Ashley Olsen with the machete will never not be funny to me.

2021.10.26 00:28 methodwriter85 Ashley Olsen with the machete will never not be funny to me.

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2021.10.26 00:28 Professional_Shine_4 I have raion ren and sen which one should I use

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2021.10.26 00:28 BittyMcBotboi Some LEGO set ideas.

I love that LEGO has started to add more creative sets, such as busts of different characters, or even small models such as the Probe Droid and the Infinity Gauntlet. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts for LEGO sets in the future.
More Harry Potter statues.
I love the set with the statues of Harry potter and Hermione Granger, but I think there should be more of those. I would love another set with Ron and Ginny, Fred and George, maybe even Voldemort and Bellatrix! I would also love a small model of Nagini, and maybe the Basilisk. I know the snakes would be difficult to turn into a set, but I would love to see more Harry potter characters turned into statues!
More character busts.
The collection of busts that they currently have is great, but I think a few more would be super cool! I think Spider-Man would be a great idea for a new bust, as well as maybe Miles Morales, and even Spider-Woman! There are plenty other characters from different themes that I think would be great as busts, but I would love to see these two for sure.

These are my thoughts, what about you guys? Any set ideas for the future?
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2021.10.26 00:28 Imaginary_Ad_2073 Join the Celebes Paradise Discord Server!

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2021.10.26 00:28 TowerClash_Molly Pharaoh Adjustment

Dear Clashers,🥸
We have adjusted the stats of the Pharaoh based on some feedback!🤔🤔
🌟1. Base health points decreased by 9%
🌟2. Base move speed decreased by 5%
Tips: you can use the Soul Hunter which has been strengthened in this Season to attack the Pharaoh.
Tower Clash Team
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2021.10.26 00:28 Enothiie Worried

I (F19) had my BMT in May last year, and everything went very well after, I had some mouth, kidney and stomach problems after but it’s better now. However this last week I’ve been experiencing some of the same symptoms I had when I got AML last year. Night sweating, more fatigue than usual, and today I woke up with a very sore throat. I’m so worried I’m relapsing. I’m gonna have to make an appointment with my doctor, but I’m scared to know the results. My birthday is this weekend as well. I’m so worried :(
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2021.10.26 00:28 Anarchyantz Biographics suggestion: Kathrine Switzer the first woman to run the Boston Marathon

50 years ago, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon and it caused a major controversy for a "wonderfully progressive America".
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2021.10.26 00:28 Soggy_Document_2613 Just Launched: 🧙‍♂️Warlock🧙‍♂️Bnb $WRLK

🔸What is Warlockbnb🔸
Warlockbnb is a gaming token built by gamers for gamers, in the future will be used as the classic “gem” you see in modern games. Our aim is to have a big variety of games on our platform and also on the most famous ones like PC, iOS, Android, Consoles; the tokens payments in the games will be in STABLE COIN as all the games on the market, there will be a swap (stablecoin to WRLK) directly in the background of the game, and all the $WRLK used during the gaming sessions will be 100% burnt.
Before the launch on our website will be released our first game based on $WRLK, called “MINE OR YOURS”, where you’ll be able to use your tokens to challenge other holders in a 1vs1 situation, you’ll decide how many tokens to bet in a series of 10 matches and the winner will get 90% of the wagered tokens whilst the remaining 10% will be burnt
🔸Join now in Warlock TG Group and become part of the project🔸
All the Warlocks will receive 8% rewards in BNB, just that, not others, not as a lot of new and upcoming tokens that gives you like 6/8/10 different tokens rewards, because there’s literally no need to do that, isn’t it better a big percentage in bnb then a small percentage in multiple tokens (that will stay there in your wallet for a lot of time before reaching a nice and solid number)? ; ⁃ These days we have in our hands the power and versatility of the binance token, which is rising year after year and it’s not going to stop, why not to benefit from it?
⁃ 8% Bnb Rewards
⁃ 5% Marketing
⁃ 5% Liquidity
⁃ 2% Burn
First Game Ready before launch 🔜
Soon Aggressive Marketing 🔜
🔸ARE THE DEVS DOXED? ⁃ The ceo will be doxed right before the launch.
🔸ANY PAST PROJECT? ⁃ The devs are all coming from 3 different projects, to put all their experience and knowledge together in our big and magical one.
What do you think? 🤔 I think you should not miss that chance to be one of the biggest Warlocks around 🧙🏿‍♂️
Contract: 0x7fffc986233aa1892fad59f3f452737949d3ded7
🚀Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.26 00:28 IHeartReddit619 Kayla Santiago - Delmarva Sports Network

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2021.10.26 00:28 TheDareLion I got this 1k tournament coming up..

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2021.10.26 00:28 wistfuldawn 21 [F4M] Southern US, I’ll probably find no luck with this

Do you live around the southern portion of the US? Do you take care of yourself and aren’t creepy to an insane extent like a surprising chunk of reddit users? Do you actually read posts and send messages with substance other than ‘hey’? Are you a nerdy guy that likes all forms of romantic physical touch and you’re willing to date an anxious 5’1 oddity?
Wait really? You’re already doing great so far
Anyways I don’t want to disclose my location just yet because I have internet anxiety over broadly seen posts, but I’d like if I ever find an actual connection that we can meet each other in person. But I can tell you if you ask of course. And exchanging photos is totally okay too
Just to describe myself! So I’m short and Caucasian and skinny and I have a black and purple pixie cut and I have leg hair that grows two seconds after shaving. I yodel at the moon and I do backflips in my sleep.
I’m just kidding I can’t yodel.
Anyways message me or don’t. Idk
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2021.10.26 00:28 PoetOfTragedy Thank you to everyone who grabbed a spider baby!

Thank you to everyone who adopted a lovely baby spider plant! It makes me happy to see people who are interested in plants or ready to learn.
I won’t be posting anything more on here and will be focusing on doing these things on my plant instagram (@plantsnfishin)
Thank you everyone!
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2021.10.26 00:28 Dull-Elevator2419 Software Update Miui 12.5.1

Recently I updated my software to MiUi 12.5.1 and the problem that was occuring was , when i try to open my messenger chat heads it wants my fingerprints but when i give my fingerprints it doesn't open but if i open the messenger app and then give my fingerprints it works totally fine so can anyone help me with this problem??
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2021.10.26 00:28 Drblackstrane How to fix problem sim problems in Madden Franchise 21 on PS4.

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2021.10.26 00:28 LordMalding34 Platinum team

So I’m playing through platinum and I’m trying to decide a final team. I picked Piplup and I’m trying to decide on my final team. I’m running Empoleon, Staraptor, Roserade, Houndoom, and Gallade. I can’t decide on my last team member. It’s between Garchomp and Mamoswine. Thoughts and opinons?
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2021.10.26 00:28 Famous-Side-8303 To all the semi faceless creators, do you guys accept full face custom videos?

Do you guys only accept faceless customs?
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2021.10.26 00:28 rorrich Is Kalighat tram depot still running?

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2021.10.26 00:28 HenryStickminLover What's the worst movie cliche?

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2021.10.26 00:28 Sevastus Darkrai Raid - Inviting 10 - Add 4527-5457-9250 or 2242-1776-7666

Inviting 10 - Add 4527-5457-9250 or 2242-1776-7666
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2021.10.26 00:28 Sukunas6thToe Random but I realllllly feel like the timing of the new HOGE website was *PERFECT* and is helping attract new investors during this pump

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2021.10.26 00:28 vonpoopenshtein Fan art idea from a non-artist if anyone wants to use it💡

Based on the most recent After Dark where Hila said that she liked Steve Harvey’s all green suit and Ethan responded that he was going to start wearing all green to try and impress her. So the idea is that it would be Ethan in Steve Harvey’s all green suit trying to look cool for Hila who is next to him and laughing/admiring 😍
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2021.10.26 00:28 amancoreseg HomePod 15.1 update released and it bringing spatial audio and lossless audio

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2021.10.26 00:28 qualityonlinemedia Would Jesus Join BLM?

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2021.10.26 00:28 TextDisastrous8996 you are playing a game and are doing quite well. so you get a little cocky and say "ez" to which you'r enemies say "ur mom was ez" whats the best reply to this insult ?

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2021.10.26 00:28 AutoMod__ If there are no stupid questions here, why are "tasteless" questions not allowed?

Shouldn't the sub be renamed to notastelessquestions?
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