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Need Help with DR stage 3. What order should I attack the enemies and any better mods

2021.10.27 05:06 Shleazlebaeg Need Help with DR stage 3. What order should I attack the enemies and any better mods

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So I have had really bad health anxiety for years now and it’s been slowly improving but I’m having a major setback with my cardiophobia. As of lately, I’ve been getting heart flutters/palpitations at random parts of the day. I’ve always had these flutters all of my life, but it’s starting to get more frequent. There are some possibilities though:

  1. I take propranolol
  2. I do have A lot of Gas & acid reflux symptoms (I think I got it from my mom)
  3. Of course, health anxiety
  4. I got an EKG done last year in December and it said my heart was healthy, however, is it time to get another one done?? Am I okay?? I don’t know what to do.
Please help.
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2021.10.27 05:06 MalekRockie00 Explain to me like I'm 6 how to buy Dogira.

Ok.. Maybe like if I'm 5. I just want to invest a lot of money in this. I see so much potential in this.
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2021.10.27 05:06 SpookyDude43 I explored an abandoned school. I think I'm going to die.

I’m an urban explorer, or I was anyways. Trending videos on youtube and a lack of direction in my life sent me down this path, and I’ve never regretted it. I’ve been all over the country, from the Roosevelt Island smallpox hospital in New York, to the Nike nuclear missile site in Redmond, Washington. Anywhere my little rust bucket could take me, I’d go, stopping to do odd jobs whenever I needed some cash. America has no shortage of Urbex locations...and no shortage of explorers. Getting a good spot to yourself can be a little tricky nowadays, so when my enjoyment started to dry up, I turned to forums and reddit to find new spots and revitalize my enthusiasm for exploration.
At first, I was lurking in spots like Urbex and Urbanexploration, the bigger sites. But this just led to more overpopulated and overcrowded spots, basic tourist traps. I wanted something unique, something few people had ever heard of. So, I started spending time in smaller subreddits, looking into more local forums, and asking around on facebook. It was during this search that I met someone who claimed to have what I was looking for. One late night, sitting in the back of my car browsing the web in a Mcdonalds parking lot, I got a text from a number not in my contacts.
“Hey Cal, I’m a friend of Jeralds. I heard you were looking for lands less traveled to do some exploring.” it said, along with a location on google maps. I won’t say where it is, I don’t want to put any of you in danger, and I know even after I tell you all what happened here, some of you will still come, maybe you won’t believe me, or maybe you won’t care, I can’t take that risk.
In the text, he mentioned being a friend of Jeralds. Jerald was a friend of mine from high school. We still played games from time to time when I went home to visit my parents, but outside of that we barely spoke anymore.
I texted my mysterious contact back, asking about the spot a bit. He told me it was a school that was built out of town, and it became abandoned because nobody wanted to drive their kids outside of town to take them to school. A bit odd, but he swore it was practically unheard of, and a great spot, his own find.
I set out for it that night, already hyping myself up at the idea. I climbed into the front seat and gassed up for the long drive, texting him more. “Matt”, he said his name was. I sent Jerald a screenshot of the conversation, along with the guy's name and number, asking if he knew the guy, before going back to Matt's texts. In hindsight, I probably should have waited on Jerald's response, but I was too excited. Matt told me the place had been empty for over 40 years, that it had trees growing out of it and parts of the floor collapsed into the basement. It was mostly untouched because of how far into the woods it was.
The last few spots I’d been to had been disappointing, just old buildings, filled with graffiti and empty beer cans. Here I had the promise of something new, something unique, something untouched. The drive was long, but the excitement kept me going until, eventually, I got to the town he spoke of. It was a small town, quiet, but cozy. Just a few scattered buildings along the main road going in and out, one gas station, one coffee shop café, and not even a hotel. I was looking forward to spending a few days sounded by nature and trees, and I even had a tent in my trunk I was happy to be putting to good use.
I wanted a little more information before I went to explore for myself, so I stopped in the coffee shop and asked around a bit. Neither the barista, nor most of the occupants knew what I was talking about, claiming no such school existed, and for a moment I got worried, afraid I had driven all the way out here for nothing. It wasn’t until an old man sat down at my table that I got any information. He sat across from me, holding a small coffee cup and wearing a light blue button-up shirt with khaki shorts and a tan Panama atop his head. He looked like he was in his mid-fifties, a great grey mustache on his lip, and stubble growing messily along his chin.
“Howdy son, I heard you bothering people about the old school. It’s not very polite to walk up to strangers and barrage them with questions you know.” he spoke firmly, his voice gruff with age and experience, and I shrunk before him.
“I’m sorry...” I replied meekly, not wanting to get myself in trouble just after arriving. I opened my mouth to say more, but I wasn’t sure what to say. I didn’t want to go around telling people I planned on breaking into an abandoned property, though I was worried my actions had already spoke to my intentions.
“Oh it's all right, “he offered, “after all, it’s why you're here, isn’t it?” He held his arms open, as though expecting some sort of applause, like he was showing me something I should be surprised at. My raised eyebrow and confused expression seemed to inform him I was not aware of what he meant.
“It’s me, son. Matthew. We spoke on the phone?” He seeded hurt, bothered that I didn’t recognize a man I’d never seen nor heard before. “Matt? I didn’t know you’d be here.” My concern was evident in my voice, and he seemed to pick up on it rather quickly, taking my hand in a firm handshake, before letting go and patting my shoulder. "Don’t worry, I’m a friend of Jeralds, remember? And how do you think I found the place? I live here in town, though I never attended the school, it was abandoned shortly after I was born. “
“Well, why doesn’t anyone remember it, they all said they didn’t know what I was talking about?” I posed the question, and he quickly knocked it down. “There are superstitions about the old place, people don’t like to talk about it, and they certainly don’t want some newcomer poking around at such a location.”
...Superstitions? Like what?” I asked, always the skeptic, and a little concerned.
“Well, supposedly there was a death there...of a child. At least that’s what people say, I can't say I’ve ever heard of such a thing from anywhere other than the lips of gossip though. I don’t buy it.” He answered, confident and dismissive. “They think that place has a darkness to it, some vague hocus pocus of evil and Satan. You know how people are in towns such as these.” He finished, glancing around at the surrounding people, all wrapped in their own conversations and lives. He reached up and stroked his mustache a bit.
“Though maybe that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for. You a Satanist, son?” His eye’s narrowed as he directed the question at me, and I almost laughed, had his serious look not caused me to choke on it. “N-no, sir!” I sputtered, holding my hands up in submission.
“Good...good, you go looking for things like that, and they tend to come home with you.” I sighed in relief, not sure why I was so concerned with him believing me. He gave off a good presence, like he was someone you wanted to impress. I spoke quickly, before he could distract me from my thoughts with tales of the old school. “So, how do you know Jerald? I don’t think he’s ever mentioned you.”
He raised an eyebrow, seemingly irritated that I would even ask. His eyes held something, some sorrow I couldn’t quite comprehend. “Well, I was a friend of the family, though we haven’t spoken in many years. His parents grew up here, in our little town.” He took a drink from his coffee, the steam fogging his glasses, causing him to remove them, and wipe them with a cloth from the pack on his hip before returning them to their throne upon his nose.
When he returned his gaze to me, his eyes had steadied again, and he spoke once more. “Now then, how about I buy you a drink, and we discuss our plans for visiting the school?” He waved his hand at the barista behind the counter, who set her own drink down and began her approach.
“I’m not thirsty, and we’re going together? No offense, but I just met you. I’m not sure I want to wander into the woods to a school that may or may not exist with some stranger who tricked me into meeting them halfway across the country.” I spoke bluntly, maybe harsher than I meant to, and the waitress picked up on the tension between us, returning to her counter without a word.
He put a hand to his chest, looking hurt, or feigning it at least. His eyes told another story, a story of anger perhaps, but he wasn’t the easiest man to read. “I didn’t trick you, it’s not like I ever said I wouldn’t be here. This is my home, and this is where the school is. I can’t exactly offer you a location I don’t know about, can I? You go alone if you want, and I’ll give you the best directions I can. But these woods are deep, and easy to get lost in. It’s up to you”
I pondered his offer, it’s just a forest, how hard could it be to find my way to a school and back? And there must be a road leading to it, after all, he said people drove their children to and from the school. However, it was also far enough that it went under because of the distance, and 40 years is a long time, that road could be long gone by now.
I thought a moment longer before I made my choice. I looked up at him and presented my terms. “If you can show me someone else who knows and will tell me that the school exists, I’ll go with you.” He smiled wide and clapped me on the shoulder “Atta boy, you’re mighty clever, that’s a good test.” He stood up, and called the barista over a second time, the very one that claimed she did not know about the school when I asked her.
“Matilda this is Calvin, he’s a student coming from the UK,” he lied with a smile like it was second nature, and it made me nervous how easily it came to him. “He’s doing a paper on our town, and I’d like you to tell him a little about the school.”
Her eyes lit up and she seemed excited at the first proclamation, though she gave pause when he mentioned the school, her expression turning somewhat sour. “Mister Reynolds I...you know we don’t talk about the school. It has caused us enough tr-” she was cut off when he clapped his hands together once, before exclaiming excitedly. “So you admit then that the school does exist, yes? Fantastic!” He turned back to me, his grin eager and warm, but his eyes held some comfort, a smugness to them, perhaps.
The waitress opened her mouth to speak, but he turned back to her, speaking firmly. “That’ll be all, Matilda. Thank you for your help.” and she gave a nervous smile, returning to her counter as his attention fell back onto me, and he sat again. There you have it; the school does exist. I’m an honest man, Cal. The morning is still upon us, we can easily make it today if you wish. Otherwise, we can go tomorrow morning. The choice is yours.”
I let out a defeated sigh, I’m not sure why but it felt like I’d lost a game to him, some strange game that he took great pleasure in winning. In the end, I decided that today would be best. With one coffee shop café, and one gas station in town, I didn’t exactly have much else I could do to pass the time. So We agreed to meet at the north edge of town in an hour, and I went to ready my gear. I bring a camera with me on all my excursions. Nothing fancy, just a small Aasonida. Something light and made for vlogs and youtube videos. I wound up at the edge of town about half an hour early, and sat on the hood of my car, taking shots of the forest and the town.
After 15 minutes, I was taking some time to go through the pictures and see which ones I wanted to keep when I noticed something strange in one of them. One of the trees in my last picture of the woods would change depending on how I held the camera. It was like a holographic card, like the kind they sell on Halloween, if you look at it from one angle it’s a beautiful woman, but look from another and it changes to a horrible spirit. Only this was a real picture, and a tree. From one angle, I saw a normal oak tree, but as I turned my head to the side, it shifted into a birch. It was unmistakable, a very clear transition, and yet when I looked up to where I took the picture, I saw only oak trees as far as the eye could see.
Just as I was about to slip off the hood of my car and walk into the woods to investigate, Matt slapped the trunk of my car, making me jump nearly out of my skin. He let out a hearty laugh and stepped closer. “Ah, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. You looked so focused on that thing, your camera, I thought if I didn’t do something you might fall into it and never be seen again.”
He wore the same as before, though now he had on a pair of brown hiking boots, and the brown leather pack, hanging from his shoulder onto his hip seemed almost bulging with its contents. He caught me looking at it, and reached inside, pulling out a granola bar. “I brought snacks; do you want one? I’ve also got sandwiches for later.”
I smiled and declined the offer, after which he opened and began to eat the bar. Suddenly I remembered the picture, pulling out the camera and showing him. “Do you see that? There, with the tree. It’s changing.” He scratched the grey stubble on his chin for a moment as he pondered the picture, tipping his head from side to side slowly before a smile crossed his lips and he looked at me, speaking calmly, but with a touch of excitement. “Well, that’s certainly something special. I’ve never seen a picture like that before. You hold on to that, maybe you can show it to someone who matters, figure out just what it is, what it means.”
I nodded, and put the camera back into my bag before we both set out into the woods. There wasn’t a path or trail for us to follow, and much of the trip was spent swatting branches and tall grass aside, hiking through unwelcome terrain. As we walked, we had to take several breaks, finding trees clear enough of moss and vines to lean on without fear of something slithering down our shirts, or fallen stumps to sit on. It was during one of these breaks that I thought to ask more about Jerald. I looked up from the sandwich he had given me, and caught him watching me. I don’t know why but he almost seemed ashamed I’d seen him, turning his gaze away quickly like he’d been caught doing something he shouldn’t, and I felt an uncomfortable well open up in my stomach.
“You said you used to be friends with Jeralds family. Are you not anymore?” I asked, watching him as his eyes sank momentarily, before meeting mine with a light smile. “We’re friends on facebook, but we haven’t spoken in many years, though Jerald and I still exchange pleasantries from time to time.” His smile didn’t reach his eyes, his eyes seemed sad, longing.
“Why?” I asked, “Did you do something wrong?” He let out a long sigh, sitting back on his stump and scratching his stubble for a moment before he answered. “Well, I suppose it came down to a difference of religion. They didn’t like mine, and they felt I might corrupt their son with such a thing as a difference in opinion.”
“What’s your religion?” I ask quizzically, as I considered what sort of beliefs would scare a family into cutting contact with an old friend. I don’t think Jerald ever mentioned his religious beliefs, not that I’d ever bothered asking. Matt sat forward, resting his elbows on his knees as a playful grin spread across his face, this one much more genuine than his last.
“It’s not a nice thing to ask a man what he thinks of god you know. Such questions are for pastors, not troublemakers like yourself.” He let out a chuckle and patted his knees, standing up from his stump and putting his hands on his back, stretching it. “Welp, it's about time we got moving again. At this rate it’ll be sundown before we make it, and I’d rather not spend the night at a creepy old school.” He held out his hand, and I took it, standing and dusting myself off before we started on our hike again.
“...It’s not actually going to take that long, is it?” I asked, pushing a branch out of my way which had flung irritatingly into my face after he brushed past it. “Of course not, we should get there around thirteen hundred.” He replied matter of factly. This gave me pause for a moment before I asked. “Thirteen hundred?” To which he let out an amused chuckle. “The world in your pocket, and you know so little about it. It means one pm.” He offered smugly, causing me to roll my eyes and mumble to myself “you could have just said that.”
We walked in silence for a while, occasionally I’d take out my camera to get a few pictures or a short video, and from time to time I’d ask him about the school, or the town, anything really. He never gave very satisfying answers, seeming to relish in the idea of being mysterious and strange. But for the most part, we stayed silent. Talking wasn’t worth the breath it took, and we needed each and every breath to make the journey. After about half an hour more, he stopped in front of me, causing me to bump into him before I glanced up at the back of his head. “Is everything okay?” I asked, taking a few steps backs.
He turned to me with a grin and asked simply “do you have the time?” I was starting to sweat now; I’d gotten a little used to his strangeness but this felt different. He seemed off somehow. Regardless, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone, reading off the time. “It’s 12:58 pm, why?” His grin widened and he took a few steps forward, moving a bundle of branches with his arms and holding them aside as he declared “I told you, not a minute before thirteen!” Beyond the branches was what at first glance appeared to be a field. It was wide and flat, and as I looked closer, I could see that what I had taken for trees were actually old light poles, and the ground of the field was a cracked and torn up asphalt, covered in grass and weeds.
We were looking at a parking lot. And sitting at the other side of this parking lot was a red brick school, standing one story tall and about half as wide as a baseball field. It wasn’t the biggest school I had seen, but it wasn’t the smallest either. It was shaped like an L, having a bend in its west-most side that went north. Many of the windows were cracked or broken, and parts of the walls had collapsed, showing the overgrown and barely recognizable classrooms and hallways within. I let out a gasp as I saw it, and immediately pulled out my camera, taking pictures before and during our slow approach.
“Impressive, isn’t it? It’s a shame this place went to waste. I would have loved to have spent my recess out here, playing hide and seek amongst the trees, climbing them as high as I could go.” He spoke longingly, with a smile on his face, enjoying the pretend memories he was having. I let him enjoy his thoughts for a moment longer before I answered. “It is, you think after seeing so many buildings just like it, this would stop surprising me. But it doesn’t, this is beautiful.” He turned to me and smiled, before patting me on the back. “Well, let's not waste any time. After you.” He beckoned me forward with a wave of his arm, and I began walking towards the school, the broken pavement cracking under my feet with each step.
As we reached the front door he pulled on my shoulder, guiding me to the west, towards a hole in the wall instead. I gave him a quizzical look and opened my mouth to speak, but he was quick to answer my question before it even left my mouth. “Doors locked, and chained on the inside. We’ll have to get in through one of these holes instead.” I thought it strange that the door would be chained shut from the inside, but before I had time to think about it further, he was speaking again and ushering me through a large hole, into the building. “Watch your step, easy to trip here.” He kept a hand on my shoulder as he guided me in, giving my steps direction and following in behind me.
Once inside, he pulled out a couple of small flashlights, handing me one. It seemed odd, as with all the holes and windows it was rather bright here, but I knew better. It would be much darker further in. We clicked them on, and I shown mine around at the few poorly lit corners and darkened portions of the room. We were standing in an old office it seemed. Long desks separated our half of the room from the half with doors. There were filing cabinets, bookshelves with books spilled onto the floor, and a ceiling fan dangling from a chord. The place was old, and dirt had spilled onto the floor through the hole in the wall, sprouting up with various little bits of plant life.
I stepped further into the room, slowly spinning with my camera and the flashlight to take in every inch of it. Matt stayed quiet, watching and allowing me to take in the room for a few moments before he too stepped further in, seeming a little impatient as he walked over one of the broken-down desks and to the door, ajar and half-broken as it leaned down, only its lower hinge still attached to the frame. “There's more to see, you don’t want to spend the whole day standing in the front door, do you?” And I shook my head, following along as he led me out into the hallway.
Lockers lined the walls, a dark blue that had rusted and faded greatly. Many of the lockers hang open, some missing their doors altogether, and some sections of locker fallen forward onto the floor, or backward through walls. Along the sides of the hall, dirt had begun to seep through the white and red tile floors and pile up, with patchy bits of grass growing out it, though the center of the floor was oddly clean. Along the walls that remained, vines grew up in clusters, spreading out as they neared the ceiling and disappearing into holes in it. At the end of the hall to our left was a right turn, and the hall to our right ended in a large shattered window.
I spoke for the first time since entering the school then, “So, tour guide. Where are the best spots to be? We don’t have too long before we have to start heading back, I don’t want to be here when it gets dark.” He scratched his chin for a moment, before speaking eagerly, “I know just the place to start.” He pointed to our left, towards the bend, letting me lead as I started to walk towards it. I took time to peer into each of the doorways that we walked past. A few still had doors, surprisingly, but most were either gone or damaged enough that the frames hung open. We passed classrooms, desks upturned or knocked over, some having bits of paper still on the walls, leftover from drawings or posters, a few bathrooms with cracked tile floors and broken porcelain covering the ground, and a break room with a fridge missing a door, and some cabinets, only a few still attached to the wall.
Some of these rooms had large holes in the walls where nature had found its way inside, bushes and grass growing through them, or vines reaching inside and wrapping around the walls like the fingers of a large green hand. When we reached the bend, we followed it, and I saw what he wanted me to see. Just a few feet ahead of us, in the middle of the path, was a large hole in the ground, taking up almost the entire hallway. Lockers had tipped and fallen into the hole, spilling what little contents they contained onto the floor below, and right in the center of the hole was a huge tree. It sprouted from the basement floor, rose through the hole and past the first floor, and up through a second hole in the ceiling. I immediately took pictures of it, keeping my distance at first, before Matt nudged me a little closer.
“Go ahead, its safe. The floor settled like this a long time ago.” He said, and I nodded, taking a hesitant step forward, slowly putting more of my weight onto it as I tested the ground. Once I was sure the floor wasn’t going to collapse under my weight, I took a few more steps forward, slowly making my way to the edge of the hole. Matt followed behind me, hanging back just a bit as I took photos and admired the tree. My phone started to ring then, and I pulled it out of my pocket, seeing it was Jeralds mom calling me. “Uh, that’s weird. I should probably take this. I'll be right back.” I gave him a reassuring smile, and he waved as I stepped back where we came, and into one of the bathrooms before answering.
“Hey Mrs. Be-” She cut me off as I spoke, blurting out quickly. “Are you okay? You didn’t go with him, did you?” I spoke softly, as I started to get a sinking feeling in my gut. “Uh, go with who? What are you talking about?” I asked, and she was quick to answer, her voice full of fear and worry. “Matthew! Jerald just showed me what you sent him; he didn’t know the danger. Don’t go with him honey, he’s insane.” I was starting to sweat now, looking over my shoulder at the door and lowering my voice to a whisper. “I-I’m in the woods with him right now, is he going to hurt me? He doesn’t seem like a bad guy, he just said you guys fought over religion or somethi-” She interrupted again, practically shouting into the phone now. “YES because he’s a fucking Satanist or some crazy shit like that, he’s out of his mind!”
“Cal? You okay in there? I brought some toilet paper if you need it.” Matt asked from somewhere outside the bathroom, followed by a small chuckle. Mrs.Beraline fell quiet at the sound of his voice, before lowering her own voice as though worried he would somehow hear her through the phone. “You’re at that fucking school, right? I’m calling the police for you; you need to get out of there RIGHT NOW. I’m so sorry baby I wish I found out sooner, you’re going to be okay.” and with that, she hung up, not waiting for my answer.
I stared down at the phone for a few seconds, taking deep breaths and trying to calm myself down. He had seemed okay, but I trusted Mrs.Beraline. Even though she had a tendency to be overdramatic. she’d been like a second mother to me. I needed to get out of here. I looked up, looking at the windows of the bathroom. They were high up, and small, but I might be able to fit, I thought. Just as I was about to take a step towards them, Matthew stepped into the doorframe, leaning his shoulder on it and crossing his arms. He raised an eyebrow, but offered a friendly smile. “Everything okay, kiddo? There's still a lot to see, and we’re gonna have to get out of here soon, so we don’t have very long to see it.”
I slowly turned to face him and tried to force a casual smile. “Yeah, everything's fine.” I lied, my voice cracking a little as I spoke. “It was my mom, I guess I left some junk at her place and she’s gonna throw It away if I don’t clear it out in the next few days.” His smile shifted into a frown, and he stepped into the bathroom a little closer to me. It took everything I had to not step backward away from him. “Ah, tough parents, I know the type. Well, we shouldn’t be here too much longer. Come on, I want to show you a few more spots and then we can head back.” He spoke calmly, pointing back over his shoulder with a thumb as he did. Before he could turn around to lead me in deeper, I rattled off the first thing I could think of.
“I-I really don’t feel like exploring anymore, she kind of killed my mood, you know? I think I’d like to head back now.” I tried to sound polite but firm, looking him in the eyes as I spoke. I half expected him to pounce on me, but instead, he raised an eyebrow and spoke calmly. “Your stuff is gonna be there whether we head back now, or in an hour. But this place won’t be the same, and you might not get another chance to make these memories, or collect this footage. Let’s make the most of the time we have here, it's not much longer.”
I smiled nervously at him, worried if I fought more, he might suspect me of being onto him. I nodded quickly, deciding I would have to find a chance to slip away on my own. “Okay, one more spot, and then let's go back.” I tried not to sound too defeated as I spoke, and he smiled wide, stepping back and clapping his hands together. “Deal!” He spun on his heels, leading me out of the bathroom and back towards the tree. We went into the door to the right of the tree, stepping into a classroom just as destroyed as the others, and walked out through a hole in the wall, outside behind the school now. We were standing in an old playground, with a slide, a swing set missing its swings, and a small jungle gym partially collapsed. It was a haunting sight, seeing this place of joy covered in moss and abandoned. I stopped to take a picture, and he spoke again, his tone somber.
“It’s a sad thing to see, a place like this, left to rot.” and I nodded, considering whether or not I should try running. He stepped towards me then, holding out his hand. “Let’s get a picture together here.” I looked at his hand, and then up at him, before slowly handing him the camera. He took my shoulder in his other hand and lead me over to the playground before placing his arm around my shoulder and holding the camera up, pointing back at us. “Big smile Cal. Cmon, why do you look so nervous? This place isn't that scary, is it?” He laughed, his arm squeezing me a bit, and I forced a smile. The camera clicked as he took the picture, and he looked it over, frowning a bit.
“For someone who likes cameras so much, you sure aren’t good at smiling for them.” He handed me the camera and started walking along the wall, further north. “Alright, we’re almost there. Let's make it fast so we can get you on your way asap.” We walked through a door on our left, back inside the school. Across from us was a closed door, the sign on it reading “Basement”. My eyes widened as he swung open the door, motioning for me to head down the stairs. “Just down here, I saved the best for last.” He spoke with a smile. His eyes were fixed on me now, and his gaze was...uncomfortable. I took a step back and shook my head. “This doesn’t seem like a good idea; it doesn’t seem safe.” I said, heart starting to pound in my chest.
“Oh nonsense, I’ve been down here before, remember? Let's not waste any more time.” He urged, waving a hand towards the door again. I took another step back, and he raised an eyebrow, his smile turning to a frown. “You don’t trust me. After all of this? I’ve been kind, I gave you food, I’ve only been trying to help you.” I slowly shook my head. “No, no. You’ve been great, I just don’t want to go down there.” He grew more irritated, letting go of the door and taking a step towards me now. “You’re just being paranoid, do you hear yourself right now? It’s totally safe, and you’re going to make us late getting back.”
He grabbed my shoulder, looking down at me. “Come on, let's go.” And he slowly started to push me towards the basement. I shook him off and took a step away, Heart leaping into my throat with each beat. He looked wounded, trying to appeal to me again. “Calvin, you trust me, don’t you?” I was stepping back now, looking over my shoulder every few steps and stuttering as I spoke, starting to feel numb with panic. “I-I think I should head back now, I think I can make my way back on my own.” He shook his head and stepped towards me. “No Calvin, you'll get lost. You CAN’T get back without me you’ll freeze to death out there. It’s okay, we can just go back together.”
He reached out to grab my shoulder again, and I ran. I ran out the door we came in through, past the playground, into the school again, and down the hall. “Calvin!” he yelled after me. “I’m sorry! It’s not safe! Come back and we can go back to town together!” I ignored him, turning into the room on my right, the room I thought was the office we came in through. I was instead standing inside a classroom. There were no holes in the wall, but there were broken windows. I ran to the closest one, putting my hands on the frame and starting to lift myself up and out when a sharp pain in my hands made me pull back. Looking down at my hands, I had shards of glass sticking out of my palms, each cut oozing blood.
Suddenly, I felt arms around me, wrapping around my neck and chest and lifting me off the ground. I screamed, kicking and reaching behind me, pushing on him and thrashing around, but his grip was strong and he didn’t let go. “Shhh, it’s okay, it's just me. You’re gonna be all right.” He spoke softly in my ear, and I felt something prick my neck. Everything went black then.
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2021.10.27 05:06 jj8830 Long Range Reactive Targets

Just getting into a sniper build, and am wanting to zero and practice hitting at range, currently using splatter targets, but was curious if anyone had experience with a knockdown target that would be good for longer range airsoft shots, as my real steel ones don’t fall to an airsoft strike, and everything I’ve found so far is too small for a 400ft shot from airsoft to ever be consistent enough to use.
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Can’t create new saves. Lost about 3ish hours of progress. How do I fix?
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2021.10.27 05:06 PaleConclusion6 Quarantining Gecko?

I have a ball python in my room already, and I'm thinking of adding a crested gecko. (To my room, not the same terrarium, obviously.) They will be across the room from each other, about 10' apart? Do I have to quarantine the gecko in another room or will it be okay as long as I wash my hands between handling/follow other safety protocol?
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[For Hire] EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS! I usually take 15 dollars per hour and I work pretty quick. My rate chnages depending on what type of art you need. I have a YCH open on my deviant art but I need more awarness because I am in a state of emergency. I draw in an anime art style, you can check more of my work on deviant art:
I can do NSFW but its not my main.
Some commisions I have made:



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