How to post pictures.

2021.09.22 19:57 stormcrow100 How to post pictures.

Hey all. If I want to post a comment with a picture, how do I do that? All I get is an option to add a link.
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2021.09.22 19:57 krissycole87 Weight Loss/Week 10/Female/171.5 lbs

Down 1 pound this week. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but a loss is better than a gain I guess. My life has been crazy this past couple of weeks. I started a new fitness challenge at a gym close by my house, and have been hitting the weights super hard. Im feeling good and strong right now, Im trying not to hyper focus on the weight aspect. Just did a proper meal prep last night to get me through the week on track with my food intake. Hope everyone had a good week!
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2021.09.22 19:57 Umbreevee It seems this is one of my first timelines as a chaser and not a runner and I wanna tell you

I was thinking of entering a relationship and somehow I felt uncomfortable and afraid of being hurt from love. And I felt really soothed suddenly and then I realized it feels like I’m thinking about him. I know how much he soothes me. And I know it’s not really the same the other way. It felt like a wall of thorns pricking into my heart. Knowing that I didn’t return this feeling back to him. Do you understand?
I hurt and I hurt, and then I thought about how I think this journey and the natural reactions of denial it gets in us are awful and aren’t our fault. I’m sorry to him because I didn’t know better in my past lifetimes, but I don’t think it was possible for me to do much else. I told myself it’s not my fault. It’s just still sad. And it hurts so bad. Because I love him. It hurts so bad. That the soothing he gave me is not returned, and on his end he probably feels wary of getting hurt from me. Can you understand? I feel like words don’t explain this well. What I wanna say is that exactly because I love him and exactly because he soothes me, it hurts to know that isn’t returning. I’m not a soothing figure to him, I’m a figure that puts him on his edge. And the past may have been cold denial but it feels like it is tormenting me in return now. And basically I wanted to say, of course I loved you, I’m your twin flame.
It seems like many people here believe that runners should get a hold of theirselves and that would end the cycle. I believe the chasers have more of a possible option to try to balance theirselves to stop the cycle tbh, after experiencing both this lifetime. But even if you don’t think so, it’s probably true for you too that your runner loves you and that they would go through a lot when they uncover their love. Cause it hurts to let down and hurt someone you love.
So please remember that.
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2021.09.22 19:57 CurrentEmu Digestive issues, sibo, fermentation, dysbiosis

Does anyone here have an Ayurvedic perspective on these issues to share? I’ve been researching but can’t find much.
What kinds of remedies work? Typical symptoms would be mostly Vata in nature I believe, but please correct me if I’m wrong!
Symptoms like gas, bloating, trapped air in abdomen, burping, weight loss, fluctuating bowel movements, etc
I’m currently dealing with this and have been put on a regime of mahadhanwantaram, abhayarishtam, and guduchi by my doctor. So far I’m not feeling any better, sadly, so I want to learn and understand more about this from an Ayurvedic perspective. Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.22 19:57 Schmuperpup Random stepper motion

I built a DIY cnc about an year ago, that’s running a cnc shield on an Arduino uno. DRV8825 drivers for the X and Y motors(10kgcm nema23), A4988 for the Z(4.2kgcm nema 17). I have the correct vref set for the desired current at 24 V ( 2 amps for xy, 1.5 for z) and I’m using a 6020 fan to cool the controller. I have a rather weird problem on my hands, and id appreciate any ideas at all. At a specific position on the x axis, when my spindle is on and the endmill is touching the aluminum work piece (that I’ve stuck onto my mdf table), the x stepper moves ever so slightly with no input whatsoever. Mind you, the endmill isn’t actually cutting anything ( atleast it isn’t supposed to, but the x motor rocking causes it to cut tiny bits erratically). This doesn’t happen at any other point on the axis, or when the spindle ( a Makita rt701) is off, or the tool isn’t touching the workpiece. I have checked the motor wiring for any shorts in various combinations of the above conditions. Checked the Vref settings again and again and they hold stable. I’ll gladly provide any other details required.
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2021.09.22 19:57 kuddhakhorde Sugar phobia

My recovery has been going smoothly, except I feel as though my sugar phobia is the biggest thing that’s holding me back. Whenever I am at the grocery store I obsessively check for sugars, and will refuse to buy it above a certain percentage. Although checking for sugars may be smart to an extent, I believe I may be overdoing it. Naturally, I am a bit of hypochondriac, and hearing about sugar freaks me out. It can’t be all bad though, right? There must be some benefit to sugar and what we consider junk food? There are several people I know who love sugar and junk food who live normal lives.
Does anyone have any affirming thoughts for sugar and enjoying indulgences? Any suggestions on which snack I might enjoy, regardless of sugars? I’d really like to work through this.
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2021.09.22 19:57 dizzygoo Baji and Chifuyu's actions don't make sense to me

Baji suspects Kisaki of being bad because he traded Pah's bail for his men and a position in Tokyo Manji Gang. Supposedly when Takemitchy punched Kisaki, he assumed there was something afoot correlating the two events. Then he infilitrates Valhalla he explained to Takemitchy that it was to get on Kazutora's side as Mikey disliked him after he killed his brother.
Why didn't Baji approach Draken or Mikey or any of the original members about his thoughts? Was it to bear the problems himself? Surely if Mikey and Takemitchy didn't trust Kisaki, Mikey would go through with getting rid of him? Why was Baji so suspicious of Kisaki to begin with? The trade was a all around positive thing, and Takemitchy is a no-name for all he cares.
Chifuyu doesn't make much sense either as he just happened to know all the reasons Baji was doing what he was doing, and then proceeds to go based on what Baji and Takemitchy felt about Kisaki as his life mission over 12 years?
Kazutora: You could just chock his character up to being psychotic, and therefore we should just accept his mental ideas and thoughts, I find this very lazy writing. He hurt Baji because Hanma told him to? Manipulated him? He hated Mikey because he wanted to give a gift for him and accidently killed his brother? I get trauma but the sudden flips in mentality is too psychotic and unexplainable logically. I can almost forgive it compared to what else I've talked about and just write it off as mental-illness, but I still don't like it.

Overall I really like the story so far, but does any of this get fleshed out past the anime?
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2021.09.22 19:57 Kyonikos Dana Milbank: Leaderless Republicans rush headlong toward default

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2021.09.22 19:57 OpPotato My experience with height

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2021.09.22 19:57 fleetingfoxtails What advice/tips do you have for an introvert going on a blind date with another introvert?

My friend asked me today if she could set me (F23) up with her husband's friend (M28) tomorrow night.

I want to give this a shot, but this will be the first time I've ever been on a date - and I guess both him and I are introverts. I really don't want to make this super awkward.

Do you have any advice/tips/conversation ideas?

For those who are into personality types - if it helps - I'm an INFP 2w1. From what I hear....he's probably an IxTx.

Thank you for any help/encouragement you can provide!
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2021.09.22 19:57 tjyoung1987 Scott's Regular "Lawn Food" vs. "Winterguard Fall Lawn Food"

Any reason to use the "Winterguard" version of Scott's Lawn Food over the regular kind for fall fertilizer?
Here are images of the "Guaranteed Analysis" for each product:
And here are the full labels for each product:
Regular Lawn Food Label:
Winterguard Fall Lawn Food:
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2021.09.22 19:57 Aresmerpsalot Introducing the Sh*tvagn 251, armed with a 250mm Derp cannon and with a top sekrit swedish technology it can hover few meters from the ground!

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2021.09.22 19:57 Mijo19 How could anyone say no to this?

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2021.09.22 19:56 zelmerszoetrop There is no better feeling

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2021.09.22 19:56 davetenhave No More Apologies: Inside Facebook’s Push to Defend Its Image [Paywall]

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2021.09.22 19:56 Comment-this Dogecoin is cool and all buy why can't I watch UFC 266 at AMC this weekend?

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2021.09.22 19:56 EduDo_App Jamie Sears of UBS: The Value of More Victories for Women in Business

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2021.09.22 19:56 ThatOneGirl456 Shoes/Gloves?

As I was making a deadly pony, I realized i couldn't do the kind of "gloves" I wanted. I thought maybe we could add gloves/shoes for people that want to use socks in a different way other than having to use them only for shoes and bland socks.
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2021.09.22 19:56 jinishalal Waiters/restaurant staff of Reddit, what frustrating moments have you faced at work?

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2021.09.22 19:56 Equivalent_Park_7711 Brain fog?

I don't think logically anymore, overtime I've become really slow and brainless people older than me make fun of me because of how slow my brain works. I don't know man but I don't seem to be using my brain anymore and I know it! I need help
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2021.09.22 19:56 Strange-Eye3362 Does this kind of love exist on this earth?

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2021.09.22 19:56 MrFarenhaito He got his own manga, and he's only using 0.01% of his power!

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2021.09.22 19:56 oxyandcodeine my english teacher is a drainer. heres his spotify

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2021.09.22 19:56 Forest_Nerd Reusing Wax Melts with Added Fragrance Oil & Perfume Fragrance Oil vs Candle Fragrance Oil

I'm wondering if I can reuse wax melt wax and add some fragrance oil to them? If so, do I need to follow the normal guideline for infusion?
Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't find it in the search. I've got my first order for candle / wax melt making incoming, but in the mean time I have some fragrance oil laying around I wouldn't mind boosting some of my old wax.
Also, does anyone know if there is a difference between perfume fragrance oil and candle fragrance oil? My oils are from
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2021.09.22 19:56 Alekynka So I opened my pokemon home app this morning and it keeps showing me this message since. Please, does anyone know can I fix it?😊😇

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