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A few mods

2021.10.27 04:50 D_D A few mods

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2021.10.27 04:50 SZeeKing OFF WHITE FACTORY AJ1 CHICAGO REPS. GREAT SELLER super fast replies, great customer service and super fast delivery. Amazing 1:1 reps and amazing seller.

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2021.10.27 04:50 YextFE hmmm

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2021.10.27 04:50 -Manu-mc16 0391 4832 0237 I send gifts (almost) everyday

NL, but country doesn’t matter
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2021.10.27 04:50 hello_kitty_mug I'm out of hospital finally ahhhhhh I'm so happy

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2021.10.27 04:50 imanjooooon ؟

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2021.10.27 04:50 ChaosDefrost15 Terrible larcenauts performance through air link and VD

I bought larcenauts since the gameplay was something I liked. I use PC VR only using VD mostly. The FPS drops are absolutely atrocious. I have constantly 70 FPS at best and drops down to 30-40. I played it from oculus store through air link. Then bought it on Steam VR and tried through VD (I made sure the resolution scaling both in game and in general settings is not increased at all - even tried to lower it a bit. No difference). The game is really hard to enjoy like that.
I checked VD performance graph and my network latency was steady at 9ms. The only thing spiking was Game.
Has anyone experienced this performance problem and managed to fix it? I really want to play the game but at this point it's impossible.
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2021.10.27 04:50 TinyLittleDragon Newbie here, after grinding the Gneisenau, I finally have the Bismarck. By comparison? The Bismarck feels godly.

I've had this game for about 2 weeks now and I decided to go down the German BB line first. I got to tier 7 and I played the Gneisenau in 50 battles, with a 38% win rate, 42 ships sank with 19 victories and 31 defeats. My highest damage was only 154,000 with an average of about 64,000.
My main problem with the ship is its guns. There are only 6 of them and they feel very underpowered. So often I was having enemy ships go broadside to me and eating 3-4 hits, but hardly doing any damage and no citadels. The dispersion also seems pretty bad. It was rough enough that I got to 115,000 exp and skipped the last 20k with my free exp. I felt miserable, like I couldn't play a real contributing role to my team.
By comparison, the Bismarck feels like a powerhouse. It has an extra turret, and when the shells hit, I'm doing 10k or more on a good broadside hit. My very first game, I scored 4 citadels on BBs and 120,000 damage with the Bismarck STOCK. Normally with the Gnei, I'd fire at a broadside ship and just cringe in anticipation of disappointment. Taking the same shots with the Bis? I was shocked at how good it felt to actually move an enemy's hitpoints bar, lol.
So yeah. Tier 7 german BB is for the birds. Tier 8? A breath of fresh air. If anyone else is struggling with the grind, spend your free exp if you have any. It's worth it.
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2021.10.27 04:50 mtv2004 Question on buy my first Red Wing

After lurk this place for couple day, I decide to visit red wing store near my house. I tried Traction tred lite 2441, I have walk around store 5min to test it and it very comfortable. The 2441 that I tried have steel toe and they didn't have wide size (sale guy told me not until May/June next year). My size is 9 but I always buy 9.5 for roomy toe box. 2441 size 9 on my right foot is so comfy but on my left it tight near toe box. I overheard the sale guy told another customer that traction tred lite not that good and some customer bring shoe back after 3 month (something about blow sole)
Basically, I looking for non slip and waterproof for shoe (Comfy is A+ must). My current budget is $250. If necessary I can go to $350 (that max I can go). I work indoor, I don't want a heavy shoe. Please recommend one with short broken in shoe. 6in to 8in
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2021.10.27 04:50 XF0RC3 That definetly happened

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2021.10.27 04:50 onlyplayenchanters I'm so confused. I really like the idea of being pretty and feminine but I don't want to be a girl(am a guy) does this just make me a femboy/genderfluid? I know labels are stupid but idk where to start.

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2021.10.27 04:50 throwaway-123456782 Unpopular opinion: Harry’s trauma is not accurately presented

So, I see this trend on this forum where people keep saying that they’ve only now noticed how accurate Harry’s trauma is presented. No. And I’ll tell you why:
The argument I keep hearing is that he’s mistrustful of adults. Really? What about the Weasleys? Harry was presumably never liked and somehow he’s handling Molly’s codling just fine. He doesn’t have single problem inserting himself into the family. Which is a healthy kid behavior. A traumatised one would either be suspicious or kept feeling like he’s not worth it. He’d always try to do his part like washing the dishes or smth and if/when Molly told him not to, he’d feel like something’s wrong. Similarly he quickly trusts Sirius and Remus and accepts their compliments (especially about how he’s similar to his father, if he really puts him on a pedestal shouldn’t he feel like he’s not enough?)
And there was the argument that he was ‘observant’ and constantly on the lookout what’s going to hurt him next. Are we talking about hyperarousal? Because that’s much much more than just hearing wood and thinking it’s a stick. And even if we’re not, being ‘observant’ as a trauma victim means you constantly scan the room, constantly scan other people’s faces to see what they’re feeling and if he’d made them angry, positioning yourself in a way where you see the exit and can bolt at any time.
And then I’ll add that as a trauma victim Harry should act a lot differently with Hermione and Ron. Think Remus from marauder’s era. He should constantly apologise or feel unworthy to take up any space. Feel wrong for having an opinion etc. you get the gist. Oand he’d be a lot more closed off, not trusting their intentions, being a loner etc. you get the gist.
Also the lack of clearly diagnosable PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation etc. not every trauma victim has to have a mental disorder but it is highly highly likely that they do develop it (esp. someone whose whole childhood is basically trauma). He wouldn’t need to have anything but we don’t see him act as a trauma victim at all. He’d have a much harder time adjusting to a new world and changes, he’d be much more angry and feel abandoned or something along these lines, he’d detach a lot from reality etc.
There’s much more to be said but I don’t want to write a whole essay here. I get it, it’s children’s book, they wouldn’t handle a proper trauma victim. But then don’t go posting how you now see just how geniously Rowling wrote Harry as a victim. He was only a victim when it served the plot (not often). And that sort of mentality can hurt those who are healing from trauma. Having unrealistic expectations.
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2021.10.27 04:50 mrmarfy85 Covid automat vs preferencie Smer SD

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2021.10.27 04:50 Ok-Sink3230 Guys follow my twitter account, i will follow you.

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2021.10.27 04:50 leolslele Darkrai raid. Add me 2573 1967 4209

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2021.10.27 04:50 Appropriate_Page_631 Running slower on flat because of trails

Is it true that trail uphill runners run slower on flats because they lack speed? I definitely can see this, running a week on trails and climbs definitely slows my flat road running..
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2021.10.27 04:50 OddLober questions about latent nystagmus

Okay so before I say any of this I would like to note that I am unable to get an optometry appointment any time soon because covid has pushed everything back so far. I am aware that it would probably be better to ask a professional about this but I'd like some opinions form the community itself.
ANYWAYS I was diagnosed with latent nystagmus when I was about 4 or 5 months old, I have other vision issues that contributed to it's development such as strabismus. But now at the ripe age of 18 I'm not sure if I actually have just latent nystagmus? From what I have read it is characterized by the eyes staying still unless one is covered, but my eyes are always moving at least a little bit. I can also trigger it on my own by sort of relaxing my eyes, it is also triggered by things like bright light or if I am feeling extremely overwhelmed. I don't know if I'm just looking in the wrong places but I can't find many good things about nystagmus that isn't just general information and such. So far I think the closest thing I've found is manifest latent nystagmus but the fact that I can somewhat keep it in control makes me doubt that.
I guess my questions here are
-is it common for people with nystagmus to be able to lessen/control the jerking?
-if not does this sound like some form of acquired nystagmus?(I think that is the correct term but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)
-or am I just being paranoid and this is all common for latent nystagmus?
Opinions on nay of these are very much appreciated, I have kind of been deprived of knowledge on the condition beyond extremely basic stuff so I apologize if any of the terminology seems off.(Again feel free to correct me, or ask for clarification)
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2021.10.27 04:50 RelevantBuffalo Why strategists say Bitcoin (BTC) can reach $100,000 by 2022

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2021.10.27 04:50 RenegadeDog Pls need messi.

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2021.10.27 04:50 waltzwithwaltz found on today's lecture note

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2021.10.27 04:50 MemeReserveBot my name is Graham (by PrimaryBack October 27, 2021 at 01:42AM)

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2021.10.27 04:50 Afraid-Glass-1709 Are juicy apple jelly toppings good toppings?

I'm still puzzled about the differences between the damage dealt between the raspberry and apple jelly toppings, I used the jelly toppings on sea fairy and have a total of 60k damage— I also wanted to add some of those toppings on espresso as well but I still have to learn about the damages on the toppings used.
Is it still worth switching it to raspberry for sea fairy?
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2021.10.27 04:50 anonimousej Diagnosed yesterday

Hello, I was diagnosed with this yesterday as well as a bacterial infection. I've got a panic disorder so I'm still losing sleep over it being my heart instead, even though I've been to three doctors about it. Only my last doctor did anything but an EKG about the chest pain. This pain starts just outside my left breast and extends fully down my ribs but only severe pain is from my armpit to my shoulder blade. Is that standard fair for costochondritis? Been having this for months, worse with stress, goes away when laying in specific positions, lots of cracking, sometimes feel like my lowest rib on the left side is like popping lol
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2021.10.27 04:50 Critical_Number_8088 BabyHusky Official 🐕 |Just Stealth Launched | NFT Marketplace next month | Liquidity locked for 6 Months | No dev wallets | Next Moonshot x1000 Potential 🐕

🐕 ($BHusky) BabyHusky Official 🐕
🐕 What is BabyHusky ?
🐕 BabyHusky ($BHusky) is a new BSC token designed to simultaneously make you great friends and great gains. They’re putting a huge emphasis on positive social interactions and stamping out abuse, shaming and prejudice.
We want to create a coin that will be a safe investment for all. Not just a quick in-and-out stop for your money.
Passive Rewards (RFI) :
The holders are automatically rewarded more $BHusky by holding. This is done by charging a 7% tax on all transactions. 2% will go to holders, while 5% gets added back into the liquidity pool, creating a never ending pump!
Our aim is to keep building our liquidity pool stronger, this will benefit both the community and the team.
Marketing Roadmap after Listing:
🔸 Listed on pancake swap
🔸 CMS post every 30min
🔸We apply once we hit 1k holders
🔸 PooCoin Ads as soon as we reach 500K MC
🔸 NFT Gifting platform planned
🔸 Social platform planned
🔸 Update Logo on Trust Wallet
More Marketing rounds as we grow! Jump into our telegram and say hi. welcome everyone!
⬇️Here’s the link to buy⬇️
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x2c9D68bbF281211cb6382b3F4bcCe092B3bef4e6
🍰 Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2c9D68bbF281211cb6382b3F4bcCe092B3bef4e6
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2c9D68bbF281211cb6382b3F4bcCe092B3bef4e6#readContract
🌍 Website: Coming soon
🔐Liquidity locked for 6 Months 🔒
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2021.10.27 04:50 arcadia00100001 Shoutout ;

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