Crossposting for help! Whats goin on with my betta??

2021.10.25 22:21 contactlaura Crossposting for help! Whats goin on with my betta??

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2021.10.25 22:21 antdude "Apple Wallet -- COVID-19 vaccination card support allows you to add and present verifiable vaccination information from Apple Wallet" says that, but how do we do that? :(
Thank you for reading and hopefully answering soon. :)
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2021.10.25 22:21 ColdWolf35 Extracting Oils from Teaberry

Does anyone have any idea to extract the essential oils in teaberry berries or the leaves by fermentation? Been reading up on it, and was curious if there are any pointers for it. I'll be posting the experiment when I do them for reference.
I was also looking to do some type of extract from them as well, but which part (leaves or berries) would be better? Any information would be awesome, as I'm probably going to be making some wine, boilo (coal region drink) and maybe some candy with them.
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2021.10.25 22:21 xxMalVeauXxx Solar, Eastern Limb Surge Proms prior to a big flare and CME

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2021.10.25 22:21 C22_H28_N2_O GP ez GG

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2021.10.25 22:21 runnbl3 What other games have kept you out of reality?

In a way, red dead redemption 2.. Its the first time in any game that i've played that always somehow makes me forget that all of these are just bunch of scripted npc to act in certain ways.. Never have i felt such a lively word that rdr2 offers.
for alot of gaming politics that rockstar is involved in, atleast they create amazing open world games.
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2021.10.25 22:21 bellep822 Spoiler: I am rewatching the episode where Hayley is stripped of her werewolf side. Hope has knocked Roman out and Hayley can’t leave because it’s sunny out. Why don’t they steal Roman’s ring and give it to Hayley so they can run?

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2021.10.25 22:21 Okerik THE ROCK ON OFF THE GRID

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2021.10.25 22:21 live_strong95 ♾Infinity Skie's exclusive NFT : Maelsar’s Skyblade

♾Infinity Skie's exclusive NFT : Maelsar’s Skyblade The Bookkeeper’s lore chapter 2: Terrath’s Throne & Maelsar’s Skyblade
♾Infinity Skie's exclusive NFT : Maelsar’s Skyblade
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2021.10.25 22:21 Additional_Warning61 My sim got a genie lamp but the genie is invisible and gone is my neighborhood and entire game corrupted? Please help

I've been playing this neighborhood for a while and have had no signs of corruption until I was playing the Smith house and we got a genie lamp I got excited and went to use it and the genie was invisible his message showed up but he wasnt in the picture next to it and his purple mist show up but there was nobody there
I couldn't interact with the lamp or make wishes I tried to reset everything in the game with the batbox lot debugger and after resetting everything he was still invisible I had to end it because it was the end of the week so I had to end my rotation
I played with every other house and nothing weird happened with them I saw nothing else corrupty or strange and now the rotation came back around to the smith house the genie is still invisible I cant figure out what to do every time I reset the lamp he's gone it's like he doesnt exist anymore I even deleted the lamp and spawned a new one and he's still gone
No other NPC is absent the therapist and social bunny and everyone else shows up and acts normal
I went to another house to see if it was just the Smith's so I went to a house i had with Erin Beaker and a random guy and i spawned a lamp there to see if he'd show up for him and he's still gone the entire npc has vanished
I went to another neighborhood to see if it was just strangetown and went to deserida valley and went to john mole's house and spawned and lamp and he's still gone also all the trees in deserida valley are flashing blue now and I dont know why? I think my entire game is dead I'm not sure what to do
Also the genie still makes sounds and talks even though he's gone I think my game is dead
Someone help please
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2021.10.25 22:21 sinsemillas Best Locals Only Taco Spot

Bonus if they serve store bought tortillas!!
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2021.10.25 22:21 Andrew_Is_Tall How to make drop drums from "lean on"?

Hey, i want to make reggaeton type beats and want to use the one that dj snaked used in lean on. I've heard that same loop from DJ Snake and Becky G and Natty Natasha. Any help will do, thanks.
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2021.10.25 22:21 Xenocord 4

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2021.10.25 22:21 lss_bvt_ios_13 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.10.25 22:21 akunke8yanglaindiban Lowongan Kerja Hotel Indonesia Group, Mari Cek Posisi dan Syaratnya! -

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2021.10.25 22:21 blast-wave How can I make the most out of my teen years?

A tiny list of specific goals would be helpful. I'm 16 and I wanna do something, anything remarkable, before it's too late.
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2021.10.25 22:21 Youre_Dreaming Six Flags America- Rides during Holiday in the Park (Question)

Are most thrill rides generally open during the winter events at six flags america? At the busch gardens near me they literally close down 90% of the parks rides and its basically just a lights walk around, was just wondering if it was different at Six Flags or not. Don't see any info on the Six Flags website about America in particular
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2021.10.25 22:21 doolittle3344 Poor Gio, gave a good fight this weekend

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2021.10.25 22:21 kannabannie Your favorite jojo characters (top 10 )

Mine would have to be :
Johnny > jolyne > lucy > bruno > yashuo > koichi > diego > emporio > kakyoin > gyro
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2021.10.25 22:21 Josh_Dunahoo Quick question

I'm a minor in Connecticut and consistently working five-hour shifts. Does Chipotle not do fifteen-minute breaks or should I be getting them but not?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 22:21 c_tilin mi mas nueva creación

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2021.10.25 22:21 Ok_Organization_2793 Should I let one player play this homebrew race

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2021.10.25 22:21 gnevets Preload adjustment

So I just put the Fox Racing 13.5” RSD Monoshock on my ‘19 Street Bob and I’ve got not clue on how to adjust my preload. The shock didn’t come with a spanner wrench so if someone has any idea on what I can do, please let me know, thank you!
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2021.10.25 22:21 3MPER Help with wheel sizes and tires?

So I’m looking to buy my first set of winter tires. I like the size of my current rims and tires (they are 100% stock) and I was wondering what size those are? Do I just replicate those dimensions on newer rims and tires and that’s that? I just don’t want to have to lower my car because I don’t know how to and also I already scrape my front lip so any lower and I won’t be able to get in my driveway haha.
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2021.10.25 22:21 Dndnerd2512 If you do an eldritch blast and roll a 20, do you get a critical hit?

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