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Happens every year...

2021.10.25 22:52 BeerdedStang Happens every year...

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2021.10.25 22:52 lexilo01 My sleepy gal

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2021.10.25 22:52 settingswrong The Panda Club, only 3 days until public mint on Solana. I really dig the artwork and there will only be 5555 available, what do you guys think?

The Panda Club, only 3 days until public mint on Solana. I really dig the artwork and there will only be 5555 available, what do you guys think?
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2021.10.25 22:52 ImThatOneNoob Scuffed Leaderboard

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2021.10.25 22:52 Engineering-More 21M - looking for friends, read on😁

Hey my name is Sammy I’m a really chill easygoing loving person, so this is the catch, I grew up in a Jewish orthodox community and probably most of you people wouldn’t know this but in the Jewish private schools boys and girls are separate, and obviously this is a killer for dating out of the community. I never really felt like I belonged in the community, so I didn’t really go with the Jewish flow of life, now 21 and depression hit like a fucking boss (happens to most of us Jewish boys who try to leave because it’s like you don’t belong anywhere anymore) anxiety to max, I’m finally getting out of the depression but there is still a big hole.
Want to see if I can make some non - Jewish friends 😅 Dm.
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2021.10.25 22:52 cobjobk First flash sheet made from ball point pen @cobrahtattoo

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2021.10.25 22:52 smolmeg ...so i drew the polycule

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2021.10.25 22:52 uneorbitenoire I can’t create an account

Anyone knows what’s going on why I can’t create an account?
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2021.10.25 22:52 Arthao_Lysander Google Translate vs The Babylon Bee 76

I found an article in the Babylon Bee (https://babylonbee.com/news/san-francisco-bans-people-from-eating-at-unsanitary-in-n-out-must-eat-on-poop-covered-sidewalk-instead) and ran it through about 30 languages in Google Translate and then back to English. This was the result:
There is no food in San Francisco, but it is on the porch.
This restaurant is located in San Francisco, California, San Francisco, as the restaurant is known for serving customers. On Friday, he was told to eat in a restaurant so unhealthy that people order food and look better on the road.
Mayor of London: "The head is everywhere, the head of St. Francis is everywhere."
In addition, anti-mine personnel were attached to the artillery.
Like I said, you have your passport there, but he explained that the New Law is "one person" and legal.
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2021.10.25 22:52 sosouthernsoundkits JBJ Ocean - Mega Drum Kit (Afro Beats/Afro Swing)

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2021.10.25 22:52 Skullcollector55 I know this is a stretch but can anyone ID this piece of metal, it’s pretty heavy. If you need any more just ask in the comments:) thanks!

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2021.10.25 22:52 Drexlore 2022 3* LB Kyle Louis flips from Temple to Pittsburgh

Player 247 profile page
Made with the /CFB Recruiting Post Generator
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2021.10.25 22:52 High_off_Adderall Should i (15m) break up with my (12f) girlfriend?

I [15M] have a gf (12F) but I am not sure if i still want to be with her. We have been together for almost a year and also have had sex multiple times. She is really happy but I don't really feel as if she is the right one. I would like to "try other girls". There is two other girls which like me and i like them. If i wanted to i could sleep with both of them but i even feel guilty when i just hang out with them. I still like my gf but as a friend and i would destroy her if i break up, she would be depressed and i dont want to do that because she is still a friend. I am not very experienced so i came here for help. Should i break up or not?
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2021.10.25 22:52 Mental_Cup5240 Hoping to see them cheeks soon

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2021.10.25 22:52 The_Thunder_Child What's the most confidently wrong you've ever seen someone act?

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2021.10.25 22:52 NewsElfForEnterprise Oil prices climb to fresh highs, UK petrol price hits record – business live

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2021.10.25 22:52 Bluntedjay Daily gift exchange (:

1020 6111 9038
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2021.10.25 22:52 OliversCheeks Bought an all stock 09

I wanna mod this thing but I'm on a tight budget, what are some cheap/DIY things I can do to make it look cooler?
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2021.10.25 22:52 brownboy2005 Can we ban mainland politics or any mainlander from posting on here until they're seeking advice to move to the west or something?

I feel that this sub has became a place for mainlanders to hang. We need to make this sub desi men in the west only.
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2021.10.25 22:52 Zealousideal_Mango_1 Trying TaskUs again

Is it possible for a TaskUs recruiter to forget to conduct a candidate’s final interview?
I was sched for a final interview last night at 9PM, I went in at 8:50PM and got in the google meet and waited for more than half an hour. I was there alone and no one dropped by for the interview. Any thoughts?
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2021.10.25 22:52 Strider794 Do y'all have a champ in aram that completely changes you when you play them?

I am but a humble, mild mannered ex support player, who originally took up aram to improve my team fighting, but stayed because I realized it was more fun. I will pick enchanters and do my best to keep the team alive, even if I don't get recognition for it. I will take engage tanks and make brave engages, and I know when to sacrifice myself for the pick. My adc is... passable, for aram. I will be the imposing front-liner tank. I will not pick assassins as I am a bit, reflexively challenged. I am decent at most mages, and I will play bruisers when I have to, ending up largely useless most of the time other than being a meat shield. Altogether, I am a normal lower elo player trying their best, only sometimes making risky plays.
But when I get Warwick, I change.
I go feral, I'm snowballing in off cooldown to the point that my teammates hope I miss because I just got back from dying. You can bet your biscuits I have the most deaths in the game, but if the game is even sorta close I will probably also be top 2 on the team for kills. I will dive the opponents 1 v 3 under their tower if one of them is low. My teammates are definitely thinking "this guy is crazy" but throughout the game their meaning of crazy changes from stupid to amazing (unless the game was lost in champ select of course).
I always surprise myself with how much my playstyle changes when I get Warwick, no other champ does this to me and I don't know why it happens. Does this happen to y'all too or what?
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2021.10.25 22:52 SpiralBarrage [Discussion] Boruto Ep 221, Chunin Exams 2's Start Left Me...Mixed

Not gonna lie, for the first time, the Boruto anime actually made me angry, then on a rewatch, I thought it was decent. My thoughts on this episode flip flopped like every minute so I'll leave it open for a discussion cuz I wanna see if people get where I'm coming from, cuz outside of the Inojin vs Houki spoilers, I came into 221 blind.
That and seeing the reactions from the Twitter Drama between anime Youtubers and some members of the Boruto community fighting over "ahh we're in the dark ages" or "I'mma dropping the anime" or some shit since the anime needs time before they catch up to the manga left me reevaluating this episode....I don't really care about people fighting over that anymore, it's all personally.
If you don't wanna read any further cuz I type a lot:
Major Pro: It was a good love letter to what made the Chunin Exams in part one work.
Major Con: It probably would've benefited from being a two parter.
The Rundown:
Con: I didn't like the fact that this Chunin Exams was exclusively focused on the Leaf, especially with the fact we have characters like Shinki around who probably heard about what was going down with the Otsutsuki and Kara, and potentially get some good rematches from the previous one.
Pro: That being said, Naruto's rationale for it made sense. In character, the village would probably be in low moral, and in the manga, even when Boruto had that interview, you still had people concerned about the situation and it wouldn't just go away after an interview. A Chunin Exam to produce the cream of the crop out of the next gen allows them to focus on more than just Boruto this time, especially with the people who felt Sarada got robbed of being a Chunin, and after how badly the Leaf outside of Teams 7 and 10 performed in the first one, it makes sense to focus exclusively on the Leaf Genin.
That and since the other villages have their own Chunin Exams, if Shinki pulls up in the manga in 2022 and is a chunin/jonin, Kishimoto's got an explanation packaged right there for him.
Pro: They got the written portion of the exams right. They didn't milk it for long since OG Naruto showed it off for like 2 episodes and 3 chapters, which isn't a bad thing, but repeating it down to the length would be dumb. 2 minutes of the teams working together to get the answers write and using their own unique jutsus their parents didn't have (Inojin's ink, Mitsuki's snake, Namida's sound to Wasabi's hearing, Denki's tech), good stuff.
Pro: Boruto and Denki. Manga and movie's start made a lot of people hate Boruto, and though I still think it's overblown, having their friendship be the start of the Boruto anime does feel nice to have Boruto as a more likable figure and support Denki's efforts even if he's physically the most outmatched one there, and Boruto ultimately convinced him to be a ninja in the first place, so it makes Denki passing all the more worth it.
Mixed: Kaito. Everyone was roasting him online for being some Boruto OC generic Beyblade character (I still disagree with the latter part, proof people don't watch Beyblade at all), but I wanted to see what he was capable off. Dude's got jutsu ala Kidomaru and Shino, and graduated a year early like Neji's team and the excuse his crew was doing missions in other countries matches up. People were saying anyways that they wanted to see some new faces for the Exams.
In execution though...I'm torn. Using him as a bait and switch and that he didn't make the finals to further show how Boruto's grown since the Genin and Chunin Exams I'm fine with, smart bait and switch on their end. But the fact he didn't make it to the finals...I dunno, seemed like a missed opportunity there. If the episode was a two parter and we got to see him doing more sabotages and stuff, I'd think I'd be good with the end result, but I'm still torn on this.
Pro: Kawaki. Now I know this seems odd, but we had like 30 episodes and the whole manga focused on him. After all the shit he went through, letting him take a break from things, and not almost traumatizing someone in combat lol is fine, and it avoids contradictions with the manga since he's not a Genin up until the Exams. Who I am upset that didn't join.
Con: Sumire's not entering at all. Now I know someone's going to point out she's with the Scientific Ninja Tool, but given we know she was with them from some time, she can still fight, and has developed tech with them, for a chance to prove how far she's come as a ninja and controlling, it's a missed opportunity to not have her compete.
A chance for her to fight her former teammates?
Heck, people forget Katasuke is a Special Jonin and he's kinda her mentor. That's valuable hands on training for her right there and the rank up to Chunin would give her more confidence that his teachings were helping her improve as a shinobi and for the development.
Con: Stage 2...it's still stuck in the Leaf, and I honestly would've preferred if they held it in another village. Yeah I know, domestic exams, but after the original had it in the Lead, the filler arc in Shippuden where they went back to explain how the others passed in the Sand, and seeing as we got the Mist and Stone villages, I kinda thought it'd be the perfect time to host it in the Cloud village. It's the only one of the five greats we haven't seen in the series yet even though Kara Actuation Arc included Omoi. That being said...
Pro: It is really cool to see the Forest of Death again, now populated with more creatures beyond Orochimaru's summons that can be obstacles. It was a nice touch, especially with the complaints that the first Boruto Chunin Exams was too soft (granted there wasn't an Orochimaru to mess with things in the second part there), though those three that gotten eaten., odds are they're dead.
And yeah, I'm not one of those fans who got EVERYTHING'S TOO PEACEFUL, UNDO ALL THE GOOD NARUTO'S DONE TO MAKE THE WORLD BRIGHTER SO WE CAN GET MORE BLOOD AND SHIT, nah, just a good opportunity.
Pro: Having to get an injured comrade and having Chunin pretending to be them for an ambush. Great idea to have actual Chunin as obstacles for them to fight, and taking out ones like Namida early on made a lot of sense, but..
Cons: ...Feels like a missed opportunity. We only saw it relevant with Namida and Sarada. Believe it or not, most of the other Konoha 12 are still Chunin save for Shikamaru and Rock Lee, and with all these creatures around, having some characters like Shino and Anko provide some more obstacles to make it more challenging should've helped up the tension.
And including Anko would be both a great callback, and actually gets her to dbo something beyond fighting a clone and almost committing suicide in the Chunin Exams
Pro: Speaking of Mirai, good to see her again. Hope her future's still bright with this franchise. And hey, rematch with Sarada after their first encounter, cool.
Con: Again, though, the fight was offscreen. A few more seconds ala Kakashi vs Koji would've helped a long way or if the episode was a two parter, there'd be more time for that scene to have a little more of space.
Pro: Naruto and Boruto being on much friendly terms. Compared to the first Boruto Chunin Exams, it's much healthier than before and that the latter's character development wouldn't allow himself to earn a easy victory. And after last episode included that scene to show how much losing Boruto would eat at him, just having Naruto be on the same page with him.
Minor Pro: Having Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sai commenting on the side helped a bit. Although everyone has a right to point out Sarada should've been a Chunin (makes the Boro fight make even more sense that she was chosen as the leader), their rationale over who gets and doesn't get chosen fits, and they kinda saved Boruto from getting screwed out of a chance in the finals.
Mixed: Team Ibiki. Good to see them again, but come on, at least let Enko have tried to fight off the monster with her curse powers than just making them a joke.
Con: Metal Lee. That moment just legitimately made me upset. Second time watching, I get it, Pierott and Kishimoto were probably thinking that Metal has the gates and good chakra reserves, so in a one on one battles, he'd probably do well and blitz everyone outside of maybe Team 7 and Tsubaki. That being said, I think he might be the most underused member of the 4 teams. No seriously, besides 70 and the Orochimaru lair episode, Metal has had so little focus in the series, it's genuinely getting frustrating to the point you could argue Iwabe and Denki have more development than he does.
A fight between him and Boruto, Sarada, or Mitsuki, even if he lost, would still be better than just giving him nothing to do at all, it's nuts!
Con: Hako didn't make it either. Which, Renga's too basic as a fighter, and actually I like them sacrificing themselves so one of them can get the chance to make it to the end, we miss out on a puppet fighter and we know she's a tricky fighter, especially with Araya not participating. Granted..
Pro: ..Hoki is a wild card, and his whole team has been doing ANBU missions with Sai, a glimpse of that was shown in their cameo in 157 with the Rain Village, so while I'll keep my expectations normal, I'm looking forward to seeing how his fight with Inojin goes.
Pro: The Boruto and the snake moment rubbed people the wrong way. I"m fine with it, nice call back to Garaga, and Boruto's not gonna have troubles with a giant snake at this point. Taming it off screen and using it to find someone instead of what past Boruto would do and just demand to be ordered fits just as well.
Pro: I'm not mad with the final 10 choices for the final round in it's entirety though. For the most part they make sense.
Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada are already high Chunin, average Jonin tier
They built up Denki to make it: props to carrying that big guy, and Iwabe's skilled enough if he's not in a mismatch.
Tsubaki desperately needs the screentime and Wasabi has potential as a fighter.
There was no way they were going to leave out Chocho and Inojin.
And we talked about Houki.
Overall: On some rewatches, I thought the episode was a 7/10. Could've benefitted from two episode for the Forest of Death but it's okay, and letting go of my disappointment aside, i did feel there was some wasted potential. Hope I got across how mixed this episode me feel.
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2021.10.25 22:52 MemeAngel37 Has anyone used a professional quality camera for photographing spiders?

I’m looking to get a decent camera, nothing too fancy or expensive but I’d love to take more detailed pictures of spiders and other bugs. Anyone happen to have any recommendations?
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2021.10.25 22:52 sagivmor Expedition 4 Emergence SPEEDRUN Full guide With TOP TIPS

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