You know what? I just realized I promised something to this sub a long time ago and never followed through. For that I apologize. But better late than never.

2021.09.22 19:25 liquor_for_breakfast You know what? I just realized I promised something to this sub a long time ago and never followed through. For that I apologize. But better late than never.

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2021.09.22 19:25 RLCD-Bot [Burnt Sienna Imperator DT5] [Hydrophobic] [Burnt Sienna Cloudburst III] [Sky Blue Chrono]

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2021.09.22 19:25 SkeepTraz Why is Fifa coming out at the same time as the new RLCS season ...

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2021.09.22 19:25 ChrisWGault Focus on the lesson!

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2021.09.22 19:25 disoriented_llama Seriously?!

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2021.09.22 19:25 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 19:25 lizard_e_ Visions isn't cannon, do you want more non-canon media?

Pretty simple question, Visions isn't canon to allow for more creative freedom in the stories and visuals.
Assuming Disney wouldn't just release a show of known legends, would you like to see more shows or entire movies that show complete new non-canon stories? If so, what would you want to see?
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2021.09.22 19:25 Late_Support_3054 This was stupid.

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2021.09.22 19:25 skinwalker99 Does anyone know if the 45 blast compensator will fit on the meta?

Also this will be my open carry for work, as we are not even allowed to have laser sights because they look “too” tactical. Do you think the compensator looks too tactical to be walking around with?
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2021.09.22 19:25 pharmdancer “Easy to Read” Oral Fever Thermometer

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2021.09.22 19:25 jakinews how to boost laptop volume

FedEx also offers a special laptop box that they will pack with your laptop for you for $22.99. So, with standard ground service shipping, you're looking at $51.20 and for two day shipping $96.64. Alternatively, you can use your own box and ship for as low as $15.95 which is the cheapest option for FedEx.
Best VR Headsets
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2021.09.22 19:25 noniway Best Bham Birthday Boons

Today is my 30th birthday. I am curious if there are any cool birthday specific activities, meals, or deals in town that people wanna share! I have plans this evening, but the whole day to do some fun stuff!
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2021.09.22 19:25 SnooEpiphanies3449 I'm Starting to hate this people being afk when they are infected

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2021.09.22 19:25 anniebananie217 Thread Costs

Hi everyone! I am curious about what people typically spend on threads for a project? I usually buy kits or go with good ol DMC pearl. I recently purchased a canvas online and figured I would ~splurge~ and let the shop pick out the threads as I want this to be a special heirloom piece. I was surprised to see the cost of thread alone was $200? Is this typical and I am just naive? I understand project size/coverage may play a factor as well. This is also not meant to come across as a complaint FYI!
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2021.09.22 19:25 ingredientx2020 How bad is my foundation?

Hi all - first time poster.
The spouse and I just bought our first home, a 1920 cape in New England. When we walked through with the inspector he told us the foundation was fieldstone and showing signs of deterioration but nothing that wasn’t up to code. We bought it.
Flash forward a few weeks and a piece of crumbling decorative mortar falls off the exterior. I go to look at what’s behind it and it’s all crumbling mortar and small rocks. Thanks to the help of folks in the Centuryhomes reddit, I determined it's not fieldstone at all--it's old/rudimentary concrete mixed with whatever rocks the original builders found onsite. The problem is that the previous owner didn't do a great job of keeping moisture out, and now the old concrete is crumbling. It's worse on the exterior than interior. If I just touch the exterior spots with my finger, sandlike material and rocks just pour out. I’m pretty worried about this. I have a structural engineer coming out to take a look at the end of the week and I’m thinking of calling a mason for good measure. But in the meantime, any idea how bad this is?
Picture of exterior's worst spot (pulled off a bunch of vines growing on the side of the house to find this)
Picture of an interior wall and another spot on the exterior where the decorative mortar is falling off:
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2021.09.22 19:25 superderek9 WDIS Flex week 3 PPR

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2021.09.22 19:25 eternamentekhaleesi Warranty question about oil changes

I recently bought a Toyota and am wanting to do my own oil changes, I also have a friend that’s a mechanic that’s offered to do them for me who could fit me in on odd hours when other shops are closed.
Before I do an oil change myself or have my mechanic do them I want to make sure it won’t void my car warranty. I tried to look it up online to see if it would but I can’t seem to find an accurate answer. Does anyone know if my mechanic need to be an ASE certified mechanic to do the oil changes so it won’t void the warranty? Also if I do the changes myself what kind of documentation I need to have? Any info would be appreciated thank you.
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2021.09.22 19:25 Trijijijijij Ideoshapes is definitely better than sapplyvalues, I got a way more based estimate

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2021.09.22 19:25 Ldn219 What do you think we’d be talking about/would be happening in the world if Covid-19 never existed?

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2021.09.22 19:25 Comtesse_Kamilia I'm a few months late on this but... [Queen Cesia's Shorts]

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2021.09.22 19:25 Natpatcat Rant continues

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2021.09.22 19:25 definitelyNotExplo1t Car rocks back and forth when I press/let off the gas pedal.

Hello, I have a Honda Civic 2006 Hatchback 1.8 6 speed manual, and ever since I got the car it has had this problem, initially, I thought it was the engine mounts but after replacing all of them the problem is still there. When I let go of the gas there is this rocking and it feels like the engine brake comes in in delay also when I press the gas pedal it shakes a bit before going. I've noticed that the higher the gear the tamer it is and the higher the rpm the more aggressive it is. 5-6 Gear is not really noticeable 1-2 is painful to drive, 3-4 is just annoying.
The car is missing a catalytic converter it's replaced by a straight pipe and a worn-out clutch.
Few things we have tried:
Car is serviced - spark plugs, all filters, etc.
Engine mounts all replaced
Coils tested doesn't make a change
Throttle body cleaned
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2021.09.22 19:25 ConvexBuckle594 [insert stereotype here]

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2021.09.22 19:25 Limp-Arm3484 Riptide Operation

Lets say it’s week 10 of the operation can i still complete missions of the first week ?
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2021.09.22 19:25 MJL1016 How would I correct my wrist posture? Get a thinner wrist rest or somehow raise the mouse?

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