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Listed below are a number of reasons why some people are always happy. 1. They Manage Their Expectations. They’re not crushed when they don’t get what they want – or misled into expecting to get the most out of every situation. They approach every situation pragmatically, hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst. ... We must always remember it’s just calendar years. I don’t recognize “stereotypes” put on people or their age, ugh. I think “old age” is highly overrated! I look at the quality of life ... David Hall’s Happy Valley double a perfect elixir: ‘it always makes things a bit better’ The Australian tastes success with Red Brick Fighter and Sun Of Makfi at the city track on Wednesday ... Happy July 4th Is Wrong. It Is, and Always Will Be, Happy Independence Day! The Photo That Sums Up the 'Far-Right' Rally That Terrified DC and Liberal America Happy World Meal Gate is a multi-level marketing (MLM) network that came into inception in 2016 to help people overcome hunger and poverty. As a confirmation that the right chord had been struck, the concept very quickly attracted a huge number of participants from all walks of life-civil servants, traders, artisans, pensioners, farmers ... International mountain guide Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa of Happy Feet Mountaineers agency. Photo: HAPPY FEET MOUNTAINEERS or decades, foreigners have noted and celebrated the good-natured cheerfulness of Nepal’s Sherpas. One western climber, in a preface to Tenzing Norgay’s autobiography, noted that Norgay epitomised ‘the tolerance and good humour … for which they [the Sherpa] are renowned […] On Friday, the actress posted an adorable family photo with her in-laws and shared why they all always look happy together in photos. Preity Zinta married Gene Goodenough on February 29, 2016 and ... 88. To my original bestie, happy birthday. Thank you for always being a friend as well as a mom. I hope you get lots of presents, cake, and candy on your big day. 89. Lots of people are there for you when you are doing well, but family is always there when you are at your worst. Thanks for the years of support and love, Mom. Happy birthday! 90. Use the tables to explore rankings on the Happy Planet Index, and on each of the components used to calculate Happy Planet Index scores. Or download the full data set. Australia. HPI Score. Rank / Life expectancy of . years. Wellbeing of / 10. Ecological footprint of ... We believe virtue, goodwill and heroism are hot news. That’s why we bring you up-to-the-minute news, geared to lift spirits and inspire lives. Add in a diverse team of Citizen Journalists reporting positive stories from around the world, and you’ve got one happy place for news.

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2021.09.22 19:54 HannoPicardVI [RF] The Prenup

ABOUT: In an alternate present, where the United States is a little different, Tatiana Amelia Jennifer Albyaev-Bronson is due to get married to Tristan Salters, a multimillionaire actor. However, with only weeks to go before the big day, Salters has sprung a prenup agreement on her - "acting on the advice of his attorneys", he said - and "one minor detail" (his words) threatens the entire marriage.
Tatiana Amelia Jennifer Albyaev-Bronson is a 19 year old "daddy's princess" who was born near Logan, UT. At 18, she had already inherited over US$9.6m from her grandfather and because it had all been tied up in an offshore trust, Tatiana had escaped paying any taxes to the IRS despite the estate taxes threshold being lowered to just US$2.2m.
Tatiana hadn't really had a difficult life, but she had been sent away to boarding schools in Ohio, Switzerland and then, briefly, East Anglia, in the UK. She hadn't really enjoyed school, but she always looked forward to the regular family holidays that her family took six times a year.
At 17, Tatiana had briefly dated Crown Prince Ahmed of the Northern Arabian Kingdom of Egypt, but following a rape, her father had settled matters privately and in return for an injection of US$50m into his African mining holding company, Bronson Holdings, she and her father had agreed to remain quiet about it.
At 18, Tatiana had then met the famous Tristan Salters, a 29 year old multimillionaire Hollywood actor. They had met at a movie premiere in Paris in France and Tristan had almost immediately deserted his Estonian escort to have drinks with her.
After seven months of dating - and four months of being hounded by the press - Salters asked her to marry him. Tatiana was so excited; sure, she was born in a "rich" family, but her father's wealth had always mostly been tied up in businesses. Salters, on the other hand, was now worth - according to Forbes' latest lists - a whopping US$422m. Salters had constantly starred in movies and television shows since the age of 2 and had amassed a fortune over decades with several prudent investments, including stakes in two NBA teams, a successful movie studio and a huge San Francisco Fintech startup, Arcturio, which was now worth an eye-watering $15.7 billion according to its latest valuation following a Series F funding round. In Tatiana's eyes, Salters was the richest 29 year old she had ever seen; he owned a US$39m superyacht, a multimillion dollar penthouse in Mountain Valley, WC and a US$22m "suborbital pod" which she had had a chance to ride in last fall.
Yet, despite the excitement, here she was now, staring out at the Greater Californian Gulf, in Salters' penthouse in West Colorado (formerly North Baja California), speechless at the text staring back up at her on her screen. It wasn't just what was written on her screen, but it was also the way Salters had updated her. Sure, Salters was currently over in Eastern Siberia shooting scenes for his next movie - most of Salters' movies were hands-on and usually actually physically filmed in crazy scenic locations around the world, hence why they were so expensive - but he had simply texted her in a nonchalant way: Babe, attorneys told me to get this to you; it's prenup. Read it. Sign it. xxx
Yes, Tatiana hated reading, but as she stood there, running her long bony fingers through her light blonde hair, she quite clearly understood one of the "clauses" in the prenup and she was finding it difficult to stomach.
Apparently, according to her gay friend from Argentina, Christian, most of the stuff in the prenup was "pretty standard shit", but this particular part was "a little off" and it was definitely "off" for her too.
Salters had stated, quite clearly, that "all premarital assets of either party are to be excluded from the joint wealth of the couple".
Ugh, doesn't he love me? She'd thought.
Worse still, it then went on to clarify - clarify - that "for the purposes of this agreement, premarital assets include realized and unrealized wealth and non-tangible wealth, including stakes in private companies and/or trusts."
After some research, it all began to slowly sink in; Salters' stake in Arcturio was "unclear", even with the myriad of publicly available media articles about the startup. Based on the evidence, Tatiana determined that Salters' stake could be worth anywhere between US$300m and US$750m as of August last year, but this wasn't even listed in his Forbes' entry! The Forbes' entry had mostly based its calculation on tangible assets and his historical investment in Arcturio six years ago - so, it wasn't even current or accurate.
This all made Tatiana very confused; by being so pedantic about all of this, Salters had led Tataian to believe that he didn't really "love" her, despite Christian's reassurances that "prenups were pretty normal".
Tatiana had tried to call Salters earlirr, but he was "unavailable". She couldn't just "sign it", like he wanted her to. It had made her think...about everything. Why would he put this there and be so pedantic? Why would she be questioning it as well? If they both loved each other, then none of this would matter, right?
Sure, it wouldn't matter, she thought, that is, until she had got to one of the last paragraphs and had let out a gasp.
This agreement is valid indefinitely and/or until one or both of the parties defined in the agreement die or until this agreement is terminated by any legal process such as a divorce.
That, Christian had told her, was not very standard. Essentially, the prenup would be in force...forever.
Tatiana remembered the first time she had met him in person at the movie premiere in Paris. Sure, he was a hotshot playboy actor, but she remembered the way he had just "dropped" his date, who, it turned out, had actually been a "high-end" escort from the Baltics who had only just last week been pictured dating a European soccer player.
She tried Salters' cell again. This time, he picked up.
"I'm...pretty busy right now. You okay?!"
It was a fairly bad line, but they could still hear each other; she switched to video and his face and surroundings were grainy; she could just about make out some snowy mountaintops in the background.
"How's the filming going?" She asked, forcing a smile.
"Fine, fine. I'm pretty busy. Did you want something?!" He shouted; the snowfall seemed to be increasing and winds were picking up slightly.
"The...prenup...Tristan..." She started hesitantly.
"Oh yeah, yeah! Just sign it and send it back. No biggy. You didn't wanna add anything, did ya?!" He grinned. The video was becoming clearer now and she could see a few figures in the background and three Chinook-style helicopters in the distance, partially covered in melting white snow.
" seems...fine," She said.
"Great, just sign it. It's just some routine crap my attorneys wanted me to get outta the way. You really didn't need to call me for that!" He laughed, turning around and shouting "in a sec" at some people out of view of the camera.
"The premarital assts, Tristan," She frowned, speaking a little louder.
Tristan peered closer into the camera.
"What? What did you say?!"
"There's something there about premarital assets, Tristan."
"Yeah, yeah, right.... AND?!" He was squinting now and shaking his head.
"I don't get it; why did you put that there?"
"Put what? What's the big deal?! Look, my attorneys drew it up and it seems fine to me! Why you gotta make a big deal out of it?!"
The video was becoming grainy again and heavy snowfall was now decreasing visibility.
"Tristan, I'm not making a big deal...did you even read it?"
"Yes! Yes, I read it! What's the problem?!"
"I don't see why you put it there. If you just-"
"I didn't put anything there. Look, the legal dudes did all that and it seems fine to me; they said it's standard. Couple of 'em told me they've been married for decades and have the exact same thing! Why - you worried or somethin'?!" He was grinning awkwardly now.
Tatiana shook her head.
"People...people who love each other...don't-"
"Oh, babe, don't be so naive! Don't be such a stereotypical baby! It's some standard crap. You're the one making a big deal out of it."
Tatiana was silent and she just stared back at him.
"Look, I gotta go; I don't have time for this."
The call abruptly ended and Tatiana stared back out over the balcony at the seemingly endless Greater Californian Gulf. Dozens of cargo ships and tankers dotted the waters and she could see an aircraft carrier and three destroyers slowly moving away towards the East Pacific.
Tears began to form in her eyes. She had imagined the wedding a few weeks from now; it was due to take place on a private island near Panama. she wasn't so sure. It just seemed as if Salters thought the entire thing would be short-lived.
As her light blonde hair blew across her face, pushed around by the strong winds of the Gulf, Tatiana continued to shake her head.
There'd be no wedding; there'd be no marriage; there'd be no prenup.
"He doesn't love me," she said softly to the slowly setting sun.
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If his sales cant be "trusted" and things have to be caught by ordinary buyers like us, i really do believe we should take away that "TD" title.
Most importantly, this isnt the first time or the second nor the third time he messed up big time and are now posting unapologetic apologies here..
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If you get it you get it
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Through the Bank Vaults system, we can provide many cutting-edge cryptocurrency features to existing BSC tokens such as BNB redistribution, auto buyback, and more.
💰 Over $2M USD already staked in our application before we even launched.
✔️ We already have partnerships with TIKI Token, Vegas Doge and Altrucoin. More coming soon!
🚀 After the presale 70% of the BNB will be allocated to locked LP, 2% to the DxSale fee, 8% for ongoing marketing from our partnered marketing company, 5% towards development and 15% ($250,000 USD) will be used for accelerated exchange listings.
⬇️Here’s the link to buy⬇️

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I Dont Know why I use wired headphones with zoom and the audio wont work yet i can hear everything but zoom such as youtube
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2021.09.22 19:54 stankmanly Texas ‘Christian woman of God’ derails school board hearing in attempt to ban a book referring to anal sex

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2021.09.22 19:54 lu_abc How do I get Ontario proof of vaccination if I was vaccinated in the US?

Asking for a family member: I am an essential commuteworker in New York State (Canadian resident/citizen) and had the opportunity to get vaccinated there months before I would have been eligible in Canada. All I have is a small CDC card with hand written info about the dose etc. (2 Moderna doses). Is there a way to transfer this information to my Ontario health card/health records? How can I get a provincial vaccine passport? Surely there are other people in the same boat, what is the government’s plan to verify their vaccine status?
Thanks in advance
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Basically just title, I’ve been keeping my models in a drawer so far and I’m looking for a bettemore permanent solution.
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Simple as that. Gold given to one or multiple answers within 24 hours
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2021.09.22 19:54 happysnappah I'm yeeting my family out of this state, but still Fuck Greg Abbott

Will y'all be cool if I still stick around and occasionally create some art depicting what a beautiful sentiment Fuck Greg Abbott is?
Also? Jesus, get out before it's too late. Be well, y'all!
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2021.09.22 19:54 LEVI_1235 Does it ever stop?

So today my father had a pet scan and it showed his previous right lung nodule has grown from 3.3x1.7 to 4.1x2.2. He is a colon cancer warrior for the past 14 years. He has had previous mets to the liver which was cured from. Currently he has a lung mets for the past 8-9 years. The pet scan also showed a highly suspicious malignant lesion on the spleen.
It’s getting really hard trying to stay positive and optimistic. I was always the most hopeful one in our family and the one who isn’t easily unfazed by events but how the fuck will i give my father more hope. For god sake i know he can’t take anymore. He can’t. The long years of chemo has fucked his body. What more medications will he take and then find out they are not working shit??!
I do believe in God and believe that things eventually work out. But recently, it’s getting really hard to keep that faith. Why the hell does my father need to keep suffering? What more does he have to lose? Yes some people are put through challenges in their lives but how the hell are they supposed to keep going with all that beating. I don’t want to lose him. I want him to see me succeed. I want him to see me become a doctor. I want him to see that his sons will become successful as he is. I want him to finally relax, knowing he no longer has to keep fighting these battles. However the endless train of bad news is making it easy to think otherwise.
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2021.09.22 19:54 PhantomPyro666 How much should I trust the wisdom of others regarding my fylgja?

So I've been doing some research into a number of different things and one that kept coming up was the Fylgja. I'm still looking for someone to teach me more about it, but the main purpose of this post is that I had a pagan on Etsy do a oracle reading to give me an idea of what my fylgja might be. I did it through an outside source so there was none of my own bias involved.
The reading wasn't quite what I expected, but the end result is something that actually resonates a lot with me. But I'm unsure of how much I should trust the wisdom of other people in regards to something tied to myself and my ancestry.
Thanks for reading!
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