bro and I getting lit uwu

2021.09.22 20:36 Soy-Femboy bro and I getting lit uwu

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2021.09.22 20:36 elrulo007 Sustainability - how old are the clothes in your wardrobe except the underwear and socks in average? Do you buy them new or used?

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2021.09.22 20:36 dillpickle7-11 Lovely colors:)

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2021.09.22 20:36 DesertFlowerChannel SEPTEMBER BOXYCHARM UNBOXING | 2021 (Try On - First Impressions)

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2021.09.22 20:36 TahsinProvath enfj here, thought y’all would like this :)

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2021.09.22 20:36 turkish_delight977 Imagine Your daughter says to you: "Daddy, I want to live with my boyfriend" What would you say to him?

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2021.09.22 20:36 inmoon علائم و تابلوهای راهنمایی و رانندگی گواهینامه آلمانی

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2021.09.22 20:36 badgirl101042 [f] Happy HUMP DAY y’all. (OC)

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2021.09.22 20:36 Pretend-Archer692 Take travel RN job or stay at current job?

I am currently living in San Diego where I work in same day surgery pre-Op/post-op.I work 5x8 and I love what I do but I only make $40 which is sad for the COL here. I previously worked tele in for 3 years. I just got presented this travel RN opportunity to work tele at my old hospital in Illinois for $6200 (including lodging and food) a week for 13 weeks. However, I told myself I would never work in tele again but this opportunity seems too good to pass up. I am in a lot of student loan debt and it’s hard for me to pay both that and my rent.
Since I’ve only been working in pre-Op/post-op for a year, should I stick with it full time or take this travel RN Job? I’m afraid if I leave my current job it’ll be hard to me to get back into the OR department when my contract is over since I only have a year of experience in this speciality. I am at odds on if taking this travel nursing job will be worth it.
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2021.09.22 20:36 Deep-Judge5916 I like my company, but after 6 years I’m kind of tired of it. Would quitting be a sound decision?

I’m a software developer but I think this works for a lot of office jobs… I’m 28 and for the last six years I’ve been with one single company. I’ve learned a lot and grew a lot and I’m definitely respected and trusted by my colleagues and management. I have leeway to pick and choose what I want to do to a certain extent. I’m paid well and have 30 fully paid vacation days.
There’s a lot of things I don’t like, but I try to be reasonable and I deal with things. Overall - I like the company and the job description. The problem is… I’m tired of it. Of the job, domain, projects I work on, company itself,… you name it. Everything got monotonous and my every single day at work is the same for the last two years. Literally I can’t remember when was the last time I worked on something new or exciting.
I resent coming in every day. I’ve found myself getting extremely frustrated over the smallest of things. I care a lot about people I work with and project I work on, and I hate dealing with dysfunctional management. I’m tired of dealing with same people on same problems for the last six years, pretty much.
While I still have room for vertical and horizontal movement within the company, I’m heavily contemplating quitting. The notion of going somewhere new and meeting new people, experiencing new projects, enjoying new environment… it sounds REALLY nice. I’d like to have an opportunity to prove myself somewhere else, if that makes sense. I don’t want to be called a “senior” based on my tenure instead of skillset.
So that’s basically it… hearing this, do you think switching jobs would be a sound choice to make? While I can definitely make movement within my current company, I’d still be within the comfort zone. Maybe making a drastic change such as a new environment would help eliminate my growing apathy towards the current job…
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2021.09.22 20:36 serena22 Showing off my art at good game cafe Tudor street, pop by if you get a chance, free gaming if you buy food from the cafe :)

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2021.09.22 20:36 dirrtyremixes VA - Beatport Natalie Gioia Shapeshifters Progressive & Melodic Chart

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2021.09.22 20:36 Professional_Put_293 nightbook

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2021.09.22 20:36 definitely_svertfin the culture doesnt exist

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2021.09.22 20:36 Ahamumumu Da fehlen einem doch wirklich die Worte

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2021.09.22 20:36 ecdmuppet The Culture War in a mirror

I'm sharing some thoughts about where we are as a society today, how we got here, and where we're going, from my perspective coming from a strongly conservative political socialization. I'd like to hear what liberals think about this perspective, whether you consider yourself a classical liberal or a woke leftist, or anywhere in between.
Acknowledgement up-front that there are some left-leaning perspectives here that are oversimplified for the purpose of brevity (or perhaps just not being as mind-numbingly long as it could have been otherwise, since "brevity" is pretty much out the window). The original post was written for a conservative audience, so it's speaking more to extolling the virtues of conservative values than an attempt to convey the nuance of values on the left. So before you stop reading mid-paragraph to respond by castigating me for presenting a criminally biased perspective against your beliefs, yes, I know it's oversimplifying your perspectives. Yes, I know your opinions have more nuance and that the plain text reading of this essay commits much of the same stereotyping of the woke left that it complains about from the woke left. I welcome any criticism you have in that regard because you're probably perfectly correct, and I'm accepting that up front in the hope that we can skip the usual partisan discourse to get to something more meaningful and productive.
All I ask is that you read the whole essay, and consider this writing to be a valid understanding of what conservatives see as the best within ourselves. Consider the possibility that our biggest problem, universally, is that we all tend to see only the best in ourselves while refusing to acknowledge anything but the worst things we see in the worse examples we are exposed to from the other side. Consider the possibility that the key to victory in defense of our own values is to first see that tendency within ourselves, and fight against it with the same zeal and judgment and ferocity with which we fight against all sources of injustice and intolerance and malice in the world as we see it. Perhaps if we can have our conversations based on that shared premise as you respond to this essay, it can create enough common ground, mutual respect and humility for us to restore the fundamental idea that we are all fellow human beings, and fellow citizens in this great country despite having differing values and priorities on various political wedge issues.
I enjoyed writing this essay, and I will enjoy reading your responses:
As far as I can tell, the reason the left-wing counter-culture of the 60's managed to replace the right wing as the moral authority of mainstream society was because of two factors in particular that stand out.
1) They were correct about one really big issue: race.
They were obviously less objectively correct about a whole bunch of other things - particularly the sexual revolution and Marxism, and the post-modernist belief that there are an infinite number of ways to interpret the world - while ignoring the fact that there is a very finite number of ways to interpret the world that result in a functional and stable society.
But they were REALLY correct about race. It's clear that this is why all of their arguments today are centered around squeezing every last drop out of that argument, and framing all of their other arguments around the concept of protecting and liberating the oppressed. They tie race to Marxism through critical race theory. They tie it to post-modernism by arguing that all the social structures exist to perpetuate the tyrannical white patriarchy. And they tie it to feminism and LGBT and other sexual revolution dogma through intersectionality.
2) The conservatives lost their moral authority to lead society as a whole because instead of accepting the correct argument on race, and making reasonable concessions on things like sexual repression and the more reasonable intersectionality ask agajnst systematically persecuting people for being LGBT - even if we are correct to argue two parent nuclear families produce the best outcomes for raising children, conservatives in the 50's and 60's reacted with authoritarianism, and even violence in some cases, in response to the push for change.
That's not to dig up the past and lay blame. We had no idea what PTSD really was in the 50's. It was a perfectly reasonable response to want to give the WWII generation a peaceful and stable society. It was a shitty situation for everyone because that greater need for peace and order to accommodate a generation whose youth was taken from them by the utter chaos of war and death, put an unbearable burden on the boomer generation coming into their own looking to make their mark on the world. The WWII generation was correct enough to want what they wanted, but the boomers were correct in their own right to demand the chance to take their place of empowerment in society.
The progressive left won that fight because in the end, American society is based on rejection of authoritarianism, and the empowerment of the individual in society. The boomers won because there were too many core values stacked against the conservatives when it comes to individual empowerment and liberty. The left gained total control because they probably deserved about a 70/30 power split at the time of the cultural revolution on the merits of their arguments, and the 50's moral majority broke because they were rendered unable to bend by the reality of their circumstances as a generation of shell-shocked war veterans.
The reason that's significant to the present day culture is because from what I can see, that same dynamic of over-reaching moral authority versus counter-culture is now playing out in reverse.
The left basically ran out of stuff to talk about after 2008 when Obama was elected President. The 400% disparity in the rate of police killing black suspects compared to white suspects during high risk apprehensions that had existed in the 60's is gone completely now. The generational poverty in the black community is now being perpetuated almost exclusively by the combination of entitlement programs giving families perverse financial incentives to kick fathers out of the home, and the IdPol wokescold narrative that the only reason the Democrats haven't made every black person successful is because, "all those evil racist rural white conservatives that hated their grandparents 60 years ago won't give back all the prosperity they took", ignoring the difference between being excluded from pursuing prosperity, and the fact that being included doesn't mean prosperity is granted automatically.
They're basically jumping the shark at this point. The consequences of the sexual revolution are a disaster for the culture. The indoctrination of the younger generation with post-modernist neoMarxist critical theory wokescold politics has been a disaster. And even their stewardship of racial politics has shit the bed because the war on poverty has done nothing but destroy the culture poor communities, and they ruined their credibility on the issue of leveraging racial tensions for power politics reasons the moment they started labeling every partisan maneuver against Obama's politics as being driven by white supremacy, rather than the same partisan motivations that politics has been governed by since Isaac and Ishmael. They have accomplished all of their goals of tearing down the underlying social structures that undergird our society, while cementing Marxist identity politics and structureless post-modern nihilism to act as the replacements for the foundations of society.
And they are responding to reasonable conservative objections to that reality now in exactly the same way that the authoritarian right responded to the reasonable objections of the left in the 50's.
"We're the moral majority. Shut up and color, Do what we tell you to do, and think what we tell you to think. Your challenges to our authority are stupid and evil, therefore you are not to be heard in society".
As a result, conservatism has now become the counterculture. Conservatives like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, moderates like Joe Rogan, and even some of the more outspoken classical liberals like Bill Maher are successfully pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. The "intellectual dark web" is now full of conservatives and classical liberals who see the woke orthodoxy in exactly the same light as the boomers saw the authoritarian right in the 60's.
I predict that there will be another culture war over the next 10 years. The left doesn't want to give up their power any more than the moral majority did in the 50's. But the harder they fight against sharing power in good faith, the faster they will lose that power just like the right did.
To me, the only question is, how will conservatives respond?
There will be a natural desire - especially from the hard right - to do everything the woke left tried to do to alienate conservatives in reverse, as retaliation for the right being alienated from the mainstream civil discourse for the last 40 years.
That's the mistake the left made. We need to avoid thst mistake.
Classical liberals have stuck to the founding principles to reaffirm the idea, "I disagree with you completely, but I'll defend to my death your right to be heard and engaged on your merits". I actually have a tremendous amount of respect for guys like Bill Maher - with whom I couldn't disagree more strongly on most issues - because he has turned the exact same ferocious sarcasm and antipathy that he so famously holds for right wing orthodoxy towards left wing authoritarianism. He's moving mountains right now in the discourse by waking up millions of classical liberals on the left. He's a f***ing hero as far as I'm concerned. We need to emulate that same reverence for the discourse.
I'm going to make a bold prediction here because I feel like this is where we're going. The left is going to do something soon enough that's going to flip the script completely on what little is left of their moral authority. My guess is it's going to be another summer of Antifa riots harassing the populace and torching the country, over some woke issue like global climate change that doesn't carry the same moral weight and authority as race does. They're going to keep making themselves the thought police just like the right did in the 50's, and sooner or later the general public is going to flip on them because they're going to cross the line in some obviously intolerable way.
If and when that happens, my advice to every conservative is to remember what we have wanted the left to do for us for the last 40 years. The contrast between the outcomes of the Treaty of Versailles and the Marshall Plan are living proof that you don't solve problems or create stable societies with revenge. You solve problems and create stable societies by winning the fight you need to win on it's merits, and then you pick up your adversary, dust them off, buy them a beer, and then sit down and hash out your differences respectfully like real, grown-ass men are supposed to do.
We never got that after the culture war of the 60's. The left won on race and tolerance issues, and then hammered and hammered and hammered on the sexual revolution and all their other woke nonsense until conservatives were steamrolled into the status of a permanent political underclass. That's the whole reason we have the problems we have today, just like the Treaty of Versailles set up the bitterness that spawned WWII.
The worst thing to do would be to respond to that overreach by doing the same thing Germany did. Germany should have stood up to the reparations and renegotiated for something that set everyone up for mutual success. Instead, Hitler and the Nazi Party took advantage of that malcontent and bitterness to drive the entirety of German society into a nihilistic rage and vengeance that all but destroyed the entirety of European society. If not for the Marshall Plan in the aftermath of that devastation, rebuilding Europe and Germany and Japan to create a lasting peace, who knows what Europe would be like today?
We need to be the Marshall Plan. Win the war to stop the tyrants. Stand up for our right to be heard and respected on our merits rather than stereotyped and demogogued and alienated from proportional political power by the stereotypes of the IdPol wokescold left. Then put in the effort, and sacrifice the necessary political capital to restore mutual respect and human dignity to the civil discourse to create a lasting peace based on reciprocal and proportional political empowerment and good faith negotiation to build policies that reflect the best aspects of our combined perspectives and ideologies.
Because like it or not, we've got to share this country with the same leftists who are sitting in front of screens right now at Facebook HQ targeting conservative voices for shadow bans and suspensions for non-existent violations of ToS.
We're going to win that war against that on its merits, because that authoritarianism and silencing dissent is not what this country will ever be about, even if the rest of the world is. The moral majority couldn't hold against the boomers because the boomers had enough solid points and valid arguments that American values would not allow them to be silenced. Those same American values will win out to restore the empowerment of conservatives on the merits of thing things we've got right.
Once we win, and the other side is removed from the power to dominate the political landscape, they need to be shown why they were wrong the same way MLK showed racist Southern Baptists in the 60's why they were wrong - by showing them that conservatives are not the racist authoritarian hate mongers they were led to believe, and that they have nothing to fear from us, and nothing to lose in a society where we are all empowered as equals.
As far as I can tell, that's the ONLY correct response to what's going on right now, and where we are going as a society.
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2021.09.22 20:36 Snapchat_sissy Gay sub 😘

I'm a gay sub who wants locking in a chastity. I love humiliation and abuse
Add my snap Slave_foruse01
You won't regret it 😘😘
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2021.09.22 20:36 Fishermantimmy Is anyone working on a yemen mod for the grand final?

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2021.09.22 20:36 Ziadhr Selling 2 Instagram pages witg 20000 followers each @catvibes.2 and @thecatvibesclip

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2021.09.22 20:36 meggkloy "Perfect" Animation Meme ft. Meggkloy

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2021.09.22 20:36 Economius "So, you're like a double agent now? Fucking Matt Helm?"

I read somewhere (probably right on here with the rest of you deadbeats) that Gandolfini didn't want this line because it was too obscure. Got me wondering what the other most obscure references were on the show.
Also if you actually know what the fucking reference is I'll upvote you. Even though that cookie shit makes me nervous.
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2021.09.22 20:36 unamme Hello i would like to trade for a regieleki and a regidrago, i have a articuno and a cresselia to trade for them.

(btw i can't create rooms so its going to be diffucult to trade)
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2021.09.22 20:36 found_goose A huge thank you!

I first heard of the Supernote A5X in the comment sections of the ads for the Remarkable 2 - as a medical student, I was looking for something that would help me streamline my notes and motivate me to get organized. The A5X has helped me completely change the way I study in a good way - the way I use it, I feel like it helps me "actively" study and retain information! And best of all, the lack of a lit display doesn't strain my eyes at all, which was a huge plus! Thank you very much to all the people on this subreddit (and especially u/hex2asc) for helping me with the decision to get the A5X!
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2021.09.22 20:36 high_anxiety_club Got a killer birthday gift!!!!

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2021.09.22 20:36 svanapps r/ethtrader - Hope you didn't panic sell

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