Not a cover

2021.09.22 20:17 ArtistAndAnnoying Not a cover

I’m trying to more people hear me sing, and what’s better to attract people than a Joke before singing (Btw, the joke is in spanish)
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2021.09.22 20:17 Looftr Tak ktorý?

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2021.09.22 20:17 Jadgear4 it is the only flex i have

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2021.09.22 20:17 Ijustboughtacactus Aight so, I’m really craving some popcorn right now BUT… the only oil I have is some coconut oil that I got from a carnival that’s been in my refrigerator for like, 3 months…do y’all think I still can use that or is it expired? There’s no date on it so I have no idea…:(

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2021.09.22 20:17 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 20:17 ViceAW Sooo...did Ubi just forget about these menu screens this season? They were one of the coolest pieces of art, and I looked forward to them. Hope they make a comeback next season :/

Sooo...did Ubi just forget about these menu screens this season? They were one of the coolest pieces of art, and I looked forward to them. Hope they make a comeback next season :/ submitted by ViceAW to Rainbow6 [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 20:17 NinjasOnIce USA Student looking at international options for PT school

Hi everyone! I'm currently an undergrad in the USA looking to apply to some international schools, specifically in Australia. Currently have my eye on University of Melbourne, La Trobe, and Monash. If anyone here went to school in Australia internationally, I would like to hear about your experiences with the application process and the difficulty of returning to your home country to officially practice. Also, if any Australians moved their practice to the USA, I am interested in hearing about that process as well!
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2021.09.22 20:17 EugeneWong318 Secret Out.

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2021.09.22 20:17 TheLibertyLoft Vaccine Mandate: by hook or by crook

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2021.09.22 20:17 GONZnotFONZ I want to turn left now!

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2021.09.22 20:17 minimouse78966 Idk but I want to be a moder which is impossible

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2021.09.22 20:17 daemonpenguin AI skill

I'm curious if anyone knows whether the AI skill level changes on purpose depending on whether it's fighting alongside human players or against them in multiplayer mode?
The reason I ask is I've been playing Wesnoth for quite some time, several years now. Sometimes I play solo against AI, sometimes with another human (us vs AI), and sometimes I play alongside AI players against a group of other AI players.
What I've found is I almost always win when it's me against AI. When my fellow humans team up we almost always beat the AI when we're working together.
However, when I play with friendly AI versus a group of AI enemies (for example me and 2 AI bots against 3 enemy AI bots) my side loses about half the time. Usually because the friendly AI bots have rushed in chaotically and their leaders have died off in the first handful of turns, leaving me to fight 3 enemies at once.
In short, the friendly AI bots always seem to be suicidal and rarely last long, leaving myself (and any human players) to pick up the slack. Meanwhile the enemy AI usually seems to play, well, normally.
Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice on how to keep friendly AI from dying so quickly?
At first I was wondering if I was just having an off day and not playing well, but I'm usually the last one standing, taking on multiple enemy AIs once my allies have basically killed themselves off. And if I play both teams in a 2 vs 2 battle, I can usually win easily. So I don't think it's random or that I suck at the game. But I'm barely able to win 50% of the time when it's me and an AI friendly vs two AI foes.
|I'm curious if others experience this and if there is any way to get the friendly AI to not be prone to throwing away its units?
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2021.09.22 20:17 Succulent-Ewok Really looking forward to the “What If” scenarios!

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2021.09.22 20:17 archnemesistickling My new toy

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2021.09.22 20:17 Krystyn54404084 Prоfеssionаl Tutоrs

Crеаtе a frее аccount. Gеt discоunt - 15%. Prоmо cоde: HKYVG1
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2021.09.22 20:17 SoloPlaythroughs Sefina Painting Up a True Solo Beast Mode!

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2021.09.22 20:17 Skermit123 made a video with a detective theme
I made a review of the terrible movie foodfight! It has a detective theme with it and if you want to know why, you should watch it.
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2021.09.22 20:17 DrRavous My first tattoo (about a year old)

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2021.09.22 20:17 drekia I have no idea how to negotiate salary

I lived in the Philippines since I was a child, was moved here from the US. When I was 18 I started work with a US corporation who outsourced remote workers overseas. I was paid relatively great compared to the minimum wage in the Philippines. I was being paid $8.00/hr, 15,000 a year. Then I moved back to the US, where I was born.
I was able to keep my job throughout the move, but my wage was increased to just a little bit above minimum wage. They ended up laying me off shortly after during Covid, due to “budget cuts”.
My position was a fraud investigator. I reviewed malware, scams, fraud networks, things like that. I have basic experience in SQL and using data sets to review for fraud and know how to use many different tools for fraud investigation, like TransUnion and Sift. I have 8 years of experience in this field.
I’ve been applying to similar jobs and noticing a weird divide where some of them pay just above minimum wage where I live like $17/hr, and others pay much more. I got an interview with one company that I would really like to work for, but I stupidly didn’t even CONSIDER that they would ask me what salary I was looking for. When I worked before, you just accepted whatever they gave you. So I fumbled when they asked that question and they said I could think on it before the interview with the hiring manager. They said the base pay is about 75k and the range can go up to 100k, which is far more than I ever thought I deserved.
I’m at a loss. Does anyone know how to calculate salary? I want to seem like I’m prepared but all of this feels new to me.
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2021.09.22 20:17 red821673 Aqara TVOC sensor graph display mg/m3 instead of ppb

I just bought an Aqara TVOC sensor. Using the app version 2.3.18 for iPhone, I set the TVOC unit to degrees Fahrenheit and ppb. According to the release note for the app, this version allows the user to set TVOC to "ppb". However, when viewing the TVOC sensor. data in the Aqara app, I see still displaying mg/m3.
Anyone else has this problem?
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2021.09.22 20:17 mlbb_odd-ice Oggi ho rischiato di morire

oggi ho rischiato di morire. più o meno.
Sono andato a un colloquio di lavoro, e di ritorno mi sono fermato a fare la spesa. Avevo voglia di qualcosa di dolce e ho preso del salame al cioccolato.
A casa ne ho mangiato 2 fette. La sera ne ho data una a mia madre, e li mi sono accorto che il dolce aveva anche le nocciole.
Se fossi stato allergico alle nocciole, ora sarei morto.
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2021.09.22 20:17 Trashste Take this L China

Take this L China
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2021.09.22 20:17 hodybcray How does vip tickets work?

Hello! I'm going to the ajr concert this Saturday and I bought VIP tickets for my family and I, but since this is the first time we've even done something like this, I was wondering what I'm supposed to do? I bought the masterclass package and it didn't include a time we were supposed to come in for that so I was wondering if any ajr fan veterans would know what I'm supposed to do for this. Thank you!!
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2021.09.22 20:17 Ruler_of_the_Brocean Rotax max dd2 - rotax senior max

Hi does anybody know if the parts from a rotax senior max fit on a dd2 engine? I'm thinking about buying one but need to ask some questions first!
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2021.09.22 20:17 lHecTorZl Good pmag styles mag for VFC hk416a5 both aeg and gbbr

I want some pmag styles both for my aeg and gbbr vfc hk416a5, Any tips?
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