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Build a Custom Map Style with JavaScript

2021.09.22 18:45 TomTomDevs Build a Custom Map Style with JavaScript

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2021.09.22 18:45 marengshawee It’s sad that i can’t study cos of my family

It’s sad — i already stopped and sacrificed a whole year of my academics for them. But until now, they still discourage me for an unknown reason. And whenever I need school stuff, especially since we’re still having online classes here in the PH, it’s really HARD to get the necessities that i need, especially for the gadgets (even the most basics). They even gave away my stationary sets which makes it harder for me to study because I only have a limited source of income since i’m still a college student, and freelance jobs are hard to find these days due to the pandemic, so I can’t buy stuff yet like even a study lamp or a journal. I have good grades, i don’t know why they treat me like this.
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2021.09.22 18:45 columey I've been playing Minecraft for 7 years, I've had a lot of survival worlds and I've played on some smps, but I have never really played hardcore, recently I had the urge to start a hardcore world, and after 3 failed worlds I finally got enough progress and beat the ender dragon.

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2021.09.22 18:45 Agreeable-Season6512 follow back please
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2021.09.22 18:45 kennethponce Enserio

Enserio que asco de actualizacion, el sistema de placa es ta muy mal, no dura nada la vida por que esta muy mal el sistema de salud,
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2021.09.22 18:45 audio_angler Need MIDI Routing Support/Advice - AKAI MPK261 & Korg Minilogue Won't Cooperate

I'm having quite a bit of difficulty sorting out why my Korg Minilogue is triggering software instruments on other midi channels than what it is assigned to trigger inside the DAW.
Let me give a lay of the land first:
I just recently got the Korg Minilogue Synthesizer and have been trying to integrate it into my setup. My main controllecenterpiece of my rig is the AKAI MPK261. This is run via USB into my laptop and Logic recognizes it as my primary MIDI controller device.
I use the AKAI to accomplish 2 things:

  1. Use software instruments inside the DAW (pianos, strings, and any other VST's). I also use the beat pads on the AKAI to control the MPC Beats plug-in and Logic Electronic Drum Kits.
  2. Use the transport controls on the controller itself to stop/start, play, record, move playhead, etc. inside Logic. This is so I can keep my hands on the controller and not jump back to my computer keyboard or mouse so often.
Inside the Project Settings, the AKAI is setup so that it is receiving MIDI Clock information from the Logic. I have the "Transmit to: Destination 1" set to MPK261 Port A. Also checked is "Listen to MMC Input" - this is what allows me to use the transport controls. Inside the menu of the controller itself, the parameters are also set to sync with an external clock source.
I assign all VST instruments that use the key-bed of the AKAI to MIDI CH.1 using the Track Inspector. I assign the MPC Beats and Electronic Drum Kit tracks to MIDI Channel 10 since this is how the AKAI distinguishes the pads from the keyboard inside the hardware. This also allows me to record-enable two tracks, routed to separate MIDI channels, and play the key-bed and use the pads at the same time.
Adjacent to this, I have my Scarlett 4i4. The Scarlett is being run via USB into my laptop, and Logic recognizes it as my primary audio interface. I use the 4i4 to run guitar, vocals, and other line inputs into the DAW. Input 1 is occupied by my guitar and Input 2 is used as a vocal channel.
Everything works fine in the above scenario.
Now...enter the Korg Minilogue to the equation.
I have the Minilogue connected to my setup via its USB connection and also the 1/4" line output on the Minilogue into Input 3 on my Scarlett 4i4.
Here's where I have become utterly confused about what's going on:
I understand that the Minilogue needs to be connected as an External MIDI when integrating with Logic. This is in order to take advantage of the sequencer function, record MIDI events, and have it be synced with the DAW. The Project Settings are also set to transmit MIDI Clock information to the Korg. MIDI Clock "Transmit to: Destination 2" is checked and set to Minilogue SOUND. When creating a new track, I select "External MIDI"-->"Use External Instrument Plug-In" and designated Input 3 as its source. I set the output to "Minilogue SOUND", and then create a track.
The Minilogue appears inside the DAW, and is able to record/playback MIDI notes. Still think I'm on the right track so far.
My biggest issues at this point are the following:
Lets say I use the sequencer on the Korg to record a 16 bar loop inside Logic. I record that in the DAW and am able to play it back just fine. Then, I jump to a separate track with a Wurlitzer VST, set to MIDI CH.1, that I would like to use my AKAI to control. When I press record here, it will re-trigger the sequencer on the KORG and write MIDI events that the KORG is playing IN ADDITION TO the notes that I am playing on the Wurlitzer track with my AKAI . Everything registers together on the same track.
All I want is to have my Minilogue control MIDI CH.3, and prevent it from writing MIDI regions on tracks that are set to different MIDI channels.
I know this community likes clearly-articulated detail, so I tried to be thorough. But I apologize in advance for being so long-winded. Please let me know if you have any questions. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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2021.09.22 18:45 johnrock001 Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers

Gintama Filler List - How To Watch Gintama Without Fillers -
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2021.09.22 18:45 BigManMikkel Juice WRLD is a long story kids...

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2021.09.22 18:45 dakitikad 22 Sep 2021: flat

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2021.09.22 18:45 Cultural-Contract409 Is this Enoki?

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2021.09.22 18:45 Separate_Vehicle_146 Nicole Richie Sets Hair On Fire While Trying To Blow Out Birthday Candles

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2021.09.22 18:45 ichhassesommer Streak 215 - Pralinen

Ich habe gestern eine Schachtel Pralinen auf den Arbeitstisch meine Kollegin gelegt. Ich war nicht sicher, ob sie überhaupt Schokolade mag, weil ich sie nicht so gut kenne. Zum Glück hat sie sich über das Geschenk gefreut. Sie erzählte mir heute, dass sie Schokolade schon gerne isst, aber nicht gleich eine Tafel aufisst, weil sie es geschmacklich monoton finde. In einer Pralinenschachtel kann man häppchenweise Schokolade mit verschiedenen Füllungen finden. Das ist dann nie langweilig.
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2021.09.22 18:45 Broad_Way5262 Batuhanı böyle görünce aklıma geldi

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2021.09.22 18:45 birdsbooksbirdsbooks Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke, by Eric LaRocca

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2021.09.22 18:45 lasagneking007 THE ESTATE Official Trailer (2021)

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2021.09.22 18:45 Njanne I think every person should hear what Dr. Jen Gunter teaches…

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2021.09.22 18:45 wococ12297 This Halloween join with baby Yoda.

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2021.09.22 18:45 Weezy-NJPW_Fan Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner and Matthew Justice) vs Chris Dickinson and Starboy Charlie has been added to the card for GCW: Get Lost A Lot

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2021.09.22 18:45 disaacsp Could this show be adapted?

Since it's explained in the series that the game is played all over the world, and Netflix is an international company, do you think we could ever see another country's version of the game?
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2021.09.22 18:45 NetherKing_720 Go Go Go!

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2021.09.22 18:45 SimplySable 18 year old sister, who’s had seizures, feels like shes going to pass-out everyday at-least

My 18-year-old sister has had this problem for a while now, she never has passed out yet these recent times, but she has had seizures and the hospital doctors couldn't find the cause and even had us go to a specialist who didn't tell us much either. Her seizures seem to happen either in stressful situations and/or standing up too fast as I've had to witness, still cant say the exact cause though. Her heart starts racing at school and she gets very lightheaded & hot, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with her seizures but I'm sure it could easily lead to it. Any advice on how to go about this? Or how to minimize this feeling?
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2021.09.22 18:45 oc714cmki 22 [F4A] I am extremely bored rn

I am extremely bored rn and I could really use someone to stop me from my boredom. Age DOSENT matter to me because everyone is the same in my eyes. Just don’t be under 18 kid lol
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2021.09.22 18:45 InuCakes Rebelcard Maxx Door Access

Does the rebelcard Maxx have door access? I tried looking for the 6-digits on the back but don’t see anything matching what’s on the website. If it doesn’t, do I need to get another rebelcard? I’m kinda hesitant because I’m not sure if I’d be forced to cut up the old one. Thanks!
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2021.09.22 18:45 emdawg_1994 Anyone on here attending National Black (NBMBAA) this week virtually?

If so:

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2021.09.22 18:45 Darkshreaders3 i did it i summed up funny cheese man and his chamberlain in a nutshell

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