Suomessa pelätään puhua EU:n yhteisistä taloussäännöistä populistien ja perussuomalaisten pelossa, meppi Sirpa Pietikäinen sanoo | Yle Uutiset

2021.09.22 18:45 Tiamat5th Suomessa pelätään puhua EU:n yhteisistä taloussäännöistä populistien ja perussuomalaisten pelossa, meppi Sirpa Pietikäinen sanoo | Yle Uutiset

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2021.09.22 18:45 rashdash21 A few of the amazing lines I’ve written down from S3

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2021.09.22 18:45 OkConsideration2808 Anyone have any info regarding Moonshadow Ranch?

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2021.09.22 18:45 Ubi-Blush XDefiant Developer Update: Closed Test Results

XDefiant Developer Update: Closed Test Results
Read the update here:
Hi All!
Last month, we wrapped up our first closed test, and on behalf of myself and the entire XDefiant team, I want to thank everyone who participated and gave us invaluable feedback for the game’s eventual launch.
I want to be clear that this was indeed an early, PRE-ALPHA version of the game. We were looking to test Infrastructure, various online systems and aspects of our gameplay. There is still a lot of work to be done and we will take the time we need to process all of the data and be ready for the next test. I also just want to say that I am extremely happy with the positivity and great constructive feedback we saw in our Closed Test forums. It was really great to see.
So, let’s talk about how the test went. The number of players we had almost doubled our anticipated numbers for the test, and that means we got a lot of great data and thoughtful feedback. Now I know we had a hiccup on day 1 with the various Echo errors due to the number of people trying to play, but our online team worked hard to get that resolved as fast as possible and I think for the most part the test went very smoothly from then on.
We also addressed some various bugs and exploits that the community brought to our attention. One of those exploits gave us an opportunity to test our emergency patching procedures. We were hearing from people that the jump spam exploit was getting worse, so we decided one morning to implement a fix and had a patch out by that afternoon. Again this was possible because of the great feedback from players and the hard work of the community team, QA, and our dev team.
So now that we are pouring through the feedback and the data that we collected. I want to recognize a number of topics that were brought up. As I’ve said before we want to be open and transparent about everything in the game. So we are going to start a series of Developer Updates starting soon to cover these topics. Some of the topics we are going to cover from player feedback are Time To Kill (TTK), matchmaking -- both from a perspective of skill-based matchmaking and from matchmaking performance (i.e. how fast you got in matches to the ping of those matches), modes (the good, the bad, and the ugly), controls both on mouse & keyboard as well as gamepad, Tom Clancy branding, and more. Nothing is really off-limits.
I want to conclude by saying that I and the team are extremely grateful and excited about the community we are building around this game. You have been amazing since announcement, and we hope to build on this first test and the positivity that we received from our players. We can’t wait to let more of you in to try the game in the future as development continues. As I have said, we have a ways to go before launch but keep an eye out for more content and tests in the upcoming months.
And again, thank you all so much!
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2021.09.22 18:45 anthonyonly ESPOID SPACE🎨SPRAY PAINT🧑🏻‍🎨Floor price ETH 0.01 only🍻 Link in comment

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2021.09.22 18:45 Spidergollem What does it mean when you follow someone and the person doesn't follow back but likes your pictures instead?

This is not much of a dating advice topic but I thought that maybe my fellow redditors would be able to help me.
So I followed this random girl because I liked her vibe. She didn't follow me back but 5 minutes later liked two of my pictures. My recent picture and one of my oldest.
So I'm sure it wasn't a mistake and I'm sure she went through my profile.
I'm just genuinely curious about what does this mean because I've never seen this behaviour online.
(I mean, she could be trying to earn some followers but since I've already followed her, that doesn't make much sense)
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2021.09.22 18:45 mrschanandlerbonggg Is buying PSP worth it?

I started enjoying video games after I got a used ps4 from my friend recently. As I do travelling a lot, can I get myself a PSP? Can you guys kindly share your views on it? Is the difference between PSP and a mid range mobile is good?
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2021.09.22 18:45 youcrazydiamond143 No wonder he’s doing nothing to protect retail investors!

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2021.09.22 18:45 farmerjuls Am lookin for new friends [friendship]

Hey am 16f from nothern ireland in college lookin for new people to speak to and relate to
I would like some females to talk to
My interests r music sports animals movies farmin and photography i do abit of everything in all these categorys and have a great interedt in all
Am lookin for people near my timezone people who arent creeps and people whos 16+
Dm me
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2021.09.22 18:45 Bounter_ So, how do I deal with bots removing my posts?

So I had recently, two of my posts presenting my new faction, being removed by reddit bots, because apparently these were "spam" for some reason. Now, both of them got removed on the 1st time I ever posted them, and one was only 2 pics (teaser) and 2nd one was 11 (faction showcase).
So, how do I deal with that issue?
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2021.09.22 18:45 Dreamspect Peripheral stigmata of Infective Endocarditis - Janeway lesions, Osler's nodes and Splinter haemorrhages

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2021.09.22 18:45 deniss_1996 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV - Frontline Edition - Nintendo Switch : Everything Else $39.99

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2021.09.22 18:45 SignalHardon How to get a copy of my DD214?

Like the title says, don’t currently have a copy of my DD214 on hand, been out for a year and could really use a copy of it. Long story on why I don’t have one, mistakes where made I learned my lesson.
Requested a copy through the national archives veterans records but it’s been sitting on “processing” for like two months.
Any other options preferably quicker options?
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2021.09.22 18:45 ANoughtyMouse Pyramid scheme: check. Shared every covid-denying, trump-worshipping post out there: check. Award: check. Good game, Kim.

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2021.09.22 18:45 erer1243 Currently, it's September 22, 2021 at 12:45PM

Currently, it's September 22, 2021 at 12:45PM
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2021.09.22 18:45 dhrithik66 "Double" - An extremely short, stop motion film by me

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2021.09.22 18:45 liningissilver Thoughts on this signed Lover?

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2021.09.22 18:45 ice_dude_17 GTA V saying unable to launch game please verify your game data and then on second launch downloading an update.

Today I opened GTA V but I saw that the rockstar games launcher was downloading some presequites like Direct X and CC+ which was weird because I already had those but I ignored it. After the process finished I got the folowing error: unable to launch game please verify your game data. So I tried to reopen GTA V, at the second launch my rockstar games launcher started an update and then my game opened normaly. This is pretty weird keeping in mind that my launcher started downloading presequites on the launch and then at the second launch after getting the error it started a Rockstar games launcher update . Is this just a casual bug ?
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2021.09.22 18:44 HRM077 Question about Tumble Through!

Hi all, new player here. As per the title, I have a query about Tumble Through. It says that, if you fail, "your movement ends and you trigger reactions" yadda yadda. Now - it doesn't say WHERE your movement ends; I'm gonna assume in the square directly in front of the opposing creature?
Now - what happens if that square is occupied by an ally? Cause you can move through homies in your own crew, right? But can't END there. Where would you end?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.22 18:44 LordOfRings112 We Broke Up, But Still In Love

I would like to start this post by explaining the situation. This was a lengthy long distance relationship, for me at least, being nearly a year. In recent time, we broke up due to multiple issues. Some were personal on my part as I couldn't deal with some things, but mainly the fact were both young and will have to wait years on years to even have a chance at maintaining a stable non-distance relationship (up to 4-6 years.)
Of course, this is not possible for us. It's such a huge time gap. Due to that, we broke up despite the love still being present and emotions staying. I'm not sure how to deal with this other than just going day by day, but I dont think that'll do to much. It hurts to know someone i wanted to spend the rest of my life with is out of it now, all due to distance and circumstances. Right person, wrong time. And it hurts even more to think about all the memories which I genuinely don't think can be matched.
Help would be appreciated.
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2021.09.22 18:44 Marrr_ty And the government is worried about “protecting us” from Crypto

All I’ve been seeing in the last few weeks is article after article about the government wanting to “protect us” from crypto.
This is coming from the SEC, which is a complete fraud as far as trying to protect the retail investor.
The US Congress and Senate trying to over regulate the space and that is obviously more about protecting the banks and making sure they tax the F out of it.
So this leads me to my post. I was just on Instagram and up pops an ad that you can now buy lottery tickets with an app. You know so you can continue to buy lottery tickets and be safe from Covid.
So you’re telling me the government is worried about us losing money on crypto they but have no problem people dumping money into a lottery tickets. Pretty disgusting. But oh yeah that’s OK because the lottery tickets is lining the governments pockets.
How many people have you seen buying hundreds of dollars of lottery tickets at a time and thinking nothing of it. And typically these are people that can’t really afford to be buying them. Think if they put that money into Crypto every month. Guessing it would be a little better return than those government funding lottery tickets.
End rant.
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2021.09.22 18:44 Dtrinnie 👑 Big Poppa Floki 👑 Just Stealth Launched | Earn BUSD !

👑 Big Poppa Floki 👑 Just Stealth Launched | Earn BUSD ! 

💢 BIG POPPA has already conquered HIP HOP and FLOKI other blockchains - Binance Smart Chain is next!

BIG POPPA is the latest Fan Token for all the HIP HOP fans on BSC across the world. Our mission is to overperform all other existing Fan Tokens by create safe & profitable Token for our community, With added benefits of high end one of a kind NFT's

Custom community chosen Celebrity NFT's made in small batches . Special celebrity birthday NFT's. Personalized NFT's for BIG holders.


💢 BIG POPPA starts small with low initial market cap and has a chance to grow into a real Heavy Hitter - so best to get in quick

Initial Liquidity Pool is small

Stealth Launch - bots won't be able to snipe

Anti-bot measures - ONLY TRUE FANS ALLOWED!

🔹 Top 5 BIG POPPA holders get special Celebrity NFTs (a week after the launch)


♻️ 3% Auto BIG-BNB LP

♻️ 3% BUSD Rewards

👑Website :

👑Telegram :

👑Twitter :

👑Contract : 0x1D69A876E4aC20e4b392F591fa61be64ff8d5E06

👑Buy :

Will this be a Presale or a Fair launch?

  1. This token launch will be a STEALTH LAUNCH with unbeatable anti bot measures in place.

  1. When liquidity is added links to purchase and liquidity locks will be posted & pinned.

  1. There will be NO other warnings or heads up.

Will the Liquidity be locked? How long?

  1. Big Poppa's Liquidity will be locked via DEEPLOCK.

  1. It will be locked for 3 days.

  1. Extended with a community vote every 2 days.

Is this a Scam? Is this Ruggable?

  1. All information is provided. All details pertaining to contract are given and verifiable on bsc scan. All locks will be provided and also verifiable. No false promises or selling dreams.

  1. Our team will have no tokens, liquidity is locked, and there is no mint function within contract.
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2021.09.22 18:44 alexazii Too late?

Hello guys/gals
I’m 24 F . I have question
Is it too late to start a degree? I’m interested in HR . Im just too shy to have lower batch classmates.
Did anyone graduated in their 30s? Does age matter in applying job? I’m just nervous if i will get a job by 28 or its too late?
Thank you for kind answers.
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2021.09.22 18:44 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 18:44 wakerwave I can finally weigh in. Foam runners > slides.

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