "Dragon's Gate" 1993 (Dark World thrilogy)

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2021.10.27 04:10 Rantheur The Monk is Fine, Actually (A response to the current "monks are bad" discourse using a certain popular video as a vehicle to do it).

We've likely all seen this video and thought that he made some good points. So I'm going to address what he's wrong about point by point.
The Monk Sucks at Tanking
While he makes good points (monks do have bad HP for tanking), he's wrong from many angles. Yes, a point buy monk won't have the best AC if any another person is building specifically to maximize their AC. But you know which tanks AC they will beat? The most common build of Barbarian, most clerics, most paladins, and most fighters. Treantmonk claims that to get this AC that these tanks aren't spending any resources, but he's wrong, they're spending the most fundamentally rare resources of all, one-time class, feat, and/or race choices. For example, he mentions that a fighter can get to a 19 if they choose to go all in on defense picking up chain mail, a shield, and the defensive combat fighting style. Going that route excludes the fighter from dealing more damage, from imposing disadvantage on an attack against an adjacent ally as a reaction (which, imho is the better option for tanking in most situations), or any of the options that treantmonk couldn't evaluate due to them not being out yet (like interception, another, better way to tank because it's damage reduction to allies). A fighter going that route will also be spending feats on Heavy Armor Master, Shield Master, Resilient, and Tough to maximize their ability to tank, which gets us all the way to at least level 12. A monk by that level has given up none of their offensive capabilities, has the same AC, has the ability to avoid damage from Dex saves (without using a reaction, I might add), can reduce the damage of one ranged weapon attack per turn, and all of this is before we ever talk about ki or subclasses. If you roll for ability scores, the monk can start with a 19 AC, just like the optimized fighter.
Now, we get to talk about saving throws. Monks get proficiency in two of the most common saving throws in the entire game (Dex and Wis), ignore one of the most common damage types (Poison) from a third most common saving throw (Con), ignore the poisoned status effect, and can end the frightened and charmed status effects as an action on their turn. This is all before we get to the Diamond Soul ability. Fighters get proficiency in Str and Con saves and the class feature indomitable (reroll 1/2/3 saving throw per long rest at levels 9/13/17). In order to compete with the monk on saving throws, the fighter has to spend two feats (Shield Master for Dex, and Resilient for Wis) to get there. In fact, the only class which can best the Monk in saves is the Paladin and even then only when they push their Charisma (their tertiary stat, by the way, making them just as MAD as the monk) as high as it can go, but then the monk just uses the bonus by being within the Paladin's aura and still comes out on top.
Next, we get to HP, which is his best criticism of the Monk's ability to tank. Monks simply aren't the best tank because they don't get the HP a barbarian, fighter, or paladin do. But, we can partially fix this too thanks to Tasha's ability scores. Make a Hill Dwarf Monk swap the Con bonus to Wisdom and suddenly you start off with 10 HP, play a variant human to grab the tough feat and start off with 11 HP, or play a tortle and have a 17 AC and make CON your highest ability score to start with 11 HP as well.
After all is said and done, we still haven't talked about resources and boy do I hate the way this conversation goes because people are horrifically myopic on this point. Monks can have resource management problems if you're still low level or if you suck at resource management. The average combat in 5e lasts roughly 3 rounds. Once you're past level 9, ki is only a problem if your party refuses to take short rests and past level 14, it's not a problem even if they do. Meanwhile the Barbarian has limited rages per long rest, the fighter has limited uses of resilience per long rest, and casters (except the warlock) get resources back primarily on long rests (arcane recovery notwithstanding). But, let's say that we're focused on tanking as a monk. Okay, we are a kensei monk who attacks unarmed once per round to give us +2 AC (leading to an 18 AC starting at level 3) and dodge with our bonus action using ki. We can do this a number of rounds equal to our level per short rest. Disadvantage is, according to the edition, roughly equivalent to a -5 modifier which effectively makes tank monk's AC 23 starting at level 3.
All in all, monks are just as good at tanking as fighters are if you focus on tanking. If you don't, they're a pretty good secondary tank.
The Monk Sucks at Damage
Once again, he seems to make good points. However, his "baseline damage" formula is fundamentally flawed because it is based on a Warlock using Eldritch Blast, Hex, and Agonizing Blast. The problem with this is that Warlocks have exactly the same resource management problem that Monks have, plus hex is disrupted a minimum of 20% of the time on concentration saves, can be dispelled, and it can stop working if a Warlock kills a target in the middle of an eldritch blast. Due to these factors we shouldn't include Hex in a baseline damage calculation. We can certainly include it in some other calculation, perhaps an "optimal Baseline" calculation, but to factor it into the baseline is a foolish thing to do if we are also criticizing the monk's ability to deal damage based on their resources. Here is an adjusted baseline damage calculation which removes hex from the equation.
Level Standard Baseline Damage
1 5.375
2 5.375
3 5.375
4 5.975
5 11.95
6 11.95
7 11.95
8 13.15
9 13.15
10 13.15
11 19.725
12 19.725
13 19.725
14 19.725
15 19.725
16 19.725
17 26.3
18 26.3
19 26.3
20 26.3
And now let's plug in Monk damage and compare how that looks
Level Standard Baseline Damage Monk non-flurry round Flurry round
1 5.375 8.15 N/A
2 5.375 8.15 11.575
3 5.375 8.15 11.575
4 5.975 9.35 13.375
5 11.95 15.325 20
6 11.95 15.325 20
7 11.95 15.325 20
8 13.15 17.125 22.4
9 13.15 17.125 22.4
10 13.15 17.125 22.4
11 19.725 17.775 23.7
12 19.725 17.775 23.7
13 19.725 17.775 23.7
14 19.725 17.775 23.7
15 19.725 17.775 23.7
16 19.725 17.775 23.7
17 26.3 19.725 26.3
18 26.3 19.725 26.3
19 26.3 19.725 26.3
20 26.3 19.725 26.3
What is truly important to note is that the Monk can use their flurry every single round of virtually every single combat by level 9. How do I know this? Well, it's due to some fundamental assumptions that Treantmonk doesn't talk about in this video that the edition is based upon. The adventuring day expects two short rests over the course of 8 encounters in an adventuring day, which means you can reasonably expect a 2-3-2 encounter schedule on an average adventuring day. The monk (and the warlock) get their resources back on a short rest. We also know from a wealth of data that the average encounter length in 5e is 3 rounds. Therefore, in a combat only average adventuring day a monk can be expected to be using a flurry every single round of every single combat by level 9 if they neglect other abilities. So, even if we do use Treantmonk's original baseline damage calculations, we should be using the flurry round calculations beyond level 9, which has them dropping below that baseline at level 11 or so.
The monk sucks at control
I have no disagreement on this particular point. While the Stunned condition is overwhelmingly powerful, having it tied to a CON save makes the Stunning Strike ability situational at best, and useless at worst. It can be used to burn through legendary resistances, but it is best used against enemy casters or rogue type enemies.
A monk's mobility sucks for them
Actual play partially disagrees with Treantmonk on this one. Monks spend virtually no dead rounds in combat, melee focused fighters and paladins often can't get to a second (or third) enemy during their turn due to their limited movement. However, in the majority of all combats, PCs and enemies rush at each other and any melee creatures stay next to each other until one of them goes down, so I'm going to conditionally agree with Treantmonk on this one.
The Monk's Class Abilities Suck
I'm sorry, but no. Some of their abilities suck, but those are the ribbon abilities. He mentions the "uselessness" of deflect missiles, but neglects to mention that it reduces damage and for a single ki point can allow the monk to make what is essentially a ranged opportunity attack provided the monk reduces the damage to 0, there is a target within range, and the missile is small enough to fit in one hand. His point on slow fall is moot when the majority of casters won't take feather fall won't take it due to how rare falling damage is. On top of this, feather fall can be counterspelled and can't be cast within an antimagic zone slow fall is not affected by these things. "Evasion this doesn't come up often" I'm sorry what? The single most common saving throw in the entire edition doesn't come up often? I'll remind everyone that the relevant text of Evasion states

When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail.
Yes, it does mention area effects in the previous line, but that is flavor text, not mechanical text. I've gone over stillness of mind already, but suffice it to say he's incorrect in saying that "most" charm and frightened effects don't allow you to use your turn in a way you'd like to. He's right about tongue of the sun and moon as well as timeless body. Next up, Empty Body. Guess what he's neglecting to mention? The tanking and damage implications of this ability. That's right folks, remember when we talked about how the monk can use their bonus action to always have attacks have disadvantage against them? Remember how we talked about how they don't have a lot of hit points? Remember how we talked about their damage? This ability fixes all three of these problems with one action. You gain advantage on attacks against creatures who can't see you (this translates to roughly a 25% higher chance to hit and effectively doubles your crit chance), they gain disadvantage when they attack you (effectively raising your AC by 5 and reducing your odds of being crit to 0.25%), they can't target you with most spells, and you take half damage from everything but force damage. Oh, and you can also hop into the astral plan for 8 more ki, meaning you can go have tea with the Githzerai lich queen whenever you like. Finally, he's right about the capstone, it's garbage and if it ever activates, your DM is purposely trying to waste your resources and you should have recognized that by now or you are the kind of person who uses stunning strike on every attack on a flurry against an ancient dragon.
Now, while I've been lambasting Treantmonk this whole post, I'm using his video as a vehicle to put the entire Monk "controversy" to bed. The class is just fine, it doesn't suck, and anyone who's basing their opinion of the class of of his video(s) should take a second look at the class. Also, none of this even begins to approach the kinds of shit that the subclasses can do (spoiler alert: the only stinker is the way of four elements).
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2021.10.27 04:10 Zatch_Nakarie Please buff jaul fish. This is fucking ridiculous

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2021.10.27 04:10 S420D89 To the fucking Moon you crazy bastards🚀🥵

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2021.10.27 04:10 NatMackDaddy Zion + 2022 1st vs Holmes

12 Team 9 Cat, I have a punt ft/3pm build (already have giannis, Fox and simmons)
View Poll
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2021.10.27 04:10 TheCitidel2021 Richard Osman's House of Games S05E52

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2021.10.27 04:10 Professional-Mood990 Thank you all for HODLing the line 💪 thanks to the community and your support! This is the most money I have held in over the last 10 years! 🇦🇺🦘

Thank you all for HODLing the line 💪 thanks to the community and your support! This is the most money I have held in over the last 10 years! 🇦🇺🦘 submitted by Professional-Mood990 to SHIBArmy [link] [comments]